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    21 Tweets That Are Way Too Real For Anyone Who's Obsessed With Instagram


    1. When you feel the struggle of having an aesthetically pleasing account.

    2. When strangers take note of your obsession.

    3. When you find that perfect account to fawn over.

    4. When you can't escape the Instagram mentality.

    5. When your friends start to become concerned over your habits.

    6. When you feel the struggle of capturing that perfect food pic.

    7. When you want to take advantage of ~peak traffic hour~.

    8. When you can't decide what ~look~ to go for.

    9. When the weather just isn't cooperating with you.

    10. When it all starts to get to your head.

    11. When you're having a particularly uneventful day.

    12. When you get secretly jealous of other people's likes.

    13. When you are concerned about the social media presence of your future kids.

    14. When you feel the raw judgement of others.

    15. When you have a phenomenal pic but the caption JUST WON'T COME TO YOU.

    16. When your parents start lurking.

    17. When you're on the fence about posting a pic.

    18. When you start to feel like you're developing a problem.

    19. When everything isn't absolutely *perfect*.

    20. When there's JUST TOO MANY FILTER OPTIONS.

    21. And finally, when you realize you will probably never achieve the ultimate Instagram success.