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    17 Tourist Attractions That You Should Avoid, According To Locals

    *Bookmarks for next vacation*.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which tourist attractions in their city are overrated and should be avoided. Here are some of their responses!

    1. Old Town – Florida, USA

    Steven Pignataro / Wikimedia Commons / Creative Commons 3.0 / Via

    "I’m from Orlando, and a place to avoid is Old Town. It’s really just a crappy 'amusement park', according to my mom."


    2. Juliet's Balcony – Verona, Italy

    Flickr: yadniloc / Creative Commons

    "The street and tiny square where the balcony is are JAM PACKED with absolutely no breathing room. You're basically being pushed into the balcony area and from there you gotta shimmy into a corner to breathe. It's a balcony that the city just said 'you know what, screw it, Shakespeare's made Verona famous so let's make this random balcony Juliet's.'"


    3. Starbucks at Pike Place Market – Seattle, USA

    Flickr: mattbritt00 / Creative Commons 2.0

    "Skip the original Starbucks across from Pike Place Market. Definitely go to the Market, but get your Starbucks at 2nd and Pike and get your pastry at Le Panier."


    4. Kuta Beach – Bali, Indonesia

    Flickr: togawanderings / Creative Commons

    "The beach is just overcrowded, filthy, and too many drunk people. It is good for late night partying but not much else. If you truly want to experience beautiful beaches, go north."


    5. Cardiff Castle – Cardiff, Wales

    Flickr: 57474170@N05 / Creative Commons

    "Go to Castle Arcade or Welsh Diagon Alley instead (it's literally just across the road.) I also recommend the National Museum of Wales which is just outside Cardiff but can be reached on the bus."


    6. London Bridge – London, England

    burge5000 - Flickr / Wikimedia Commons / Creative Commons 2.0

    "It's literally just a bridge, tourists have actually stopped me while on the bridge to ask where London bridge is. The big fancy one is Tower Bridge and is next to the Tower of London."


    7. Navy Pier – Chicago, USA

    Flickr: chandlerm / Creative Commons

    "Complete tourist trap and there isn’t even good shopping there."


    8. Las Ramblas – Barcelona, Spain

    Flickr: graysonchalmers / Creative Commons

    "It’s just a street and it’s not worth it to spend time there. Overpriced restaurants, fully packed with people and also there’s pickpockets."


    "The most famous street in Spain and perhaps the world, La Rambla is the biggest let down in Barcelona. The 1.2km street connecting Plaça Catalunya to the Port was once famed for buskers, artists, and beautiful stores. Now it’s a hotspot for pickpockets, rip-off touristic restaurants, and a hub of chaos. Skip this street and instead venture to Rambla de Catalunya where you’ll definitely feel like a local (and be treated like one too)."


    9. The Las Vegas sign – Nevada, USA

    Flickr: 13224176@N00 / Creative Commons

    "It’s really small and always incredibly crowded. The tiny parking lot is in the middle of the road but it’s just far enough off the Strip that walking there would suck (and be dangerous at night)."


    10. Champs Elysées – Paris, France

    Flickr: ncorreia / Creative Commons

    "You'll have the choice between shopping for luxury stuff, which is super expensive, or finding shops that exist everywhere like McDonald's or Sephora.

    Also, asking for a Coke in a café on the Champs Elysées will cost you like 10€. It's 11$. For a COKE bottle. Believe me, there are no locals that believe Champs Elysées is a good thing."


    11. The Bean – Chicago, USA

    Flickr: thomashawk / Creative Commons

    "It's literally a big silver mirror-y blob. Do a Google Image search and you'll pretty much get the gist of it there."


    12. Burj Khalifa – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Flickr: martijnbarendse / Creative Commons

    "It’s tall, sure, but that’s it. That’s literally it. There is nothing else to be gained from visiting this spot, and the view gets old after two minutes."


    13. The Liberty Bell – Philadelphia, USA

    Flickr: leebennett / Creative Commons

    "You can end up spending upwards of two hours in line to see a replica of the real bell for less than five minutes!"


    14. Edinburgh Castle – Edinburgh, Scotland

    Flickr: davegoodman / Creative Commons

    "Awesome to look at but you can see it from pretty much the entire centre. It's so pricey and unless you're a history fan it's pretty lame when you get in and you're told what to do. Get a ten-minute bus to Craiglockhart Castle castle and for £5 you can run around the castle and it's great fun."


    15. Drottninggatan – Stockholm, Sweden

    Flickr: harry_nl / Creative Commons

    "Touristy, un-charming and overpriced. Head to the other islands a few tube stops away like Södermalm or Kungsholmen – much prettier, better food, and local boutique shops!"


    16. Rathausplatz Christkindlmarkt (Christmas Market) – Vienna, Austria

    Flickr: markturner / Creative Commons

    "Super crowded, the punsch is overpriced and what you can buy there is really not worth all the hassle."


    17. Bourbon Street – New Orleans, USA

    Flickr: master78 / Creative Commons

    "It stinks, drinks are overpriced, and I’ve gotten my wallet stolen twice when out. I tell tourists if they want to go see it to go during the day. Go to Frenchman Street instead for live music."


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