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January 2, 2019

41 Amazing Keto Food Items That'll Justify Your Costco Membership

I'm a keto queen and Costco is my palace.

28 Easy Vegan Recipes To Help You Through Veganuary

Veganuary = eating vegan for the entire month of January.

Trump’s Allies Want Him To Keep The Government Shut Down

"At this point, you might as well keep fighting the fight.”

17 Times People Objected At Weddings And Did Not Forever Hold Their Peace

"The maid of honor objected and admitted to being the other woman, saying the groom had been cheating with her for months."

Apple Blames Business Slowdown On Chinese Trade Tensions And Fewer iPhone Upgrades

The company also blamed weakened iPhone sales on customers taking advantage of a $30 battery replacement program.

A Medical Resident Lost Her Job Over Anti-Semitic Tweets

In one post from 2011, she said she'd purposely give Jewish people "the wrong meds."

The Alleged Mastermind Behind A Series Of Celebrity Home Burglaries Was Arrested

Police say the man posed as a wealthy property buyer who used open houses to research targets that included Usher, Adam Lambert, and Jason Derulo.

A 14-Year-Old Was Charged With Murder After An Egg-Throwing Prank Resulted In A Fatal Crash

The woman who died in the fatal car crash was described by police as "totally innocent."

An American Man Detained In Russia Has Finally Been Visited By The US Ambassador

A State Department official said they “expressed our concern” about the delay.

Rodrigo Maia quer partido de Bolsonaro e PT juntos apoiando sua reeleição

Tentando obter mais dois anos de mandato na presidência da Câmara, Maia diz que o comando da Casa deve ser plural. "Tem que ter solução matemática com PT e PSL participando."

A 15-Year-Old Killed Himself After Accidentally Fatally Shooting His 17-Year-Old Friend On New Year's Eve

The teen was showing off a handgun to three friends inside a shed when it accidentally fired.

How Is Your Love Life Looking Lately?

It can only get better...right?

You Need To See Lady Gaga's Security Guard Singing Along At Her Concert

Little Monsters are everywhere. EVERYWHERE!!!

Just 43 Amazing Beauty And Style Things To Try This Year

We found our favorites in 2018 so you could up your game in 2019.

Netflix Wants People Doing The "Bird Box" Challenge To Be Careful

People are recording themselves doing activities while blindfolded. At least one video appears to show a child getting hurt.

The Government Shutdown Has Left DC Covered In Trash

"One man's ego holds hostage a whole nation with the shutdown."

Para "despetizar" a Casa Civil, Onyx demite 300 funcionários comissionados

A ideia, diz o ministro de Bolsonaro, é "tirar todos que têm marca ideológica clara": "Primeiro a gente exonera, e depois a gente conversa".

A Porn Director Was Suspended After An Actor Said He Sexually Assaulted Her

"I’m not gonna sit back and let people like this continue to hurt other girls as they did me," actor Lily Adams tweeted.

This Couple Was Turned Away From Getting Their Marriage License In DC During The Government Shutdown

The local court system in DC is funded by Congress, and the Marriage Bureau wasn't deemed "essential."

17 Memes con decisiones aun más difíciles de tomar que las de 'Bandersnatch'

Que se haga a un lado la película de 'Black Mirror', estos sí que son dilemas complicados.

This Guy Played The Jeopardy Theme Song During Church, And 2019 Is Going To Be A Good Year

**When you are hungry AF during church waiting for them to pass out the bread.**

Here's The New Picture From NASA Of The Most Distant Space Object Humans Have Ever Seen

"That bowling pin is gone. It's a snowman!" said a mission scientist.

Walls Work, Trump Says After Memeing “Game Of Thrones,” Where A Wall Absolutely Did Not Work

The president has now posted Game of Thrones memes on Twitter and Instagram and sported a huge meme poster at a Cabinet meeting.

10 Harmful Diet Culture Phrases You Should Probably Stop Using

New year, new chance to just say no to diet culture, including phrases that can be harmful to people's sense of self-worth.

