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We Recreated Iconic Black Album Covers

These iconic covers are getting the love they deserve.

Ellie Sunakawa 2 years ago

Here's What It's Like To Spend A Day At Spotify

“I listen to 1,000 songs every week so we can make this playlist"

Ciara Allen 2 years ago

We Tested Coffee Chains To See Who Has The Most Caffeine

Starbucks may dominate the coffee market, but lab tests show a competitor is serving up more caffeine in each cup.

Leticia Miranda 2 years ago

This Lab Found Out What's Actually In The Kardashians' Favorite Hair Vitamin

Kim, Kendall and Kylie can’t get enough of SugarBearHair's bright-blue gummy vitamins, but lab tests say what’s inside is not what’s claimed on the label.

Leticia Miranda 3 years ago

Black People Talked About Why They Fear Police And How It Affects Their Lives

"You don't know how the script works because it's nonexistent."

Ciara Allen 3 years ago

We Went To Iraq And Learned About U.S. Combat With ISIS

BuzzFeed News War Correspondent Mike Giglio was on the ground. For the full story, visit

Ciara Allen 3 years ago
Ciara Allen 3 years ago

This Might Be The Lamest Interview With Donald Trump So Far

"You're called all the time a really great television producer. Is that true?"

Kyle Blaine 3 years ago

This Reporter Suffered 6 Anxiety Attacks During Her Trip To Dallas

I couldn’t breathe — and all I wanted to do was breathe.

Ciara Allen 3 years ago

Parents Are Explaining The Tragedies In The U.S. To Their Kids

Dallas-area parents tell us how they’ve talked to their kids about the shootings in the U.S. last week

Ciara Allen 3 years ago
Ciara Allen 3 years ago
Farrah Penn 3 years ago

This Couple Experienced Cuddling With Strangers And It Was Adorable

"We love cuddling, it's like, our favorite thing to do."

Ciara Allen 3 years ago

Women Got Styled Without Knowing What Sizes They Were Wearing

"You're making me dress like I'm going to Coachella!"

Morgan Shanahan 3 years ago

I Let My 6-Year-Old Dress Me And She Actually Slayed

"I have fashion and now I’m going to give Mommy some fashion!"

Morgan Shanahan 3 years ago

Can You Pass The Canadian Citizenship Test?

If Trump makes you wanna move to Canada…would you be allowed in?

Ciara Allen 3 years ago

5 Jobs In Danger Of Extinction

What jobs are dying out?

Ciara Allen 3 years ago

Loving Someone With Alzheimer's

Love is ever-evolving.

Ciara Allen 3 years ago

Watch These People Blindly Guess Their Boyfriend's Breath

Could you identify your Boyfriend if he breathed in your face?

Ciara Allen 3 years ago

Women Wore Vibrating Panties For A Week And It Was Explosive

"Men are going to become irrelevant."

Ciara Allen 3 years ago