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You Should See The Photos Tim Peake Took From Space

These beat your mid-flight Instagrams hands down.

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1. Tim Peake, the British astronaut who spent six months on board the International Space Station, posted some amazing photos from space. Like this one he took of London.

Tim Peake / ESA / NASA

When he uploaded the photo to Flickr, he captioned it: "London midnight Saturday - I’d rather be up here…but only just!!"

2. Near the beginning of the mission, Peake had a photography lesson from fellow astronaut Scott Kelly.

Tim Peake / ESA / NASA / Via Flickr: timpeake

"Magical aurora over northern Canada, taken from a point just north of Vancouver. Canadian Rockies, Banff and Jasper national parks in foreground."

5. Here's the UK and France at night.

Tim Peake / ESA / NASA / Via Flickr: timpeake

"Looking to the East along the Channel with UK on the left and France on the right. The streetlights from the densely populated London, Paris and Brussels glow brightly in the centre of the picture."

25. Before returning to Earth on 18 June, Peake shared one last wonderful image.

Tim Peake / Via Twitter: @astro_timpeake

"Time to put on some weight! What an incredible journey it has been– thank you for following & see you back on Earth!"