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January 27, 2019

This Soup Quiz Will Reveal Whether You're More Hot, Cute, Or Sexy

Nothing is more hot, cute, or sexy than soup!

Liam Hemsworth Spoke For The First Time About Being Married To Miley Cyrus

“Thank you to my beautiful wife. You are a sweet, sweet angel. You’re great, you’re so great."

23 Fyre Festival Documentary Tweets That Are Tragic And True

"So was Fyre Festival basically just Krabby Land 2.0"?

Terry Crews Called Out D.L. Hughley For Mocking His Sexual Assault Claim

“It’s hard for me to think that a dude with all those muscles can’t tell an agent not to touch his ass,” Hughley had said on a radio show in August.

Zac Efron Is Facing Backlash For His New Movie Trailer And The Reactions Are Going Viral

"What’s with the rock-themed upbeat trailer music and cut?"

Make A Sad Salad To Find Out What Kind Of Introvert You Are

Everyone's at least a little introverted, right?

You've Been Thinking About Anger All Wrong

Not only can anger be helpful, but acknowledging and expressing it is good.

How Old Are You Mentally Based On The Starbucks Drinks You Order?

Does your real age align with your mental age?

No One Has To Prove The Allegations In An Interpol Red Notice. But They Were Enough For ICE To Separate This Mother From Her Family.

The US agrees that a so-called “red notice” from Interpol isn’t an arrest warrant and can often be abused. Yet ICE used the existence of one as the reason to detain a mother from El Salvador.

Here Are 23 Celebs That Went From Being A TV Or Movie Extra To A Huge Star

Kristen Stewart played Girl in Fountain Line in The Thirteenth Year.

This Trailer For The Movie On Serial Killer Ted Bundy Has Raised A Lot Of Eyebrows

"I feel so bad for the families of the victims that have to sit there and see their terrors revived as a witty romantic thriller."

These Pictures Show The Barbaric Inhumanity Of Auschwitz Concentration Camp

"Without memory, there is no culture. Without memory, there would be no civilization, no society, no future." — Auschwitz survivor and author Elie Wiesel

21 Things That Seem Totally Fake, But Aren't

Eyes are the biggest liars around.

A Man Suspected Of Fatally Shooting Five People In Louisiana Was Arrested After A Manhunt

Authorities announced there was a search for Dakota Theriot, 21, a day earlier.

I Worked Out Like A Popular Instagram Fitness Guru For 6 Weeks And Here Are The Results

I wanted to find out if I could give up my gym membership and get toned results from an at-home app workout.

Glenn Close Cares About The Role, Not The Oscar

Just before her seventh Oscar nomination for The Wife, Glenn Close talked with Bim Adewunmi.

This $13 Protective Wax Is A Must-Have Product For Any Dog With Paws

Thousands of pet parents use this stuff to help moisturize paw pads and prevent cracking caused by snow buildup, hot pavements, rock salt, sand burns, and *ruff* terrain. 🐾

Here's When You Should (And Shouldn't) Get Rid Of Old Electronics Boxes

Always label your boxes with the date you purchased the product, so you know when the item is no longer under warranty.

Com qual signo você definitivamente NÃO combina?

De quem você deve ficar bem longe?

18 Winter Coats That Are Actually Worth The Splurge

Coats that are stylish, warm, comfortable, and you can wear throughout the winter seasons. What more could you ask for?

15 Old Inventions That I Am Glad I Have Never Had To Use

This is the opposite of steampunk, I think.

30 Products I Don't Understand How You've Lived Your Whole Life Without

♫ And all at once, you are the products I have been waiting for... ♫

Prince Philip Has Said He Is “Deeply Sorry” To A Woman Who Was Injured In A Car Crash

“I can only imagine that I failed to see the car coming, and I am very contrite about the consequences.”







嵐が2020年で活動休止を発表 「一度何事にも縛られず、自由な生活をしたい」




大坂なおみ選手「なぜ騒いでいるのか分からない」は誤訳 日清のCMめぐる国内報道

「I get why people would be upset about it.(このことで怒ったり、悲しんだりする人がいる理由はわかる)」と発言した箇所を、「なぜ多くの人が騒いでいるのか分からない」と報じていた。

ハリポタ感がすごい…!世界の神秘的な図書館 15選


「サイテー」「気分悪い」 人気Youtuberに非難が殺到した理由とは


宮崎駿監督が流した涙の意味 「もののけ姫」で描いたハンセン病との出会い



IKEA(イケア)って大きい家具のイメージがあると思うんですけど、インテリア小物のコスパがめちゃくちゃ良かったりします。今回は格安の掛け時計「STOMMA (ストッマ)」を買ってみました。

Let's See How Many Of These 2009 Movies You've Actually Watched

It's hard to believe these movies came out 10 years ago!

Pope Francis Said The Virgin Mary Was The First Influencer And Twitter Responded In Kind

"Without social networks, she became the first 'influencer': the 'influencer' of God."

A 3-Year-Old Who Was Found Alive After Vanishing Said He “Hung Out With A Bear For Two Days”

“God sent him a friend to keep him safe,” the boy’s aunt wrote on Facebook.

We Know Whether You Were A Bratz Or A Barbies Kind Of Kid

Let's be honest: You always liked one better than the other.







「世界一かわいい犬」と称された人気者 ブーが亡くなる


15 Pictures That Prove Teachers Are Already Paid Way, Way Too Much

These Los Angeles teachers need to chill.

Which College-Friendly Booze Are You?

This quiz is all about that booze that you only drank in college.

Rate These Luxury Clothes And We'll Tell You What Job You're Perfect For

Dress for the job you've always wanted, right?

We Reimagined Tarot Cards To Be More Millennial-Friendly

The Tower vs. Giant Jenga at a bar? I see no difference. 💁







健康は義務ではない 「予防医療」を医療費抑制の道具にするな


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