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    42 Surprisingly Stylish Things You Can Get On Sale At Walmart

    Excuse me, when did the "people of Walmart" start looking like they could strut a runway?

    1. An asymmetrical skirt, because your favorite calf is gonna deserve some time to shine all on its own.

    2. A soft gray winter coat with a quilted vest insert for anyone who believes that more is more when it comes to layering in winter weather.

    3. A Kendal and Kylie mini cross body you're gonna want to keep in your family for Jenner-ations.

    4. A pair of form-fitting jeggings you can wear whenever actual pants sound far too hard but you still gotta be presentable in public.

    5. A long sleeve dress that's sure to look ~sew~ lovely wherever you wear it.

    6. A zip tie blouse with a style so chic you're sure to be ~tied~ to it forever.

    7. A bubblegum pink coat that'll make you so happy when you wear it, you just might pop.

    8. A fitted coat for anyone who wants a lovely outer layer as puffed up as their ego will be when they wear it.

    9. A LBD that, NBD, is sure to make you look like a PLT every dang day.

    10. A pair of leggings that'll make you a ~star~ athlete in no time!

    11. A fleece hoodie for any clever, cold people who would never have the wool pulled over their eyes but wouldn't mind having it pulled over the rest of their body.

    12. A pair of vegan leather boots that'll definitely prove they were made for (cat) walking.

    13. A turtle neck dress sure to be the best outfit choice on lazy days when you want to look great while also taking it slow and steady.

    14. A full circle skirt for anyone who fully believes that khaki is never tacky — it's perfection.

    15. A pair of super soft jeggings with a subtle and lovely floral pattern you know you're gonna want to wear whenever you're out with your ~buds~.

    16. A pair of high rise skinny jeans for anyone who thinks its high time to get a new pair of perfect high rise pants.

    17. A maxi dress with vertical stripes and grommet detail that you can wear whenever you feel like elongating your look.

    18. A dainty swing tank for anyone who likes to go with the flow.

    19. A leopard print onesie that'll make everyone ~paws~ and admire your attire at bedtime.

    20. A sports bra for any surfers-at-heart who are into all kinds of sports, brah.

    21. A pair of heaven-sent deconstructed jeans so comfortable they're gonna feel literally ~holy~.

    22. A Kendal and Kylie baby-size backpack that'll have you feeling good whenever you use it, even when it's ~stormi~ out.

    23. Or a minimalist trail backpack for anyone who believes the term "take a hike" is a great suggestion.

    24. A down blend jacket that'll be the perfect piece on anyone who never lets bad weather get them ~down~.

    25. A side-tie tank you are ~knot~ gonna want to miss out on.

    26. A peep-toe shoe for anyone who doesn't want to hear another peep about how they already have enough shoes... these are not a want, they're a need.

    27. A crushed velvet jacket so cute you're gonna have a crush on it before you even put it on.

    28. A metallic clutch that'll make any bad day better with its literal ~silver linings~.

    29. And a metallic tote any metal head is gonna be ecstatic to accessorize with.

    30. A pair of Ellen Degeneres EV1 skinny jeans that are sleek enough to wear to work and comfortable enough to have you dancing with the same pizazz as the comedy goddess herself.

    31. A wrap dress that'll put a ~wrap~ on your search for a dress you can wear every single season.

    32. An olive green boot for anyone with a wanderlust who is ready to ~buckle up~ and hit the open road.

    33. A cold shoulder blouse for anyone who knows that black is the new black.

    34. A modern tie dress you're gonna love, no doubt a-bow-t it.

    35. A polka dot blouse that'll be a ~minnie~ ode to your favorite Disney mouse.

    36. An olive green dress that'll make olive your other outfits jealous.

    37. A turtle neck sweater that'll have you looking cute as a button every time you wear it, literally.

    38. A strappy T-shirt sure to prove that X marks the spot-on outfit.

    39. A rhinestone bomber so you can look like a diamond in the rough — rough winter weather, that is.

    40. A party dress for anyone who is a big fan of florals.

    41. A belted sweater you're gonna want to wear cardigan and again and again.

    42. And finally, a cutout sweater so beautiful, you're gonna be glad it has a specific shoulder to cry (happy tears) on.

    You, wearing clothes from Walmart and looking absolutely fab on your way to stock up on Flaming Hot Cheetos in aisle nine.

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