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    There's An AirPod Feature That Let's You Eavesdrop On People

    Don't get caught slippin'!

    OK, so maybe you got some AirPods for Christmas, or you've had them for a while...

    They're a pretty useful gadget, and if you suffer from tangled headphones (and let's be real, this is everyone), you'll never have to worry about this again.

    During the millennium we won’t need to worry about headphones getting tangled. Right? RIGHT?

    If you know, you know.

    But this morning, as I was doing my regular scroll of Instagram, I came across the following post:

    So basically, this feature turns you into a spy (for good or for bad, obviously up to you).

    To clarify, "Live Listen" is ACTUALLY used as an accessibility feature that allows people who are hard of hearing to use AirPods to enhance sounds and voices around them.

    Also just to make another thing clear, you're still limited by the Bluetooth range. So you can't like leave your phone at home and then go to the grocery store or something and expect to still hear everything.

    But of course the Internet has found different uses for the feature, too. 😂

    AirPods can live listen now. SMH ! Men about to be caught caught lol

    Ode: Marvin, why are you wearing airpods in a party? (Insert smirk) Me: Ever heard of live listen?

    I’m getting air pods only cause of this live listen feature I just read bout 🤣

    if u got airpods you can turn on that live listen thing when they’re connected and leave your phone in another room & hear what people are saying lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    It's actually pretty simple to turn this little feature on. You start by going to "Settings" on your iPhone.

    Next you tap Control Center.

    Then tap Customize Controls.

    Scroll down to Hearing and click the green + next to it. Head back home.

    Finally to activate the feature, make sure your AirPods are in your ears and go into Control Center. Tap the ear icon.

    Finally tap "Live Listen" to turn it on, and walk away.

    After I turned it on, I tried it out with my coworkers, and I can confirm it does work.

    We also did a little experimenting and you don't even actually need AirPods for the feature to work. Any Bluetooth headphones will do the trick.

    Happy listening!