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    17 Moments From "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" That Made You Laugh And 14 That Made You Sob

    "I am good at emotion." —Captain Holt

    1. First, when Boyle gave everyone these hilarious save-the-date cards for his wedding:

    2. And when Jake and Amy finally got married outside the Nine-Nine:

    3. When Rosa hilariously suggested that Holt and his husband, Kevin, should ~bone~:

    4. And then, when the squad helped set up this romantic dinner for Captain Holt and Kevin:

    5. When Captain Holt refused to use the word "woke" because it's grammatically incorrect:

    6. When Rosa emotionally came out to her parents as bisexual:

    7. And then, when the squad threw Rosa a family game night to show their support:

    8. When Jake accidentally called Captain Holt dad in front of the whole squad:

    9. And when Jake came to the sad realization that his real father didn't care about him:

    10. When Jake continuously made "title of your sex tape" jokes:

    11. And when Jake revealed the moment he knew he wanted to marry Amy:

    12. When we learned what Scary Terry looked like and it didn't dissapoint:

    13. And then, when Terry was the subject of racial profiling in his own neighborhood:

    14. When Captain Holt and Jake got overly competitive during one of their annual Halloween heists:

    15. Or when Jake would come up with an elaborate way to announce the next heist:

    16. And when Jake made us all cry by rigging the end of a Halloween heist so he could propose to Amy:

    17. When Gina missed Terry needing help with an arrest because she was dancing to music:

    18. And when Gina was hilariously confused about who raised Jake:

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    19. When Captain Holt wasn't fooled by this imposter Cheddar:

    20. And when Captain Holt was forced to leave the Nine-Nine and finally broke his hardened demeanor:

    21. When Rosa gave us this iconic moment when she met this puppy named Arlo:

    22. When Adrian Pimento continuously screamed during any conversation:

    23. And when Adrian had to go away and bid a heartbreaking farewell to Rosa:

    24. When Jake and Captain Holt were forced into witness protection in Florida and had to blend in:

    25. And then, when Jake and Amy were reunited after months apart:

    26. When Boyle made this perfect Dianne Wiest joke after watching Bullets Over Broadway one weekend:

    27. And when Boyle and Jake got emotional when they realized that they were potentially working their last case together:

    28. When Rosa tried to finish Captain Holt's sentences and it didn't go well:

    29. And when Captain Holt convinced Rosa not to flee the country because she would be missed:

    30. When Amy added this funny moment to her wedding vows:

    31. And when Jake was in prison and the only thing that comforted him was the sound of Amy's voice: