You Should See The Photos Tim Peake Took From Space

    These beat your mid-flight Instagrams hands down.

    1. Tim Peake, the British astronaut who spent six months on board the International Space Station, posted some amazing photos from space. Like this one he took of London.

    2. Near the beginning of the mission, Peake had a photography lesson from fellow astronaut Scott Kelly.

    3. And his space photography game really stepped up.

    4. He's not bad at Earth photography either.

    5. Here's the UK and France at night.

    6. An aurora on the horizon.

    7. And the moment a sunrise meets an aurora.

    8. This sunrise is pretty spectacular.

    9. As is the moment the International Space Station flew through an aurora.

    10. Here's an unusual view of the Alps.

    11. This aerial scene of a glacial river in Patagonia.

    12. Here's a pristine looking iceberg.

    13. This is Hawaii's Oahu island.

    14. Italy as seen from space, all lit up at night.

    15. SpaceX's Dragon spacecraft photobombing a picture of Dubai.

    16. The Bahamas looking dreamy from orbit.

    17. A volcano smoking in Russia.

    18. Faraway Egyptian pyramids.

    19. Venus just before sunrise.

    20. New York from above.

    21. Sand dunes in Saudi Arabia.

    22. The Grand Canyon.

    23. Some Cubesats leaving the Japanese airlock on the ISS.

    24. The Milky Way rising above the horizon.

    25. Before returning to Earth on 18 June, Peake shared one last wonderful image.

    You can follow Tim on Instagram and Flickr too see more of his magical space photos.