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January 8, 2019

Flickr Is Deleting Your Photos Soon. Here’s How To Save Them.

After Feb. 5, Flickr will start deleting old photos on free accounts with over 1,000 pics.

"The Office" Was Hiding A Brilliant Joke That You Probably Missed Every Time

Dwight sneakily has one of the cleverest jokes on the show.

The Supreme Court Said A Mystery Foreign-Owned Company Will Have To Pay Daily Fines

Fines of $50,000 a day are to be imposed on the company, which is owned by a foreign country, until it complies with a subpoena seeking...we don’t know what.

23 Hilarious Tweets About The Things All Moms Do, Basically

"Moms love to text 'call me' and then not answer when you do."

Dez pessoas posaram nuas para celebrar a positividade corporal, e o resultado foi lindo

Uma revista canadense fez uma edição especial para celebrar a diversidade corporal e apresentou pessoas que sobreviveram a agressões sexuais, câncer de mama, distúrbios alimentares e outros. Atenção: este post contém nudez.

Two Sisters, 14 And 12 Years Old, Have Been Charged With Killing Their Mother

The sisters allegedly stabbed and shot their mother to death. It is not clear what prompted the attack.

Lindsay Lohan Is The Unseen Monster From "Bird Box," And I'm Shook Back To The '00s

From the beaches of Mykonos to the river in Bird Box.

21 Party Games You Can Get On Amazon That People Actually Swear By

Friends don't let friends throw parties with boring games.

Joshua Tree National Park Is Closing After Visitors Damaged Trees During The Government Shutdown

Visitors have damaged some of the namesake trees in Southern California's beloved desert park, which already had overflowing trash cans and unusable restrooms, officials say.

21 Of The Most "Only In LA" Things To Have Ever Happened

To Live and Die in LA...and they be carried in a Prius hearse.

A Second Man Has Been Charged In The Murder Of 7-Year-Old Jazmine Barnes

Jazmine died after shots were fired into her mother’s car in what authorities believe was a case of mistaken identity.

31 Clever Products That'll Make You Feel Ready For Anything In 2019

"Preparing for the worst, but expecting also the worst." —Us in 2019

34 Stores That Are Having Great Sales This Week

Deals at Free People, ModCloth, Topshop, and more!

14 Razones que te harán correr a ver "Guardaespaldas" en Netflix

No es casualidad que su protagonista se haya llevado el Globo de Oro como Mejor actor de serie de drama.

25 Products To Help You Work Out In Your Own Home

"Came through drippin'." — Cardi B, and you after breakin' a sweat during your next home workout.

Trump’s Oval Office Address Is Following Days Of Aides Defending Their Misleading Border Wall Claims

Trump administration officials have tried to make the case for the wall with incorrect claims about suspected terrorists at the border, about Mexico paying for it, and more.

R. Kelly Is Being Investigated In Georgia And Illinois After The Lifetime Documentary About Him

The attorney representing parents who told police their adult daughter is being held captive by Kelly confirmed to BuzzFeed News that prosecutors had reached out after the documentary series aired.

OK, Let's See What Your Stage Name Should Be

He wasn't born Childish Gambino, after all!

Another Man Has Been Found Dead At Democratic Donor Ed Buck's Home In West Hollywood

"The fact is, two black men have died at Mr. Buck’s home in less than two years," the Los Angeles LGBT Center said in a statement.

10 limites que todos deveríamos traçar em 2019

Estabelecer limites é importante, mas como fazer isso?

Answer These 10 Questions To Find Out Which Hidden London Spot You Should Go To Next

Find a new spot for you and your friends to check out.

HBO Just Announced The Cast For Its "Game Of Thrones" Prequel

The prequel takes place thousands of years before the events of Game of Thrones and will star Naomi Watts, Josh Whitehouse, and Jamie Campbell Bower.

Chris Evans Really Out Captain America-Ed Himself, So Robert Downey Jr. And Mark Ruffalo Stepped In


14 Hilarious Jokes About Marie Kondo Wanting To Tidy Your Books

All of my books bring me joy, thank you very much.

20 histórias assustadoras que mostram por que as mulheres têm medo de rejeitar os homens

"Ele me mandou uma foto dele queimando uma foto minha e me chamou de 'vadia sem coração' porque não quis voltar com ele."

Qual apresentador do "Vídeo Show" você é?

Seria você o André Marques, a Mônica Iozzi ou o Miguel Falabella?

Esse teste dirá se você é um expert em comida saudável

Descubra aqui se você realmente manja sobre o valor nutricional dos alimentos.

