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    24 Tweets That Anyone Who Has Ever Worn A Bra Will Find Hilarious And True

    "I took off my bra and forgot what I was mad about."


    If the feeling you get when you take off your bra after wearing it for 24 hours could be bottled, it would be the most addictive drug ever.


    ALL MY NON-BRA-WEARING FRIENDS LOOK AWAY (whispers) ok whoever's left, is there a technical term for when you have a Bra Incident and you end up with either smashboob or fourboob and you can't fix it right away is the word i'm looking for calamatitty


    "How many tags should we sew into these? Like, enough to print the Iliad? That sounds good." - Bra designers


    Every woman who has ever taken off a sports bra is a professional escape artist.


    2019 will be the year I finally vanquish* my enemies** *wash **bras


    I’m going to start a fashion app that allows you to filter instantly for “you can wear a normal bra with this dress” and it will make millions.


    I thought I was depressed but then it turned out I just needed to take my bra off


    Push me aside, but I will come back. Hide me, but I will always emerge. I AM POWER. I AM RESILIENCE. I AM A BRA STRAP.


    Ugh there has to be a better way to protest the patriarchy than burning bras. Bras cost like $60 and I need them to walk down stairs


    Took off my bra and forgot what I was mad about


    Just slung my bra off & threw it to the other side of the couch where there are already 2 other bras. If my math is right, it's Wednesday.


    Just told my sister not to die in my shower because the cops would show up and then I'd have to put a bra on.


    Boy, are you like a strapless bra? Because you give me no support and make me uncomfortable but I need you to complete a wedding outfit.


    Nothing says "I'm not getting laid" like a beige bra and white panties


    how in this modern age of technological wonders is our strategy with sports bra design still to just lock the titties up in smash jail


    Some days I feel pretty lousy about myself and then I remember I can take my bra off under my shirt like a sorcerer.


    I don't carry a wallet & I often put money inside my bra. At night when I undress, I pretend my boobs are paying me a ransom to be set free.


    [At Doctor] Me:I'm having chest pain Doc:Did you buy a new bra? Me:Yes! Thanks for noticing! Doc:I meant it could be causing the pain Me:Oh


    Me: “Whose bra is that?” Daughter: “Mine.” Me: “Why is it on the kitchen windowsill?” Daughter: “I took it off to eat.”


    Just found a piece of chicken in my bra so. I'll just catch up with y'all later. I'm gonna sit here and think some things over.


    A bra is just a jock strap for your chest balls


    [first date] Him: Tell me about yourself Me: WELL, i didn’t wear a bra with my dress today so all my boob sweat dripped onto my feet


    That thing where you covertly put your hands in your bra and scoop your titties up in public.


    I bet dying feels like taking off your bra but better.