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January 9, 2019

A Man Allegedly Killed His Brother With A 4-Foot Sword Because He Thought He Was A Lizard Person

When officers arrived, they said they found the brother dead with the weapon "still protruding from his head."

La La Anthony On Becoming The Multimedia Mogul People Said She'd Never Be

I promise you, when I was on the radio, they told me, "You'll never be on TV." When I was on TV as a VJ: "You'll never be an actress." When I was an actress: "You'll never be a producer.

Splendour In The Grass, Falls Festival And More Are Pushing For Pill Testing

Reps from Splendour in the Grass, Falls Festival, and Laneway have called on governments to ditch the "out of touch" approach to drugs at music festivals.

Government Employees Being Forced To Work Without Pay Are Not Allowed To Strike

"They're able to do whatever they want to do to us but there's no way for us to fight, there's no way for us to make a statement where it really counts," one TSA worker said.

These Comics Perfectly Capture What It's Like To Live With Anxiety

"If anxiety is making my heart pound, that counts as cardio, right?"

A Man Charged With Sending Suspicious Packages To Embassies In Melbourne, Sydney And Canberra Has Faced Court

Police will allege that he sent 38 parcels to consulates and embassies in Melbourne, Canberra, and Sydney.

Which "Blindspot" Character Are You Most Like?

You don't have to be tatted to get Jane.

19 Tweets About BuzzFeed Quizzes That Made Us Chuckle And Flip Y'all Off

"I took a BuzzFeed quiz that told me I’m Spider-Man and now I have a spider bite on my arm. I do not believe in coincidences."

25 Small Kitchen Appliances From Amazon That People Actually Swear By

"What's cookin', good lookin'?" —you, to your new fave appliance

17 Photos That Prove The Aussie Sun Is Actually Probably Satan

"Fuck it's hot" – An ancient Aussie proverb.

19 WTF Fitness Trends From History That Are Better Left In The Past

It's truly surprising that we've survived so many New Year's resolutions. (Disclaimer: attempting these may result in death or serious injury, not abs of steel.)

Tom Steyer Won't Run For President And Will Instead Pour Millions Into His Push To Impeach Trump

The California billionaire announced that his group Need to Impeach will soon hold town halls, a summit in Washington, DC, and launch a public education campaign.

22 Products Anyone Who Lives Alone Will Want To Buy ASAP

One is no longer the loneliest number!

Pick Some Disney Movies And We'll Reveal Your Soulmate's Name

Who will you spend your happily ever after with?

Mario Batali Won’t Face NYPD Charges For Allegations Of Sexual Assault

A police source told BuzzFeed News that the NYPD’s cases against the disgraced chef are no longer open.

40 Self-Care Ideas For People Who Aren't Really Into Sheet Masks And Baths

If you’re not drawn to massages and manicures, here are some alternative ideas that might work for you.

All The Best Deals At Walmart Right Now

Deals on cute bedside tables, TVs, purses, and more!

34 Super Cheap And Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Beauty Routine In 2019

I don't know what will be shining more this year: your skin, your hair, or your super happy bank account! ✨

A Transgender Woman Was Assaulted In A North Carolina Women’s Bathroom

Two women allegedly exposed themselves and groped and verbally abused the victim at a bar in December.

17 dicas perfeitas para qualquer pessoa que tenha roupas demais

Quando você sente como se não tivesse nada para vestir, mas seu armário está abarrotado, use estas dicas para liberar espaço e, quem sabe, poder comprar mais roupas.

Tell Us What Are The Wildest Misconceptions About The Female Body A Man Has Ever Told You

Apparently women lay eggs on our period, and I'm logging out for the day.

Joe From "You" And Dennis From "It's Alway Sunny" Are Definitely The Same Person

Spoilers for those who haven't seen the full first season of You.

Lana Condor Shared Her Thoughts On Who Should Play John Ambrose In The "To All The Boys" Sequel

The TATBILB star also shared her thoughts on who would be good as the love interest John Ambrose in the sequel.

16 Really Creepy Things That People Found Hidden In Their Homes

It's okay, I didn't want to sleep tonight anyway.

Bootcut Jeans With Flip Flops Were The Worst Trend Of All-Time

Now let's do our best to not let it come back.

