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January 11, 2019

Floating bookshelves, a vegan body scrub formulated for your booty, over-the-knee boots that are currently 50% off, and more! Much more!

Plus, because Nordy's loves us so damn much, a lot of them are on sale!

Plan your vacation AND your future!

An Icee and popcorn was motivation to go to Target!

Court documents obtained by BuzzFeed News show that that mother has been in this state for 26 years — far longer than originally reported. Her family has agreed to care for the child.

The Hawaii Democrat will be one of the youngest candidates in what could be a large 2020 primary field.

“The massacre might never have happened had Broward had better leadership in the sheriff’s department,” Gov. Ron DeSantis said.


Bring on the bread!

Break out the baby name book.

O nome dela é Jenifer?

At least "climate change is a real emergency," said one House Democrat.

From $1,000 tattoos to McDonalds' around the world, these are five of the top trending videos from this past week.

The publisher alleges that the Netflix special's violence is doing $25 million worth of damage to the Choose Your Own Adventure brand.

You’re your own style guru.

Social media posts are warning gay men and women to flee from the region.

The man also allegedly called the women slurs and asked them if they "want some dick."

Peace, love, black excellence.

So alligators are the unseen monsters???

Nothing worse than that moment when you found out that you had actually downloaded the Kidz Bop version of "Dilemma" from LimeWire.

And the winner is..... ONE DIRECTION

Yes, please.

Kombucha and ice cream, name a more iconic duo.


From the ongoing government shutdown to the border wall at center of the debate, these are the most striking and memorable images from this past week.

Bless your heart!

The president tweeted a photo of what he claimed was a "new" segment of wall, but it's a repeated lie. It's a replacement of an existing barrier.

The Iraq War veteran behind the crowdsourcing effort suddenly changed his plans Friday on what to do with the funds.


Este año haz que el té se vuelva tu mejor amigo.

Sabrosas, saludables y sencillas: todo lo que necesitas para un año ganador.

¿Salchichas con leche? Esto es un crimen a nivel mundial.


Government workers waiting on paychecks are being targeted with referral links and other promotions to join the gig economy.

Smart products to make your kitchen great.


A mother of three was killed when a customer allegedly ran her over after refusing to pay for a manicure.

"I'm the Home Alone kid buying tampons at CVS."

Football or fútbol?

On Instagram, Buku Abi said her silence over the years was a coping mechanism because she was suffering as a victim herself.

Aqui foram DEZOITO ANOS sem perceber isso!

“If we were in our office doing our work then maybe those people wouldn’t need to be coming up to the border.”

It's Hollyweed you guys.

Your taste in food = your taste in celebs.

“It’s absolutely unacceptable to give so called #Russia’s MFA in occupied #Crimea a blue tick!”

New year = new food quizzes, duh!

This morning, customers of the online-only Ally Bank couldn’t use their debit cards, which is the only way they can access their funds.

*Bookmarks for next vacation*.

It's bananas.

Los ciclistas más experimentados están cuidando a quien se anime a transportarse en bicicleta. "Así como nos ayudamos el 19-S, el ciclista siempre sale al quite", dicen.

Which funny hottie will it be?

DJ Earworm did that.

As he weighs a run for president, O’Rourke’s outreach to people of color during his Senate campaign could offer a blueprint. But he still has skeptics.

Sorry to everyone else.

Science and Chemistry. Fun!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine returned better than ever!

Please, just buy some pepper.

Toaster bags, paw wax, an overflow plug, and 31 other products that'll solve everyday (and not so everyday) problems.

"I think a lot of girls struggle with feeling like they can't bring something to the table, but they forget that you — just yourself — is bringing something to the table because there isn't another you."

Super leve e refrescante!

"The last kid just left. This tent city should never have stood in the first place."

The 18-year-old who fled her allegedly abusive family was welcomed to Toronto by the Canadian foreign minister.

Amazon’s Dash buttons do not provide enough information about the products that consumers are ordering or the price, the court ruled Thursday.

If the American dream isn’t possible for upwardly mobile white people anymore, then what am I even striving for?

