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    26 Reasons Australia Should Be Taken Off Your Travel Bucket List

    Don't spend your time or money on this wasteland.

    1. People around the world seem to have this idea that Australia is some kind of beautiful place that should be at the top of your bucket list.

    2. And sorry to break it to you, but you're all wrong.

    3. It's probably one of the worst places on the planet.

    4. It's just flat and boring.

    5. And everything looks the same.

    6. Don't even get me started on the beaches. They're terrible!

    7. They're always dirty and full of people.

    8. And the water is always cloudy!

    9. Australia isn't a country with much nature.

    10. It's either dirt or big cities, with nothing in between.

    11. The food is uninspired and kinda gross.

    12. It's a pretty stressful place to be, as you can never find any space to yourself.

    13. The wildlife just wants to poison or eat you.

    14. And you can't get anywhere near them.

    15. Your travel snaps will all look exactly the same, and no one will want to see them.

    16. Trust me, never bother waking up for a sunrise! It's not worth it.

    17. And forget sunsets as well.

    18. It gets so hot and there's no way to cool off.

    19. The cities are all grey and drab and blah.

    20. Once you get here, there's pretty much nothing to do.

    21. You'll just have to stay in your hotel room and hope there's something good on TV.

    22. The lakes are weird colours????

    23. The weather is terrible, your whole suitcase would have to be filled with raincoats and umbrellas.

    24. It's so LOUD and BUSY all the time.

    25. So please take this advice and never visit Australia.

    26. It's just not worth the time and effort.