No país em que você pode comprar um homem negro por US$ 400

A escravidão está em profusão na Líbia, onde milhares de pessoas com esperança de chegar à Europa acabam compradas, vendidas, forçadas a trabalhar a troco de nada e torturadas.

21 Tweets sobre Marie Kondo que están bastante chistositos

Chistes que sí te causan alegría y no te quitan espacio.

These 17 "Overheard" Convos From Twitter Will Actually Make Your Work Week Fly By Faster

"Can vegans get pregnant" and other funny things said this week.

¿Cuántos de los libros más populares de 2018 leíste?

Veamos qué tanto seguiste las tendencias literarias.

People Are Tweeting Outrageous Lies They’ve Told For Personal Gain And Whewwwww

"My husband and I told our kids Barney died so we wouldn’t have to watch it anymore."

¿Cuál de los chicos de "Zoey 101" es tu alma gemela?

*Por favor que me salga Chase* *Por favor que me salga Chase*

18 memes sobre a Marie Kondo que vão te dar muita alegria

Se você não gostar, pode agradecer este post e pular para o próximo.

Here Are 33 Behind-The-Scenes "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Pictures That'll Make You Love The Cast Even More

"I'm every kind of friend. I'm Phoebe, I'm Chandler, I'm Rachel." —Jake Peralta

Here’s What “Millennial Burnout” Is Like For 16 Different People

“My grandmother was a teacher and her mother was a slave. I was born burned out.”

Bumble Has Added A New Zodiac Sign Feature And Now All Scorpios Are Lying About Their Sign

"Bumble really put zodiac signs in profiles...dudes really gonna be lying about their star signs now too."

It's 2019 And Twitter's Moderation Team Is Still Struggling With Swastika Photoshops

How is it that moderators tasked with parsing abusive behavior miss a poorly photoshopped image of an infant with a bright red swastika on their forehead?

As pessoas compartilharam suas piores histórias de sogra e olha....

"Você sabe o que eu fiz nessa cama? Me masturbei."

Aqui está tudo que descobrimos stalkeando os participantes do "BBB19"

Se pudesse escolher: entre o bem e o mal, ser ou não ser?

Is John Kasich Still A Republican? He Won’t Quite Say.

The Ohio governor is spending his final days in office reflecting on his legacy, fussing with his Instagram, and FaceTiming Arnold Schwarzenegger. What’s next? “Bread’s in the oven.”

Prosecutors Dispute A Far-Right Party’s Account Of A Street Attack On A Politician

German prosecutors told BuzzFeed News CCTV footage showed no weapon was involved in the assault on Frank Magnitz, contrary to what the far-right Alternative for Germany party had claimed.

19 provas de que 2009 na verdade foi há 50 anos

Os nomes Susan Boyle e Jesus Luz te lembram alguma coisa?

Don’t Blame Millennials For All The Emotional Support Animals, Delta’s CEO Said

The situation is “out of control” — but not because of millennials, Ed Bastian told BuzzFeed News.

18 Really Simple Changes That'll Help The Planet

When it comes to looking after the planet, every little helps 🌍.

People Have Set Up Unauthorized GoFundMe Accounts For The Saudi Teen Seeking Asylum

One GoFundMe account in Rahaf al-Qunun’s name has already raised thousands of dollars.

19 Preguntas sin respuesta que nos dejó "Bird Box"

Alguien explique los abdominales perfecto de Tom, por favor.

18 People Talk About What It's Like Trying To Quit The Juul

We asked Juul users about addiction, nicotine withdrawal, and what it's like to try to quit using the trendy e-cigarette for good.

19 Increíbles imágenes del detrás de cámara de 'Roma' que tienes que ver

Estas fotografías muestran la enorme producción que hay detrás de cada cuadro de la cinta de Cuarón.

16 Tasty Ways To Use That Airfryer You Just Got

Make use of your shiny new kitchen toy.

Been Ghosted? Ghosted Someone? Take Our Survey!

We’re working on a story about ghosting and online dating and would love to hear about your experiences.

Poetry: After Watching “Surviving R. Kelly”

"People want me to believe / there’s a difference when the result / is the same, same, same."

Remain-Supporting MPs Think They Can Stop A No-Deal Brexit. But Can They?

