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23 Of The Best Elevator Videos From The Golden Globes

The elevators are back again.

1. Danai Gurira and Lupita Nyong'o gave us the storyline we all deserve (sorry, Michael B. Jordan):

2. Lana Condor blew a delightful kiss to her admirers:

3. Janelle Monae strutted and spun like the whole world was watching:

4. Debra Messing had a hot make-out sesh with the bellhop:

5. Tiffany Haddish's cape and In-N-Out blew gracefully in the wind:

6. Allison Janney picked a wedgie:

7. Sarah Hyland stuffed her bra while Wells Adams tried not to look:

8. Ariel Winter got a kiss that made her foot pop:

9. Constance Wu knew exactly how much champagne she wanted:

10. Pete Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly lit up in the elevator:

11. Harry Shum Jr. and Chris Pang made a freakin' adorable mess:

12. Sabrina Carpenter tried really hard to take some selfies:

13. Michelle Yeoh showed off her stunning backless green dress:

14. Kaley Cuoco had a messy popcorn snack:

15. Heidi Klum did some AMAZING dance moves with her dress:

16. Kat Graham did her best boombox strut:

17. Lea Michele showed off some leg:

18. And so did Susan Kelechi Watson:

19. Lili Reinhart threw caution to the wind:

20. Bryan Greenberg showed off Jamie Chung's dress with a wonderful spin:

21. Laverne Cox gave a tophat dance:

22. Zoey Deutch gave Glen Powell a little twirl and dip:

23. And finally, Connie Britton was READY to go home: