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January 25, 2019

Broken straws are the worst.

Yes, there was a time when their careers were stuck in second gear!

Threw my bills away. They didn't spark joy.

Dream team.

The celeb photographer has captured them all!

From the indictment of Roger Stone by special counsel Robert Mueller to the ongoing government shutdown, here are the most impactful and memorable pictures from this past week.

*inhales sharply* OOOOHH H*********CK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tons of people swear these toys got them off, so it's only logical that they'll get you off too!

"Necesitamos dos familiares directos, para que los puedan identificar, para ya estar 100% de la identificación y comenzar el proceso de repatriación."


"This is a serious film, so we're going to play a serious game."


Party of one?

Por poquito y Leonardo DiCaprio no es Jack. :o

Trump and Democratic leaders have reached a short-term deal to reopen the government for three weeks following a historic 35-day shutdown. The bill was signed into law on Friday night.

You'll need a venti to deal with all these kids.

We simply don't deserve such beauty.

More accurate than Peter's spidey-sense!

Descubre de una vez por todas si es grasa, seca, mixta o sensible.

"Now I just have to get the other eye to match"

"Hello, Mom? How long should I cook chicken in the oven?"


"Cómo ser atractiva, pero al mismo tiempo ignorar por completo lo atractiva que eres".

Descubre cuál es el mero bueno, y cuál es el mero malo.

Todo millennial entra en un de estas seis categorías

¿Cuál de las relaciones de la realeza se parece más a la tuya?

Los pros —y contras— del cannabidiol.

Spitting image.

One ticket to Nopesville please.

“Together we will reelect Donald J. Trump in 2020,” the RNC chair said hours after an associate of the president’s was charged in the special counsel’s investigation.

Una secuela nunca llega tarde. Los demás simplemente llegan temprano.

Here's what you might've missed.

We're always correct.

¡Ay, qué fabulosa!

Will he ever look at YOU with that dreamy, psychopathic stare?

Para que recuerdes tus clases de biología.

It's in your DNA 🎵

¿Eres una Clover o una Toro?

No sólo es una maravilla para tu cabello.

It’s a dark time for media — LGBT media, especially. What got us here? And how might we survive?

Prepárate para algo extraño.

Lo mejor es que tiene dos caras: la de Cleo y la de estrella de la alfombra roja.

Alyson Hannigan y Seth Green de Buffy, la cazavampiros se reunieron una vez en How I Met Your Mother :O

For those who don't know what to watch next.

Warning: products in this post may cause fear, increased-heart rate, and the unnerving feeling of someone standing behind you... judging you for purchasing such scary stuff.

¿Qué domina tus decisiones? ¿Tu cerebro o tu corazón?

¿Eres de los que se queda en el limbo entre bar y bar?

Tener que escuchar "She Will Be Loved" de Maroon 5 en todas las estaciones de radio.

Este quiz te convertirá en un hombre fuerte de acción.

¿14 AÑOS? Sí, 14 años.

Cambian la vida, en serio.

Are you as blind as a bat?

El #10yearchallenge de estos ya clásicos...

These hacks are the pizza de résistance.

Urgent care and ERs were seeing patients with injuries from Bird and Lime scooters, but no one knew just how common it was — until now.

Pelo de honguito noventero, ¡FTW!

Sceptics, however, are wondering whether Number 10 has given Julian Smith a “licence to bullshit” to get Brexiteers and the DUP to back the PM’s deal.

Who can choose between thin and thick sharpies?

Time to start the magic.

Green doesn't always mean, mean. You get me?

Newark and Philadelphia airports were also affected by the staffing shortage, which was likely due to the ongoing partial government shutdown.

Make drawer organizers out of cereal boxes!

I thought traveling the world while still keeping my job was a fantasy. Never did I believe it would become reality.

Crust us, we know.

These products are loved by reviewers and ready to organize the heck out of your home!

"Wait, really?" —everyone when you tell them where you got everything in your house.

“You’re aware that people who don’t have anxiety don’t understand, and find it very difficult to understand what it’s like, because they think, ‘just get over it’, and it feels like that’s reflected by the university.”

Come on ketchup!

I'm in the top 1% of reviewers on Trip Advisor.

Loneliness exists separately from sadness and depression, but is just as important to recognize and address.

"When they say flavor, they mean every flavor." - Ron Weasley

Do you have what it takes to exceed expectations?

“They are everywhere, and desks are covered in poo and pee each morning.”

Combinações muito refrescantes!

Or literally ANY human you love!

We know these two are a good pair.

"The audition went great, I actually did think I had it."

You probably thought it was impossible, but we've got options from A to Z. Well, okay, AA to H.

We would love to hear "Mahal ko kayo!" in different accents!

Du wirst "Baby One More Time" wahrscheinlich nie wieder mit den gleichen Augen sehen.

Jennifer ist mir sehr wichtig.

All results are equally delicious.

Sicherheit wird sowieso überbewertet.

A sequel is never late. Everyone else is simply early.

Eu não lembrava nem de metade dos filmes desta lista.

Trump and Senate leaders are "talking," the dogs of Chernobyl, your weekend longreads. The BuzzFeed News newsletter, Jan. 25.

Stone was arrested early Friday morning in Florida and later released. He spoke out against the charges, which he says he will defeat in court.

Canada's a real beauty, eh?

Jean Wyllys said rising anti-LGBT sentiment and violence since Jair Bolsonaro's successful presidential campaign was behind his decision.

Lava Jato aponta o tucano como suspeito dos crimes de corrupção, lavagem de dinheiro e associação criminosa.


There are LOTS of us out there, OK?!

Exclusive: Figures obtained by BuzzFeed News show that in August 2018 more than 1,600 children who arrived in Britain alone to seek asylum had been waiting more than a year for a decision.


Schöne Scheiße.

Irgendwas mit Eiern.

Ist das richtig so?

„Als ich meinen Eltern und Geschwistern erzählt habe, dass ich mein viertes Kind erwartete, haben Sie mir nicht gratuliert, sondern stattdessen gefragt: ‚NOCH EINS?!‘“


*Keeps fingers crossed for Parks and Recreation*



"Stacking bills and counting change."

Another officer was "sniffing my phone as if he had some sixth sense, like he had drug detection powers with his own nose".

The tea reveals the truth.

It is a scientific fact that the best sale is a sex-toy sale.

I was born to flex...well, maybe I was born to eat.

A US official critical of the policy said it would lead migrants to “revert to sneaking in rather than going to ports of entry” and cause “more deaths in the desert.”

The cultural identity of the man's children would be harmed if he was sent to New Zealand, the Administrative Appeals Tribunal found.

Throwin' it back to '08.

Once you look past the fact that their commercials are irritating, these actually are great buys!


Warren Mundine is now the Liberal candidate for Gilmore at the upcoming federal election.

What do people love about you?

"I was told to shave down there or the baby would get carpet burn."

"I don’t understand why people aren’t doing something about this," said senior Ashonte Winston.

So many choices!


"I'm just a painter and I'm drawing a blank."

Letters from director Alfonso Cuarón and Netflix haven’t been enough to get Jorge A. Guerrero permission to enter the United States.

Thanks to Ross obvi, we have plenty to choose from!

Prepare to be amazed.

The quiz doesn't lie.

Take this quiz, STAT!

Lucy + Emmet 4 evr.

Nathan Sutherland, de 36 años, todavía estaba trabajando en la clínica en Phoenix, Estados Unidos, cuando se descubrió que su ADN se correspondía con el del bebé de la paciente, afirmó la policía.

A young Ariana Grande kicks off this week's #ThrowbackThursday!

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