Brie Larson Training For "Captain Marvel" Is The Inspiration We All Need In 2019

Brie trained for nine months before filming even began.

28 More "Tidying Up With Marie Kondo" Jokes That Are Both Hilarious And Relatable

"After a heated discussion with Marie Kondo, I've decided to throw myself in the trash."

How Many Of These Big 2018/2019 Fashion Trends Are You Guilty Of?

Admit it: you bought chunky sneakers, didn't you?

"The Bachelor" Premiere Was All About Colton's Virginity, And The Fans Are Fed Up

We get it, he's a virgin. So what? Sing a new tune, sister!

¿Eres más Isabel Iglesias o Paulina de la Mora?

Las dos son mujeres de carácter fuerte y un poco mandonas, pero, ¿cuál se parece más a ti?

A crise de segurança no Ceará virou pancadaria entre Ciro Gomes e MBL na internet

Kim Kataguiri e Mamãe Falei fizeram vídeos dizendo que o governo do PT inventou uma crise para abalar Bolsonaro. Ciro respondeu chamando o MBL de facção criminosa.

Limpia tu casa y te diremos tu % de Marie Kondo

¿Cuántas de las cosas en tu casa realmente te causan felicidad?

17 Things For Anyone Who Likes Pie More Than They Like Cake

Or: Things For Anyone With A Superior Taste In Dessert

Paul Manafort's Lawyers Tried To Redact A Court Filing About Whether Manafort Lied To Investigators. It Didn't Work.

Manafort's lawyers filed a response to allegations by special counsel Robert Mueller's office that he lied after signing a plea deal. They tried to keep certain sections secret by redacting, but it was done incorrectly, making the information public.

21 Pairs Of The Best Winter Gloves You Can Get On Amazon

Because your lost socks and gloves are living their best life where you're not.

Attention: This Is Part III – And Possibly The Worst Version – Of Horrifying Mother-In-Law Stories

"My mother-in-law organized my lingerie drawer while babysitting."

Kellyanne Conway Admitted Sarah Sanders Was Wrong About How Many Terrorists Were Stopped At The Southern Border

White House counselor Conway said Sanders made “an unfortunate misstatement” when her stats were off by 3,994 people.

Meet The Women Who Have To Sneak Onto Facebook

Women are prohibited from using Facebook in some of India’s most patriarchal corners. Some are taking the risk anyway, going online under false identities against the wishes of their community and Facebook itself.

E o STF está gastando quase R$ 3 milhões com novos carros blindados para ministros

Veículos sedan serão capazes de aguentar até tiros de Magnum 44.

29 Golden Globes Ladies Who Showed Us Exactly How Fabulous They Are

These goddesses did not come to the red carpet to play!!

This "Bachelor" Contestant Is LITERALLY Jennifer Coolidge And You Won't Be Able To Unsee It

"OMG Catherine has to say 'I'm taking the dog!' when she gets sent home."

DC's Mayor Will Start Issuing Marriage Licenses Herself After The Government Shutdown Stopped Them

The DC Superior Court, which runs the Marriage Bureau, is funded by Congress and had to scale back operations during the shutdown. The DC Council and DC’s mayor have stepped in.

The Guy Who Allegedly Doxed Hundreds Of German Politicians Is A 20-Year-Old

The man who doxed politicians but spared the far right “is dissatisfied with public statements made by politicians,” a German official said.

The American Detained In Russia Is Appealing To Four Governments For Help, His Brother Says

“He’s got that resource available to him. He might as well use it.”

Vete de compras a las rebajas y te diremos qué color de moda debes usar este 2019

¿Este 2019 vas a vestir un color elegante como el verde esmeralda o algo más llamativo como el azul eléctrico?

Este teste vai revelar quando você vai casar, ter filhos e ficar rico

Os testes do BuzzFeed estão cada vez mais poderosos.

15 Tips For Anyone Who Loves Traveling And Being Green

Travel ~green~ with these tips for reducing paper, plastic, food, and energy waste.

Come Share What Helps You Through Seasonal Affective Disorder

Tell us what helps your mood and motivation when the seasons change.

The Russian Lawyer At The Trump Tower Meeting Was Indicted On Charges Of Obstructing Justice In A Money Laundering Case

Natalia Veselnitskaya was indicted by a grand jury in December, but the charges were only unsealed on Tuesday.

