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17 People Who Dramatically Changed After Moving To A Bigger City

*Plays "Breakaway" by Kelly Clarkson*

A big city glow-up is a phenomenon that happens when people leave a smaller city and move to a bigger one. The transformation is usually both physical and mental.

For clarification, this doesn't happen to everyone and I'm not saying cities are better than small towns or anything.

That said, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us what happened when they left their hometowns for larger cities and experienced their own "big city glow-up." Here are their submissions.

1. I grew up in Salt Lake City and always felt like the city and people were suffocating me. Now I’m 21 and living in Portland, Oregon. I feel free. —hannahm32

2. Grew up in what is referred to as the “buckle of the Bible belt” west Texas. So yeah, I didn't tell people I was trans until I moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth area with my fiancée. Best. Decision. Ever!! —ryanm4e0e9ac64

3. Moving to a city and really becoming myself allowed me to turn into a new and happier person. —Jacob

4. I moved from a smaller town in Washington to Seattle for college. The thing about Seattle is that it's so big and so full of unique characters, that I felt like for the first time no one was really watching me. It gave me the confidence to be goofy wherever, dress however, and just be more of my genuine self out in the world.—Carina

5. Once I turned 21, I moved from my small Iowa hometown to Dallas, Texas. Living in a big city took me from emo kid in the cornfields to bougie "yaaasss queen" of the concrete jungle. —brittanyfoxc

6. I left middle-of-nowhere Illinois for college and it was the best decision of my life. Moving to a bigger city enabled me to find the confidence to come out, push myself professionally, step up my personal style, and give me more opportunities than I could have ever imagined. —jpv1994

7. Went from a town of 6,000 to a city of 1.5 million. I live closer to my parents, I’m dating the love of my life after being single for seven years, and dropped about 20 pounds. Things do get better! —Katie

8. I moved to the Bay Area in 2014 to finish college and have been here ever since. Yes, I’m less “natural” now, but I’ve never felt more like my authentic self. —Mallory

9. After going to a large state school from a private Christian high school, I realized it was okay to do things like cutting your hair and getting your nose pierced. I am significantly more happy with myself and have really come into my own. —Hannah

10. Small town, Oklahoma to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I always felt stuck like I didn’t fit in and no one had common interests. When I moved I was able to show my true self from the beginning. I’ve made so many amazing friends. I actually enjoy leaving my house to hang out with people. I’ve explored a ton of new places. The only thing that sucks is east coast WINTERS. —kassiielove1

11. I grew up in a poor, rural and small town in Rio de Janeiro's suburbs. I've been dating girls since I was 14 but nobody could ever find out my secret in this small and conservative place. After dropping school in my very last year, I decided to leave everything behind and move to São Paulo. São Paulo is one of the biggest cities in the world. Well, I've been struggling a lot to survive, pay rent, keep mentally healthy, but I'm finally ME, my own person!

12. One move and 15 pounds later... —Ryanne

13. From small town to big city, and 10 years in between! I didn’t go wild and crazy with my style, but I grew into myself, learned to do my eyebrows, and found a hairstyle and glasses that actually work! Plus I finally got the nose ring I always wanted! I never would have had the confidence to take care of myself in this way if I’d stayed where I was! —rinasfit

14. The suburbs of North Carolina vs. Back in California, where I was born. —Dante

15. I was pretty awkward and goofy and uncomfortable in my own skin. Two years ago, I moved from Pennsylvania suburbs to Washington DC. I still am awkward and goofy but I met some really awesome people in the city who gave me so much love and confidence ♥️♥️ —alicesophie

16. I grew up in the suburbs as the “quiet nice girl” which was short for "shy and insecure." It wasn’t until my overly-gelled curls and side swiped bangs moved away to Philadelphia for school that I really found my place in the world. 12 years later, I credit the city and my experiences here for allowing me to grow into the confident, resilient woman I am today! — Devon

17. I moved to LA at 18 and 100 pounds later, my life has changed for the better. Did I mention coming out? —Aj

Experience your own big city glow-up and want to share? Use the DropBox below to upload a picture and share your story for a chance to be in a future BuzzFeed post.