Conservative rebels have admitted they may have to vote with Jeremy Corbyn to bring down Theresa May.

¿Puedes adivinar si esto pasó en 'You' o en 'Gossip Girl'?

¿Lo hizo Joe Goldberg o Dan Humphrey?

Billie Eilish hizo una canción inspirada en 'Roma' y es tan bonita que vas a querer llorar

O sea, está tan increíble que hasta Cuarón la felicitó.

Esta es la forma correcta de doblar tus calcetines, según Marie Kondo

Minimalismo hasta en el cajón de los calcetines.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos And His Wife, MacKenzie, Are Getting A Divorce

The National Enquirer says its plans to publish salacious details of Jeff Bezos' alleged involvement with a former TV anchor.

Ayesha Curry Is Building A Massive Food Empire To Make Our Lives Way Easier

"I feel like I can help people keep their family relationships alive and bring people together through food. Who wouldn't want to do that?"

This Teen Came Out To His Mom In The Most 2015 Way Possible

"I had been doing theater way too long for it to be a secret anymore."

Movies To Be Really Excited About In 2019

From Captain Marvel to The Lion King, and Us to Pokémon Detective Pikachu, there are a lot of new films to be excited about this year. In chronological order!

People Have Panicked Every Time Rod Rosenstein Was Reportedly Leaving His Job. This Time It's Different.

As the top Justice Department official overseeing the Mueller probe, Rosenstein became something of a liberal folk hero. Now that he no longer has the power to fire Robert Mueller, reaction to a possible departure is more muted.

What Are Your Tips For Traveling To Paris, France?

The City of Love, Lights, and a million things to do and see.

Kevin Hart Is Refusing To Talk About His Anti-Gay Tweets Anymore

"I'm over it," Hart said of the controversy. "I'm not giving no more explanation of who I am. I'm just done."

¿Quién es mejor amigo, tú o tu BFF?

Es hora de saber si tu mejor amigo te quiere más o al revés.

O volume das piadas com micropênis continua acima da média no Brasil

"A Agência Lupa precisa checar se é micropênis mesmo".

24 Tweets That Anyone Who Has Ever Worn A Bra Will Find Hilarious And True

"I took off my bra and forgot what I was mad about."

13 Celebrity Couples Who Are Expecting Babies In 2019

The countdown to these due dates is on.

Scammers Are Tricking People Into Buying Puppies That Don’t Exist

“I think anybody that goes looking online for a puppy, if you look at more than one or two places, you’re going to run across a fraud site. It’s that bad.”

A Drug-Smuggling Former Israeli Cabinet Minister Will Be Jailed For 11 Years For Spying For Iran

Asked about Gonen Segev’s claim he was acting with the knowledge of Israeli intelligence services, a Ministry of Defense official sent BuzzFeed News a poop emoji in response.



Elizabeth Warren Knows Something Other Candidates Don’t: Exactly Why She’s Running For President

Her campaign operation stumbled early, but in her first week in the race, Elizabeth Warren did, in strikingly clear personal terms, what so many other candidates fail to do.

Se você já foi furado por um lápis e tem a marquinha até hoje, VOCÊ NÃO ESTÁ SOZINHO

Sim, já se passaram dez anos, mas não importa. A marquinha continua lá.





10 frases sobre peso e comida que você deveria repensar em 2019

Essas frases são um desserviço tanto para você quanto para os outros.

Tick Off All The BAFTA 2019 Nominated Films You Have Seen

This is a perfect way to know how many more times you need to go to the cinema before the awards themselves.

Que menina descolada do cinema é você?

Se você só ouve música depressiva e não é como todo mundo, este é o seu teste!

The Saudi Teenager Who Fled Her Family Has Been Recognized As A Refugee By The UN

Australia is now considering whether to grant asylum to 18-year-old Rahaf al-Qunun.

Morning Update: When Did Being Petty Become A Career

Trump defends his wall proposal, R. Kelly is under investigation, going on Facebook in secret. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, Jan. 9.

A Syrian Man Has Been Charged Over The Stabbing That Sparked Huge Anti-Immigrant Riots In Germany

The fatal stabbing in Chemnitz last August led to massive protests in the eastern German city.







