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    26 Things That'll Make You Feel Warmer Just By Looking At Them

    Stay toasty my friends.

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    1. A fleece-lined balaclava that'll actually look cute and keep you warm as heck. It's windproof and I neeeeeed it.

    2. A pair of knit tights cozy enough to wear on their own with a sweater, or to layer under jeans when it is just way too cold outside and numb thighs are

    3. And a pair of thermal fleece running tights for anyone who has not been blessed with cold-triggered asthma, and can still run/cycle outside in the winter!

    4. A super soft, lightweight shawl so you can feel like you're embraced in a warm hug in the freezing office, and still look professional.

    5. A thick wool scarf perfect for bundling up in when it's time to head out into the frigid air 😬. It's warm but also not too bulky!

    6. A rechargeable hand warmer that'll make you say "where have you been all my life?!?" This babe will keep your hands warm and it can charge your phone at the same time.

    7. A pair of smart phone–friendly thermal gloves so you can warm your own heart by texting your pals, and not sacrifice your precious fingers to the cold while you're at it!

    8. An extremely cozy blanket to snuggle up in at home and picture in your mind as motivation when you're struggling through the snow on your commute home.

    9. A retro-style electric kettle worth the investment. Say hi to steaming hot water for tea in no time at all, and never forget that the kettle is on again.

    10. A v warm Carhartt hat for anyone who wants to end the ice-numbing pain of a cold cold winter without a proper hat.

    11. A pair of heated unicorn slippers your always-cold feet shall swear by. Freakin' adorable.

    12. A beautiful wool topcoat I absolutely need in my life, as will anyone with a desire to be a warm, stylish ray of sunshine all winter long.

    13. A pair of velvet joggers so you can ditch the thin cotton ones and stay warm while lounging around the house!

    14. A heated seat cushion featuring three heat settings and lumbar support to heat up your whole body on the most vicious of frigid mornings.

    15. A geometric fleece pullover perfect for layering under a winter coat to stay cozy.

    16. A pair of thermal sweat pants who are just as serious about keeping you comfy and toasty as you are — you might never take them off once you put them on!

    17. A homemade flannel heating pad cape you can heat up in the microwave and enjoy the deep warmth you deserve at the end of a long day. It also comes with an aromatherapy spray to infuse the pad with amazing smells!

    18. A lined knit jacket that'll zip up tight and keep body heat where it belongs = close to your body!

    19. A vacuum-insulated thermos to keep soup, coffee, leftovers, and more as hot as possible for hours on end. Now we just need a life-sized one to hibernate in, thanks.

    20. A pair of classic Uggs so — no matter the weather — you can walk around and feel like your feet are at the beach in the Bahamas where they belong.

    21. A space heater featuring an adjustable thermostat and three settings over 16K people (and pups) swear by for heating up a drafty bedroom in no time.

    22. A cute colorful cardigan for anyone who needs the perfect layer to go over a T-shirt during lazy, chilly days inside.

    23. An oversized faux-sherpa jacket to snuggle up into and refuse to come out of until spring is here.

    24. A mug warmer who shall be there for you when you want to add five creams to your coffee but still have it hot AF. You deserve the best of both worlds.

    25. A simple fleece pullover (in tons of colors!) that just may become your favorite winter layer of all time.

    26. And a temperature-regulating comforter so you can have the warmth you need without the weight. This comforter is super soft, made of cotton, and moisture-wicking!

    Dream winter plans:

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