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    22 Photos Of Things You Had In School As A Kid That You Haven't Thought About In So Long

    The grade book.

    1. Your highly personal information documented in the teachers grade book.

    2. Learning via an overhead projector.

    3. And these transparency sheets the teacher would write on.

    4. Earning these different colored little star stickers.

    5. These colored cards that were updated based on your behavior.

    6. Doing basic addition and subtraction on these math blocks (or making swords with 'em).

    7. The look and smell of these Spacemakers that you stored so many of your belongings in.

    8. Learning to tell time on one of these little Judy clocks.

    9. These geoboards and bands.

    10. These pull-down maps.

    11. Portables.

    12. Having these types of chairs in your classrooms.

    13. Pretending to administer a shot of lead with mechanical pencils.

    14. These folded paper fortune tellers.

    15. This electronic sharpener that was oddly fun to empty out.

    16. Or these hand crank sharpeners that were always too close to the wall and put your knuckles at risk.

    17. Using these cold, hard, unpleasant scissors.

    18. Playing this Carmen Sandiego computer game.

    19. That kid who could gleek on command and used their abilities for evil.

    20. And the monster who would shoot people with these folded paper + rubber band projectiles.

    21. Those magnificent Pilot Dr. Grip mechanical pencils and pens.

    22. And finally, these chalkboard erasers and the cloud of white they produced when you banged them together.