Eu não conseguia entender por que coisas pequenas e simples da minha lista de tarefas pareciam tão impossíveis. A resposta é, ao mesmo tempo, mais complexa e mais simples do que eu imaginava.

Anne Helen Petersen • 2 hours ago

*Clip clip*

Medals for anyone who performs these vital tasks.

*wipes tears* All of us, under our breath: "Oh h*ck..."

It’s not too late to get a flu shot if you haven’t already been vaccinated.

"Happy Friday!" — All of these cats, probably.

“Every day. Complaints filed. Again,” wrote French Equalities Minister Marlène Schiappa.

Rumination — aka thinking about something in endless circles — is exhausting *and* makes you more susceptible to depression and anxiety.

The domination of all your favorite artists continues on.

Some said they hope to make it permanent, while others would be proud to make it a few days.

Para que aprecies tu chamba.

Mucho más que solo historias de amor.

No te tomes personal si te sale Tontín.

Este quiz es mejor que un sombrero seleccionador.

"Just your friendly neighborhood overreaction..."

Aprontando várias confusões até o cérebro começar a pensar em japonês!

"Agarré un chocolate y mi hija de 3 años me hizo 'muuuu'".

Espera só pra ver o logotipo antigo da Cinemateca Brasileira...

¿Tu bisabuelo inventó las lavadoras? No. Pues el de Kate Upton sí.

¿Raven + Carlitos?

Historias de verdad de hombres "medio" heterosexuales

You can call it a graphite tattoo, and just like a tattoo, there are ways you can remove or get rid of a pencil stab mark.

A ver, ¿qué es un bisque?

"Durante la campaña dije 'México va a pagarlo', obviamente nunca quise decir eso", dijo Trump, lo cual es absolutamente falso al 100 %.

Here's what you might've missed.

The 13-year-old was found alive Thursday, three months after her parents were killed and she was taken from her home.

No, you don't have to get your eyes checked. Yes, these photos are for real.

No lo digo yo, lo dice la ciencia

Todas son buenas, pero una es la ideal para ti.

¿Eres felizmente soltero? ¿O te urge tener pareja?

Andrew Ziegler • 9 hours ago

Alegria ou lixo?

A senior Tory aide has been tasked with drawing up a contingency plan for the elections, including a list of potential candidates who could stand.

Adiós para siempre, papitas preparadas.

“Progressives have an opportunity to strategically primary the most vile Democrats in their ranks, and Henry Cuellar should top the list,” said one progressive activist.

Esta não é a sequência de Para Todos os Garotos que Já Amei que queríamos.

¿Serás prudente y sensata o, más bien, a la que le dicen: 'siéntese' todo el tiempo?

¿Sabes cuántos van a cumplir Diego Boneta y Selena Gómez? Créenos que te puedes llevar una sorpresa...

Spoiler: si comes en pura taquería fifí, ya sabes por dónde va la cosa.

Luis Del Valle • 8 hours ago

Seguro te sentabas hasta enfrente en el salón de clases, ¿verdad?

Y si no, también.

I've never felt more ALIVE.

"I think talking to someone and saying it out loud really puts it into perspective."

La comida va en platos, no en zapatos.

O momento perfeito de você se descobrir.

To be honest, they'd all be great.

Everyone wins!

Do those old receipts spark joy?

Hola, amigos, ¿ustedes son pareja?

Soar far and wide, at any age.

Whether you love wedding planning, hate wedding planning, or are just kind of like "...Welp, I guess we're doing this" about the whole thing.

¿Y si mejor vemos una de Disney?

Time to prove that all your trivia knowledge IS useful, Mom!

Junk food freaks ONLY.

“Just because something works, doesn't mean it can't be improved.”

President Donald Trump claimed federal workers are happy to not be paid while he argues for a border wall. In reality, furloughed workers are making tough decisions and stocking the freezer as much as possible.

E claro que ninguém está sendo baixo astral com os homens.

"How did I even live?" —you after shopping this post, obviously

Zum Beispiel, dass die meisten Menschen es haben. Und ja, auch du könntest betroffen sein. Und nein, dein Leben ist deswegen nicht ruiniert.

