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    Attention: This Is Part III – And Possibly The Worst Version – Of Horrifying Mother-In-Law Stories

    "My mother-in-law organized my lingerie drawer while babysitting."

    We asked and you delivered. The BuzzFeed Community has been sharing some of their most wild and most horrifying mother-in-law experiences. So, pull up a chair, because these will leave you speechless...


    1. I’ve been married to my husband for 11 years and my mother-in-law still has someone else’s face taped over mine in our wedding picture.


    She also always sends her Christmas presents back.


    2. My mother-in-law organized my lingerie drawer while babysitting. —kathyh486693bb4


    3. I’ve been married to her son for three years, but my mother-in-law still calls me Katie...his ex girlfriend’s name. My name is Megan.


    4. When my MIL visits, she leaves the bathroom door open when she goes to the bathroom (even number two) and takes baths. When I asked her to please shut the door, not only did she not shut it, but she then started walking to and from the bathroom completely naked when she bathed.

    Dimension Films

    She also sleeps in the nude, so if she has to pee in the middle of the night, she’s naked in the hallways. I now long for the days she only pooped with the door wide open.


    5. My daughter was two when I met my current husband. She's nine years old now and has grown up thinking of him as her dad. Last Christmas my daughter accidentally called his mom "Grandma" and my MIL – in front of the entire family – yelled, "I don’t know why you called me that, I’m not your grandma!"


    6. My mother-in-law announced the birth of my daughter on social media while I was still on the delivery table, complete with a picture of the baby. When my friend caught it and told her to take the post down, she did, but only to replace it with a photo of my husband as a child announcing that "her baby had a baby."

    7. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I told my mother-in-law that we were planning to name her Stella, and she told me it sounded like a prostitute’s name.


    8. My mother-in-law brought my husband's ex-girlfriend to our wedding (without asking) and proceeded to remind him he had options.

    9. My MIL invited me, both her daughters, and a few family friends to have a cookie baking party. On the day of, she had me “get started” in the kitchen, and then proceeded to spend the entire time with everyone else sitting in the living room chatting and watching TV while I baked everything alone in the kitchen.

    10. My mother-in-law refuses to address me. I'll be sitting right next to her and she'll ask my husband stuff like, "Does your wife want some?" Every single time.

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    11. My MIL charged each family $60 for Thanksgiving dinner because she decided to have it catered (we did not agree to or talk about this beforehand).


    12. My MIL was babysitting my infant son for an hour and she took him to a bar and told people he was HER baby.

    20th Century Fox

    We don't see her anymore, but she also used to call herself "Mommy" when she was talking to our son or trying to get him to sit with her.


    13. When I wasn’t able to go with my husband to visit his grandfather – my mother-in-law's father – during an extended hospital stay, my MIL tried to set my husband up with a ‘cute, young, blonde nurse.’ Apparently, she had already been laying the groundwork with the nurse whenever she’d see her, and I think she had my husband go to the hospital that night because she knew I couldn’t go, and she knew the nurse was scheduled to tend to her father that evening.


    My husband casually mentioned it, thinking it was a funny story saying things like, "My mom is ridiculous haha,” and he couldn’t understand why I got so upset.


    14. My MIL got a phone account, electric account, and applied for a furniture rental place all in my name. My credit score is screwed because of her.

    Comedy Central

    15. My MIL spent the entire morning of my wedding day trying to get people to convince my husband to leave me. She even offered to pay the officiant, my husband’s close high school friend, to not marry us that day. She kept this up until we were literally walking down the aisle to get married!



    16. My MIL once gave me a gift and said, “When I saw it I totally thought of you!” It was a witch Halloween decoration.


    17. For about a year after we were married, I was not allowed to use my in-laws first names. I had to call them Mr. And Mrs. X. My mother-in-law also cried, as in sobbed, because I made lasagna with cottage cheese instead of ricotta cheese (that's how I learned). And said that I was "destroying family history and traditions" by making lasagna wrong.

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    18. After a year of being married, we were making breakfast together and my MIL said that it was so nice what my husband was doing for me and my kids (from a previous marriage). She said, "He always was the one rescuing injured and abandoned animals as a kid."

    19. Most Indian brides wear a red saree that is traditionally bought by the mother-in-law and father-in-law. I dearly wanted a blue one and that is what we got. My MIL saw, approved, and paid for it about a month before the wedding. Cut to the day of, and my MIL shows up wearing the exact same saree – right down to the color, borders, and peacock motifs!


    20. After two years of marriage, I got pregnant and my MIL pulled me aside to tell me no matter whose baby it is, they will accept it into their family. Two years later, and they still have my son's baby picture and my husband's baby picture tacked together in the living room, and they routinely comment on how they look nothing alike.


    PS: There is a 100% chance my husband is my son's father.


    21. My mother-in-law left me out of all of the wedding pictures in my sister-in-law’s wedding. There are literally zero pictures of me with my husband or with his family at his sister’s wedding.

    22. My MIL only said one thing to me at my wedding, which was, "Where is my money for your husband's car insurance?"

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    23. I got pregnant right after I got married and then miscarried early on. My MIL told me at least I wouldn’t have people wondering if I got pregnant before the wedding.


    24. My MIL wanted to have a us over to celebrate my daughter's second birthday. Me, my husband, my daughter, and her. She set three place settings. Leaving me out.


    She also made a pumpkin pie (in March) to celebrate because she knows I hate it.


    25. My sister had given me a box of glass cups, and at the time I was living with my in-laws. So, I put the box of glass cups my sister gave me on the counter. The next morning I went to put them away and realized the box was gone. I asked my MIL if she knew where they were and she says to me, “They’re in the trash. I don’t like glass.”


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