CES Gave A Sex Toy An Award, And Then Disqualified It…Because It’s A Sex Toy

A robotic sex toy was selected as an honoree for the Consumer Electronics Show’s Innovation Awards, until CES said it was "obscene."

The New Spider-Man Movie Makes Live-Action Superheroes Look Boring

Cartoon superheroes have made a big-screen comeback with Incredibles 2 and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, a film so vibrant it makes you wonder if all superheroes would be better off animated.

Haz este quiz y te diremos cuánto tiempo sobrevivirías en "Bird Box"

¡Agarra tu venda y estira los brazos, que esto ya va a empezar!

15 histórias que provam que a vingança é um prato que se come frio

"Além disso, durante uns três meses, fiz o sistema pedir todos os dias para que ele trocasse a senha de seu email".

We Tried Out The K-Pop Sandwich That People Have Been Talking About

Never had an egg mayonnaise, coleslaw, crab, and strawberry jam combo before?

Estas son las tendencias de comida para 2019, según Pinterest

Un nuevo superalimento, una dieta híbrida y mucho pero mucho pan.

Bernie Sanders’ Our Revolution Will Start A Campaign To Draft Him Into The Presidential Race

“Run Bernie Run” will be the second effort from the senator's supporters to convince him to jump into the 2020 Democratic primary.

Você namoraria estes escorpianos? Uma enquete pública

Lembre-se que este signo tem má reputação.

22 Cosas que pasaron en enero de 2009 para comprobarte que eres un anciano

Hace 10 años, Beyoncé te hizo *intentar* bailar "Single Ladies".

23 Dinge, bei denen Gärtnerinnen grün vor Wut werden

Nein, das ist keine exotische Wunderpflanze, das ist beschissener Löwenzahn.

“I’m Doing Great”: A Black Millennial On His $100,000 Student Debt

Michael has a lot of student debt — almost $100,000 at this point — and he’s trying to free himself from it the only way he knows how: getting another degree. An excerpt from journalist Reniqua Allen's It Was All a Dream.

16 People Who Lost 100+ Pounds Share Their Best Tips

Helpful and healthy tips that are guaranteed to motivate you.

John Legend Defended Himself After People Called Him A Hypocrite For Criticizing R. Kelly

People have shared a photo of Legend and his wife posing in 2016 with Harvey Weinstein as evidence of his hypocrisy, but the singer is fighting back.

Filho de Mourão ganha cargo no Banco do Brasil com salário de R$ 37.500

Segundo site, o governo Bolsonaro mais que triplicou a renda do filho do vice-presidente. Ele ainda ingressa em programa que oferece bônus de até R$ 2 milhões...

LinkedIn Censored The Profile Of Another Critic Of The Chinese Government

Peter Humphrey's profile was only restored in China after BuzzFeed News contacted Microsoft-owned LinkedIn, which said the page had been removed in error. It's the second such incident in a week.

Do que são formados os casais modernos?

O casal moderno é composto por uma pessoa que faz todos os testes do BuzzFeed e outra pessoa que é marcada para fazer depois.

Neste verão tem pessoas brancas achando que podem brincar de serem negras

A blogueira Bianca Andrade apareceu BEM diferente nas fotos das suas férias.

These 43 Conservative MPs Have Indicated They Will Try To Stop A No-Deal Brexit

The default position is that the UK leaves the EU either with or without a deal on March 29.

Iran Was Just Accused Of Assassinating Two People On European Soil

Two Dutch nationals of Iranian descent were murdered in 2015 and 2017.

Here's What It's Really Like To Be An Internet Advice Columnist

Five advice columnists on the letters they'll never forget, whether they give advice to friends/family, how to get them to actually answer your letter, and so much more.

7 Receitas fáceis para fazer no microondas

Você nem imaginava que dava pra fazer tudo isso no microondas!

13 curiosidades sobre trabalhar em hotéis que você provavelmente nem imaginava

"Muita gente acha que o cofre eletrônico do quarto é um microondas".

Todrick Hall Spilled A Load Of Secrets About Taylor Swift And The Tea Is Scalding

Everything from her celebrity feuds to her relationships was covered.

A Far-Right German Politician Was Left "Half Dead" After Being Attacked In The Street

Police say the attack is being treated as politically motivated.

"The Bachelor" Premiered Last Night And People Have THOUGHTS

If you cut out all of the virgin jokes and cross-country watch parties, this premiere could have been 15 minutes flat.

Morning Update: Donald Trump To Address The Nation

Cyntoia Brown's sentence was commuted, a new direction for Planned Parenthood, our new series on debt. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, Jan. 8.