16 Consejos de belleza para empezar el 2019 con una piel hermosa

Este es el año para que tu piel se vea luminosa, bonita y sana.

The Nazis Killed 25% Of The Holocaust's Victims In Just Three Months, Study Finds

Operation Reinhard, the deadliest Nazi murder campaign in the Holocaust, killed roughly 1.7 million Jews during World War II.

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Are Expecting Another Baby

The couple will have their fourth child via surrogate, a source confirmed to BuzzFeed News.

18 Pictures Of Cats That'll Make You Ask "Are They Okay?"

But they're all still so darn adorable!

Este hilo de Twitter prueba que el doblaje de caricaturas en México es el mejor del mundo

¿Recuerda cuando Gunter se volvió reggaetonero y María, la del Barrio salió en 'Las Chicas Superpoderosas'?

Netflix Pulled An Episode Of Hasan Minhaj's Show In Saudi Arabia

The streaming company said it "received a valid legal request" and complied to be in line with local law by dropping the episode of Patriot Act. Critics say Netflix is kowtowing to an attack on freedom of speech.

Todos tienen un personaje de "Bird Box" que va con su personalidad y este es el tuyo

Nadie quiere ser esa personita confiada que le abre la puerta a desconocidos.

17 Frutas y vegetales tan pequeñitos que harán explotar tu corazón de ternura

No te vayas a atascar con estas grandísimas porciones, eh. ;)

What Tips Do You Have To Be More Green?

Let's look after the planet in 2019 🌍.

17 Of The Easiest Recipes Of All Time (Seriously)

These dinner ideas are as simple (and tasty) as they get.

Fans Praise Rihanna For Dropping More Inclusive Makeup, While Others Troll Her For Something Else Entirely

*Fans expect an album* Rihanna: "Happy new year, here’s a Fenty Beauty tutorial."

23 Things That Happened In January 2009 That’ll Make You Say “OMG, Can’t Believe All That Happened 10 Years Ago”

It was a decade ago that Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga both became the biggest artists in the world and the U.S. got a brand-new president!

Dieser Notarzt hat die Schnauze voll davon, dass ständig Rettungskräfte angegriffen werden

„Wir sind die, denen ihr das Leben verdankt, wenn ihr am eigenen Erbrochenen erstickt.“

30 Songs That Helped Define K-Pop In 2018

From seasoned pros (BTS, EXO, Red Velvet) to newbies on the scene (Iz*One, (G)-Idle, Stray Kids), 2018 gave us a year of great songs to listen to *into* 2019.

Millions Of Women Formed A 385-Mile-Long “Women’s Wall” To Protest Gender Inequality

Organizers said 5 million women joined the protest, stretching across the state of Kerala in India.

How Trash Are Your Opinions On Eggs?

Let your egg feelings out.

10 Important Boundaries Everyone Should Set In 2019

Having boundaries is important...but how do you actually do it?

Which "Grown-Ish" Character Are You?

Are you more Zoey or Aaron?

Morning Update: Does Ryan Reynolds Know What A Costume Is

An American accused of spying in Russia, how Trump reshaped the judiciary, Taylor Swift's NYE party. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, Jan. 2.

How Cute Are You Based On The Foods You Eat From Tasty?

You're so cute, we could eat you up (but not really)!



Ariana Grande Just Responded To Rumours About Who She's Dating Now

"For the rest of this year / probably my life: it’s no one."

Which Dolan Twin Should You Marry Based On The Perfect Man You Describe

You haven't lived if you haven't had a DT phase...

Australia Has Doubled Down Over Stripping Citizenship From ISIS Fighter Neil Prakash

The Australian government says Neil Prakash is a citizen of Fiji, but the Fijian government said it has no record of that.

A Nail Salon Worker Was Killed Over A $35 Manicure

The mother of three was killed when a customer allegedly ran her over after refusing to pay and fleeing the scene.

This Photo Of Cane Toads Riding On A Snake Is Disgusting, And Very Australian

They were probably trying to mate with the snake.









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