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34 Times Kourtney Was The Only Voice Of Reason In The Kardashian Family

"Your ass is so large I don't know how you can even run."

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1. When Khloé dared to suggest that it took effort for her to be a sexy goddess.

So she shut that shit down straight away.

2. When she immediately put a stop to Scott proclaiming to be a sex god.


3. And when he wanted to be more ~experimental~ in the bedroom, she played him at his own game and demanded he try it first.

4. When Kim decided to brag about her perfume deal.


And Kourtney just couldn't deal.

5. And she had no time for Jonathan Cheban's bragging either.

6. When she walked in on Kris doing a wet T-shirt photo shoot and had this response.


7. And when Kris tried to be all modest, Kourtney made this point.

8. When she offered this very real explanation for Kim acting out of sorts during her marriage to Kris Humphries.

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9. And when the 72-day marriage was on the verge of ending, and she offered this insight.

10. But when the divorce got messy, she delivered this excellent burn to Kris.

11. When she had more interest in taking selfies than listening to anything Kris had to say.

12. When Kim tried to tell them about her Vogue cover shoot.

And Kourtney decided against any congratulations.

13. And instead decided to bring Kim right back down to Earth.

14. When she appealed to the biggest loves in Scott's life in order to get him to follow her instructions.

15. And when she tried to look at the positives after breaking up with him.

16. When she couldn't resist the urge to make this comment.

17. But also when she didn't need to use any words at all after Kim delivered this low-key shade.

18. When Kris Jenner was getting on her nerves so she ended the conversation like this.

19. And when Khloé's boyfriend called for the 10th time that day, so she took the phone, said this and hung up on him as well.


20. When Kim lost her $75,000 diamond earring and had Kourtney had this perfect response.

21. And when Kim lost her goddamn mind over a spider, she refused to join in with the drama and just laughed at her instead.

22. She also had no sympathy for this situation.

23. When Khloé suggested she apologise to Kim after an argument.

24. And when she used this defence right in the middle of an argument.

25. When she had absolutely no time for Kim's boasting.

26. When she offered her honest opinion on Khloé's new boyfriend.

27. And an honest opinion on Kim's outfit.

28. In fact, she never holds back when it comes to fashion advice.


29. Seriously.

30. When she made it very clear who's boss.

31. When she had no interest in her family's love-in.

32. When she really couldn't find the motivation to compete with Kim, so just yelled abuse instead.

33. When she gave this superb answer.

34. And, finally, when she delivered this comeback.