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    30 Cozy Things That Are Basically Like A Warm Hug

    Cuffing season means something different around these parts — bring on all the cozy THINGS, not people.

    1. A full-on snuggie situation that lets you be simultaneously cozy, mobile, and all-around living your best life — and it comes with a sizable front pocket that can fit many things, including but not limited to a remote, bag of chips, or lil' pupper.

    2. Soft AF, water-resistant knit earmuffs to keep your ears warm (duh) and to keep them filled with head-bopping tunes all day long. To all the earmuffs I've worn before this pair, "thank u, next."

    3. A satisfying memory foam mattress topper (aka two inches of gel-infused magic) for relieving your poor, tense muscles dealing with the rigidness of your cheap mattress.

    4. A plush planet chair that hugs your butt in all the right places — aka, EVERYWHERE. There's no limit to coziness! None! Your doggo or cat can also get in on the action.

    5. Some velvet leggings to add some variety to your endless rotation of jeans.

    6. A perfectly soft and shaggy microfiber blanket so you can bundle yourself in like a cute lil' cinnamon bun and literally never come out. Real life, what's that?

    7. Beary cute fleece slippers for ~seal~ing in the warmth as you shuffle back and forth from your kitchen to couch/bed — the perfect amount of movement (aka minimal) for a perfect day at home.

    8. Or, for a bit of added toasty-ness, USB-powered s'mores and narwhal slippers to make your heart so darn happy and full.

    9. And when you absolutely need to take the cozy party outside, an oversized teddy scarf to make the whole situation a little more bearable.

    10. Single-use or reusable steam eye masks that soothe your worn-out peepers after a day of staring at screens — they're basically like an express spa treatment, and each mask stays warm for 10-20 minutes!

    11. An electric heated plate for keeping your cup of tea/coffee/mulled wine toasty warm until the very last drop — lukewarm is not our friend.

    12. A versatile, breathable, and machine-washable infinity pillow (made out of 55% bamboo!) that makes sleeping under any condition — however uncomfortable and displeasing — an actual joy.

    13. A compact light therapy lamp as your first and perhaps strongest defense against winter dreariness and SAD (seasonal affective disorder) — because sometimes you need a lil' outside boost in order to feel it on the inside.

    14. A warming Farmacy honey mask that feels like a luxe spa treatment consisting of antioxidants, honey (from bees on Farmacy's own farms!), propolis, royal jelly working hard as can ~bee~ to reveal a more glowing complexion for ya.

    15. Wonderful-smelling bath bombs for a true treat after a loooong day grinding away — you'll be so relaxed that you'll forget about the garbage fire that is the outside world.

    16. Or calming eucalyptus and lavender epsom salts that leave your entire body feeling as soft as a baby's bottom!

    17. A colorblocked poncho to drape yourself in an extra layer whenever you need it — and it also adds a punch of pizzazz to any outfit.

    18. For some DIY coziness, a 100% Peruvian wool snood knitting kit for giving you an excuse to brag about your totally natural and not-guided-at-all skills — in addition to feeling snug AF.

    19. A delightful NYT crossword puzzle book that totally warrants a no-plans, no-people, pup-nuzzling, and hot-cocoa-by-the-gallons sort of day.

    20. Light-as-a-feather, machine-washable, and odor-minimizing Allbirds wool sneakers to keep your stompers comfy all day long, no matter how many times you exceed your daily step record.

    21. Fleece-lined jeans you definitely need if your normal jeans just don't cut it when the temps dip extremely low — without adding any noticeable bulk, you can totally feel the difference in warmth.

    22. A lush candle that fills your room with the most lovely lavender, lilac, green apple, and amber scents — and it has a name that reflects our innermost desires to decline 👏 those 👏 invites 👏 and spend allll the quality time with yourself.

    23. A facial steamer to increase blood circulation and open up those pores like your wellbeing of your skin depends on it — because they need lots of room to breathe, and the steam also helps your other skincare products penetrate deeper and work more effectively.

    24. Gorgeous velvet and lace bralettes that hug and lift your boobies with just the right amount of coverage and support without feeling like they're being suffocated — say hello to a bra you don't wanna burn!

    25. A self-warming hand and cuticle mask to treat your overworked clappers to a much-needed cocoon of hydration and nourishment — and get this, it uses the same insulation technology as space blankets to lock in your natural body heat and allow the coconut-infused formula inside to go deeper into your skin.

    26. Chic over-the-knee boots in a soft faux suede finish that skims over your legs like buuuuuttter.

    27. A cozy-centric book with 125 unique recipes, crafts, and other homemade ideas that are — drumroll, please — actually feasible for the average person to achieve, aka a coffee table book that's ~way more~ than a compilation of pretty pictures to stare at.

    28. A book straight from the CEO of The Happiness Research Institute that teaches all the ins and outs of "hygge" (simplicity, well-being, togetherness, and comfort) and "lykke" (pursuing and finding the good that exists in the world) — so cuddle up and take a page from the Danish, literally!

    29. A thick cable knit beanie you'll be reaching for every day to avoid the fate of having stinging red ears.

    30. A tiny but mighty ceramic heater to keep your space toasty warm while saving some major bucks on heating bills — this is what we call a win-win.

    When in doubt, hug and cuddle it out!

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