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    29 Kitchen Gadgets You'll Wish You'd Bought Years Ago

    "How did I even live?" —you after shopping this post, obviously

    1. A kitchen scale with measurement conversions etched onto it so you can continue on with your recipe instead of dirtying up your computer or phone with literal butter hands.

    2. A flat whisk that anyone who's had to hand-wash a balloon whisk will know why I included in this story.

    3. A holy grail Instant Pot because the 7-in-1 multicooker isn't going anywhere anytime soon and you'll get it once you actually get it.

    4. An egg yolk separator in case you're following the Nora Ephron method of using an extra egg yolk in that omelette you're making. (Truly the best method.)

    5. And a rapid egg cooker that'll do wonders for adding some protein to your diet or helping your perfect your at-home Eggs Benedict.

    6. A mounted jar opener — it'll be a welcome addition for anyone with limited dexterity or who is just always having to tag in a partner to help open jars.

    7. A cheese plane cutter to transform blocks of hard cheese into beautiful slices for display. Or just for the perfect grilled cheese sandwich. Everyone has different priorities!

    8. A collapsible colander you can also use as a steamer or pot lid. Here's to some serious versatility that frees up cabinet space!

    9. A *strong* spiralizer with a hand crank that'll make you forget about that hand-operated one you threw away after you tried to spiralize a beet. Oof.

    10. A salad dressing shaker that comes with a blending ball to help mix things up back to a delicious consistency once the ingredients of your homemade dressing start to separate.

    11. A citrus juicer with a container and non-slip bottom to safely catch the fruits of your fruit labor.

    12. A salad chopper bowl with slots for wiggling your knife in all the right places resulting in an evenly chopped meal packed with veggies you keep trying to add more of to your diet.

    13. A spatter-proof cookbook holder so those glossy pages will stay in tip-top shape and in place while you're wrist-deep in a bunch of wet ingredients.

    14. A set of four ziplock bag holders to serve as an extra set of hands when you need to put leftovers into bags or meal prep some freeze and dump slow cooker dinners.

    15. Dip clips that'll fit perfectly on the edge of a plate so everyone can double dip IN THEIR OWN personal dip bowls instead of the main one. Blech.

    16. A couple of silicone oven mitts can pull double duty as splatter guards. Warning: You may consider cutting all the kitchen gadgets that only perform one task out of your life?!

    17. A microwave tortilla warmer in case you have a convection stovetop and can't heat 'em up one by one the old-fashioned way. (It also works for rolls and buns!)

    18. Magnetic measuring spoons with round spoons for liquid ingredients and narrow spoons for reaching into spice jars. Solving ALL of life's problems, more or less.

    19. And a push-up measuring cup to help you get the most of sticky ingredients like butter and honey rather than scraping the dregs out of your OG 1/2 cup.

    20. A strainer bowl set that can make rinsing veggies for big-batch meal prep sooo much easier.

    21. A pull-out cabinet shelf kit that'll help you make excellent use of that one lower cabinet you just kinda shove everything in and then never see again.

    22. A tea bag organizer so you can find that one sleepytime bag without making your whole tea collection tumble in a v light but still annoying avalanche.

    23. A handy bottle opener anyone who opens like two (tops) bottles of wine at home annually will be able to use with ease.

    24. A countertop compost bin that might make your discards look downright delicious (but of course you and I both know that's not the point).

    25. A trio of cookie scoops you can use in case you haven't perfected the two-spoon technique. And they work for ice cream and fruit, too!

    26. A motion-activated trash can you'll be so glad you bought the next time you've been handling raw chicken and need to throw out the grocery store packaging before washing your hands.

    27. A sous vide gadget you can place in pots and open up a whole new realm of culinary possibilities for fancy restaurant–quality eats at home. Who knew putting stuff in plastic bags and then temperature-controlled water could end up with such delicious results? Lots of folks, apparently.

    28. A vacuum-sealing machine to go with your new sous vide gadget *and* help you finally make the most of your Costco membership you resolved to get your money's worth out of in 2019.

    29. An oven thermometer so you can rest assured that when your oven says it's 350 degrees, it's *actually* 350 degrees.

    OK these gadgets won't do everything. But they'll help!

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