What Do American TV Shows And Movies Always Get Wrong About Britain?

Nobody says "I'm ever so sorry" and sips tea from fine china cups.

Spend Your Entire Paycheck At H&M And We'll Guess The Number Of Siblings You Have

Hopefully they won't "borrow" these clothes from you.

32 Splurge-Worthy Products You Deserve To Own In 2019

*Shouts "New year new stuff!" from the rooftops.*

Which Podcasts Do You Think People Should Listen To In 2019?

Which podcasts do you think deserve more love this year? Send us your entries and your suggestions will be considered for the 2019 BuzzFeed Podcast List!

25 Dinge, die dich Mütter über postpartale Depressionen wissen lassen wollen

„Ich hatte das Verlangen, von meiner Familie wegzufahren und nie zurückzukommen. Und das war schrecklich.“



17 Erinnerungen daran, dass es gar nicht so schlimm ist, Single zu sein

Wenigstens benutzt niemand deine Make-up-Pinsel, um damit seine Playstation abzustauben.





En el mundo solo hay seis tipos de parejas sexuales. ¿Cuál eres tú?

¿Eres un/a amante o un/a luchador/a (que también es amante)?

Estas preguntas revelarán cuáles deberían ser tus metas en el 2019

¿El 2019 será un año lleno de emociones o vendrá con mucho trabajo para cumplir tus sueños?



Only A Movie Genius Can Score 9/12 By Naming The Animals Missing From These Movie Titles

Some of the wrong answers in this quiz would honestly make amazing movies.


レモンの爽やかな香りがふわっと広がる、見た目も可愛いスイーツレシピ。 生地にバターを使用することでしっとりなめらかに仕上がります♪





This Is What India Was Like In 2009

Deepika and Ranbir broke up, Manmohan Singh was PM, and we suffered a lot of "Emosanal Attyachaar".

Here’s Why People Are Fundraising To Help Aboriginal Women Pay Off Fines

“You go through a red light, you speed a little bit, you hit a $300, $400, $500 fine. It can be more than someone’s weekly Newstart Allowance, their single parent allowance.”

These Are The “Inappropriate” Questions Asylum-Seekers Were Asked By Australia To Prove They Were Gay

The questions have been described as “intrusive” and “shockingly inappropriate”.



Australia Is Experiencing Some Jellyfish Problems Right Now. Here's What We Know.

Jellyfish thrive in deteriorating ocean environments when other species struggle.

Thousands Of Young Unemployed People Have Had Their Welfare Payments Suspended Under The PaTH Program

One business put 17 interns to work and never ultimately employed any of them.

Here's Why You Need To Play What Do You Meme? At Your Next Party

Possibly the only party game you can play with everyone from your meme-obsessed friend to your (cool) grandma. I know, because I've played it with both.



27 Movies That Actually Turn 10 In 2019

Smash Mouth was right. The years start coming and they don't stop coming.

Trump Claimed Former Presidents Told Him They Should Have Built A Border Wall. All Four Living Presidents Say That's Not True.

Carter, Clinton, Bush, and Obama all deny talking to or supporting President Trump’s plan for a wall at the southern border.

The Dog Owner Who Went Viral For Biting A Jogger Said She Was Only Protecting Her Pets

The 19-year-old Oakland resident said the jogger was pepper-spraying her dogs without provocation, so she intervened.

Kevin Hart Apologized To The LGBTQ Community Again Over His Anti-Gay Tweets

The comedian, who stepped away from hosting the 2019 Oscars after his past anti-gay tweets resurfaced, made another apology to the LGBTQ community on his radio show.

Which Two Characters From Marvel's "Runaways" Match Your Personality?

"You don't have to hide who you really are."

A Man Has Been Arrested After 3 People Were Killed At A California Bowling Alley

Police said Reginald Wallace opened fire on people during a chaotic fight at a bowling alley near Los Angeles Friday night.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is A Perfect Foil For The Pro-Trump Media

Both use the same online playbook — to starkly different ends.

24 Photos From The Depths Of The Internet That You'll Never Be Able To Unsee

Warning: all of these images are very weird and possibly cursed.

20 Pieces Of Decor From Jet You Won't Believe Are Under $30

Shop 'til ya drop without spending a ton of money!

Estos pastores piensan que 'Roma' muestra un México de 'charros e indios' al resto del mundo

"Esta jovencita (Yalitza) es considerada una mujer bonita pero no, no es bonita, en este momento es la imagen… pero así como bonita ¡no!"

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