„Leute wollen immer wissen, was passiert ist. Als wäre Sex zu haben kein ausreichender Grund, um eine Geschlechtskrankheit zu bekommen.“

No one can resist cute animals.

Erin O'Dell • 3 hours ago

These dark circles are Rihanna-insured.

Meet Super Bitch/Him Possible.

Quem for pego cometendo os crimes receptação, descaminho ou contrabando com o uso de um veículo ficará cinco anos sem carteira de motorista.

This isn't the To All The Boys I've Loved Before sequel we were hoping for.

Food and hot guys? The perfect match.

Você gosta de torta?

Não vale usar o Google para ir bem no teste, hein?

The 18-year-old, declared a legitimate refugee by the UN, is said to have been receiving some “very nasty, very real death threats.”

Já dizia aquele ditado: "um ser sem chifres é um animal indefeso!"

Step by step, I shuffle forward amid the mass of bodies, waiting to get inside.

The amazing reviews on these beauties aren't just paying lip service.

Kevin Fret, 24, was shot eight times in San Juan.

No pelearse con esto.

The shutdown ties for longest in history, Terry Crews calls out Kevin Hart, your weekend longreads. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, Jan. 11.

"Uma vez Renato Aragão me ligou e eu atônito respondi: 'DIDI!' Ao contrário dos boatos de que não gosta, ele riu e disse: 'IÉ IEU.'"

It follows weeks of confusion and contradictory statements over the future of the US-led coalition fighting ISIS.

Stir and fry your way to the answer!

*Posts OOTD* *Waits for promotion*

🎶 "I've been waiting for a day like this to come..." 🎶




セブンイレブンで売っている新作アイス「やわもちアイス Fruits ストロベリー&チーズ」、ガチでおすすめです!

The movie characters that we so love.

Sigue las instrucciones del dragón.

♬ When I'm not with you I lose my mind / give me a sign... ♬

Wa Lone, 32, and Kyaw Soe Oo, 28, were sentenced to seven years in prison in September over their reporting on a massacre of Rohingya Muslims.

Al natural ✂️

Are you a lovable, friendly doggo or a sweet, independent cat?

Whatever result you get, just don't be a creep.

Don't be fooled by good looks...

Let's see how long you can commit for.


Danny Lim, 74, received an infringement notice for offensive behaviour.

Let's accessorize!

Sending out an S.O.S. for Jess's poor ankles!

It might have been a decade ago, but these hits live on.

This is alarming news for the health of the globe.

"Feel like making a deal with the devil?"

Are you more Rae, Finn or Chloe?

Japanese snacks are the best snacks!

Jayme Closs stopped a dog walker to ask her for help.


"Hey honey, I thought you'd like to know I'm not feeling so homicidal today."

The Australian actor is facing ten charges and will appear in a Melbourne court on Feb. 8.

Get lost in the sauce.

Jon-Michael Poff • 6 hours ago

These finds will keep you toasty all season long.


An Australian magistrate engaged in "serious misbehaviour" by unlawfully detaining people and giving them sentences that were too long, a panel has found.

Tested and approved by my baby and me.

People who pose no risk to the community could end up on the public database, lawyers have warned.

Let's take a trip down memory lane...

Mandy Moore serving '90s mall glamour kicks off this week's #ThrowbackThursday!

"I asked her mid-coitus. She looked at me and laughed, which stung, I'll admit."

"He never wanted the truth. It was all just for clicks, and the more inflammatory, the better," a former employee said. "I felt dirty writing the stuff.”

É hora de comprovar se você é uma delícia.

Rafael Capanema • 12 hours ago

Feels like I'm wearing nothing at all!

Excuse me, when did the "people of Walmart" start looking like they could strut a runway?

2019 is the year we lose our hunchbacks!

Find out which one you are!

"You: Let’s get this bread. J.D. Salinger, an intellectual: Let’s catch this rye."

Are we correct?

Everyone's getting in on tidying up!!

"Debido a desabasto, en 35 pesos el litro o por bidón de 20 litros en 500, se entrega a domicilio previa cita", dice uno de los anuncios.

El vehículo tenía rótulos de una empresa del Edomex y portaba una supuesta autorización de la Comisión Reguladora de Energía.

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