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You Really Need To See This Woman's Photo Of Her Boyfriend's Roommate's Chicken

My eyes had to see this so now you do too.

We all know how good and delicious chicken can be.


And that's why I must apologise for making you look at these three bare, unseasoned chicken breasts.

Y’all wanna get upset by the lack of seasoning on my boyfriends roommates chicken with me

Yep, people are distraught by these chicken photos that 28-year-old Cori from Baltimore uploaded.

The questionable cutlets belong to Cori's boyfriend's roommate, Steve.

@vanessaamariaa / Via Twitter: @vanessaamariaa

"We were all cooking food in the kitchen and I opened the oven to check on food on the top rack and then saw the chicken," Cori explained.

"I immediately grabbed my phone, took a picture, looked at my boyfriend and said 'want to see a viral tweet?' knowing Twitter would have a FIELD DAY with these unseasoned cutlets."

And boy, oh boy, did Twitter have a field day with them.

Vegans Meat eaters 🤝 This bird died in vain

@corihealey I can taste the sadness.

Y’all might as well had just cooked some water and threw in on a plate

A lot of people came to the conclusion that Steve had to be white to be proudly serving up some chicken like this.

@_HollyAnderson_ @BonAppeDee @corihealey In the black community we would call this chicken a crime against humanity.

@corihealey That chicken’s ring tone is “Sweet Caroline”

@corihealey @kixee This chicken wanna speak to the manager and use her expired coupons

@corihealey This chicken just locked its car doors as I walked by

Cori kinda confirmed a lot of people's suspicions, clarifying that "he’s half white, so people are half right there."

She also says Steve is aware that the tweet went viral, and is confident that the chicken was an "isolated incident".

@corihealey Not even aluminum foil on the tray-

"I’m sure he will throw some salt, pepper and Pam down next time he makes some chicken."

So here's hoping that Steve's future chickens will no longer die in vain.