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    There Is Now A Virtual Reality Movie Experience And Here's What It's Like

    Brace yourselves, this is insane.

    I'm sure we've all heard of (and likely tried) some sort of virtual reality experience before.

    But, now there is an actual cinematic VR movie experience. Dreamscape Immersive is offering free-roaming, interactive virtual reality experiences at Westfield Century City in LA and will open additional stand-alone and in-theater AMC venues later this year.

    So, as the mother of a pre-teen son who is obsessed with anything and everything technology related, I thought it would be perfect for us to test out.

    When we arrived, there were three different movie experiences to choose from.

    In Lavan's Magic Projector: The Lost Pearl, you feel like a real-life Indiana Jones as you unlock clues and escape traps to find the lost pearl.

    In theBlu: Deep Rescue, you travel to the bottom of the ocean on a mission to save a trapped baby Blue Whale and unite it with its mother.

    And in Alien Zoo (which we chose to do), you come face-to-face with alien creatures throughout the galaxy, dodging an alien predator.

    First, we were taken into a room where each person was equipped with a full-body tracking system.

    We then entered a different room that featured the Alien Zoo. It was indescribable. There were alien dinosaurs roaming around us and you could even reach out and touch some of them!

    As you continue through the interactive world, you encounter several different alien creatures and ultimately try to escape one of the alien predators.

    The whole journey only lasts about 15 minutes, but, for me, it was totally worth it because it felt so real. As for my son, he absolutely LOVED it, but, his only complaint (of course) was that it was too short.