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    These Vaccination Records Were Shared By A Woman Raised By Anti-Vaxx Parents

    Hot take.

    Whether or not to vaccinate your child remains a hot button issue anyway you look at it.

    Now the issue is being resurfaced on social media after a woman in her mid-20s posted this photo on Reddit:

    The woman (who wants to remain anonymous) shared this photo showing a bunch of medical records after reportedly getting a series of shots.

    You see, the woman was raised in an anti-vaxx household. Her parents opted for no vaccines even when they caught the flu every year, or her brother got whooping cough.

    Her post has garnered tons of reactions. Actually, the top comment on her post is this one congratulating her for "living long enough to get vaccinated."

    As you would expect, there's also a high level of scrutiny against "big pharma."

    You should know the woman revealed in a follow-up AMA, that she already spoke to her mom about this, and all is well.