24 fotos de las profundidades de internet que nunca podrás borrar de tu mente

Aviso: todas estas imágenes son muy extrañas y probablemente estén malditas.

Here Are The Big Nominations At The BAFTA 2019 Film Awards

The Favourite leads with 12 nominations, while A Star Is Born, Roma, Bohemian Rhapsody, and First Man have seven each. Netflix has been nominated in the Best Film category for the first time.



【ランキング】Tasty Japan 12月に最も見られた動画は…

Tasty Japanでも人気のたこ焼きアレンジや、見た目もユニークなぶどうのチーズケーキ、簡単麻婆豆腐などが続々ランクイン!

Which "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Duo Are You And Your Best Friend Most Like?

Are you the Midnight Men? Or the Night Boys?

Tell Us About Your Car And We'll Reveal What You Should Name It

If you don't have a car, you'll at least have an idea for your future car!

A Million Fish Have Died In A Devastating Event In The Darling River. Here's Why It Happened

The locals say that the mass fish death was a preventable disaster.

NGT48山口真帆さんの自宅でファン2人に口押さえられ... 生配信では涙ながらに命の危険を告白


The Trump Administration Keeps Pointing To A Secret Terror Watch List. Not Everyone On It Is A Terrorist.

"For secret reasons, without meaningful recourse, people can be placed on this list. It's terrifying."

Chuck Schumer And Nancy Pelosi Responding To Trump's Border Speech Is Everybody's Disappointed Parents

“What did we say about smoking reefer in the backyard, KIMBERLEY!? What did we say?!”

Someone Stuck Needles In A Train Seat, And This Guy Unknowingly Sat On Them

When a reporter asked "Do you think this was deliberately done?", Anthony Artusa laughed and said: "Pretty lucky if all the needles sort of fell in the seat!"

Which Eggs Are You?

Find your true egg self.

26 Reasons Australia Should Be Taken Off Your Travel Bucket List

Don't spend your time or money on this wasteland.

5 Things You Need To Know About The Southern Border Right Now

President Donald Trump delivered a national address about the southern border. Here is the reality.

This Is What Trump's "Humanitarian Crisis" At The Southern Border Really Looks Like

In a nationally televised broadcast on Tuesday, President Trump made his case for ending the government shutdown by describing a “growing humanitarian and security crisis at our southern border.” These pictures show what the crisis has looked like over the past 30 days.

Spend A Bunch Of Money At The Grocery Store And We'll Reveal Which Tasty Recipe You Should Cook

Don't know what to eat for dinner tonight? We'll figure that out for you!

The Government Shutdown Is Starting To Cause Major Problems At Airports

Union leaders say missed paychecks will compound into delays, safety issues, and a staffing crisis.

Peter Dutton Wants An Online Database Of Child Sex Offenders

People would be able to look up the names, photos, and crimes of convicted child sex offenders in their suburb under the proposal.

ラブサプリ「こっそり混ぜて色仕掛け」 批判殺到でピーチ・ジョンが謝罪、販売中止


16 Dreamy Men To Be Extra Thankful For This Capricorn Season

They got that BCE: Big Capricorn Energy.

"You" On Netflix Is Ridiculous And Great And Here Are The Tweets To Prove It

Dan Humphrey got more murdery. Warning: contains spoilers.

Kendall Jenner Just Said She IS NOT High Maintenance, And I'll Let You Be The Judge

"I use a simple foundation, highlighter, glow, and bronzer."

20 Beauty Products For People Who Are Tired Of Always Looking Tired

Even if you're actually tired, it doesn't mean your skin has to be!

What Are Your Unpopular Love Triangle Opinions?

The only kinda math problems I'm interested in solving are ~love triangles~.

Which Weird Food Combination Would You Rather Eat?

Try to make it through this quiz without gagging and you win.

15 People Who Completely Missed Obvious Signals That Someone Wanted To Sleep With Them

"In college a girl asked me to 'come over and help move a bed'...I brought a friend along to help."

No sólo se roban la gasolina: hay 951 tomas clandestinas de gas LP en México desde 2010

El Estado de México, Puebla, Querétaro y Jalisco encabezan la lista de entidades con más ductos perforados ilegalmente.

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