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    18 Complete Idiots From All Around The World


    1. This genius and his nephew:

    JimmehRulez /

    2. This wonderful parent:

    matharooudemy /

    3. This gamer:

    Set_Mekh /

    4. This person who ran into their old friend from high school:

    shep-boyardee /

    5. And the entire Flat Earth Society:

    6. This dude who doesn't believe science:

    rizlar09 /

    7. This rocket man:

    cadeyoung /

    8. This frightened flyer:

    duder_mcbrohansen /

    9. This tough guy:

    versalina /

    10. This dude who hates liars:

    bobnudd10 /

    11. This person who abandoned his family for his beliefs:

    YourFavGuyStef /

    12. This Newton hater:

    D_Card /

    13. This guy and his #upwardrays:

    YourFavGuyStef /

    14. Tyler, and his ice wall:

    TaoTeChing81 /

    15. This guy who is all about home schooling now:

    je_suis_un_negre /

    16. This guy and his "facts":


    17. This little girl with an exceptional vocabulary:

    aesthetic_lad_ /

    18. And this guy who wishes everyone a happy thanksgiving:

    taytayadams /

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