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January 16, 2019

New year, new you.

"Water, Earth, Fire, Air..."

Long live the internet.

Ever wonder what your future will look like?

I honestly do not understand TikTok but I love it so much.


Geraldo Iglesias, convicted of a 1993 murder, is the 10th man to be exonerated since a BuzzFeed News investigation revealed that the Chicago detective at the center of the case, Reynaldo Guevara, was accused of framing more than 50 people for murder.

Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme, Kylie and the egg.

This is the year we finally do everything we've always planned!

An inspector general report found agency lawyers recognized there might be constitutional issues with Trump keeping a stake in the hotel, but didn’t pursue the issue.

Gabbard’s minimal public engagement with the controversy since saying she would run for president has left some Democrats baffled.

Are there any likable characters??

How well do you really know the residents of Springfield though??

The Star Trek: Discovery star said on BuzzFeed News’ Profile that he wants to help more men say #MeToo after he came forward with his story about Kevin Spacey.

"Wow, acabas de darle un sentido muy humano a este juego."

Baby, it's cold outside!

How far are you willing to go for the 'gram?


Zac Efron: Hot then, hot now.

Fábio Ramalho, o Fabinho Liderança (MDB-MG), tenta chegar à presidência da Câmara com conversa mansa e oferecendo iguarias da cozinha mineira aos deputados. Aviso: este post dá fome.

I'd say this post is just for parents, but at this point we've all been affected.

The singer alleges in a lawsuit that Lianna Azarian secretly filmed her in intimate moments that if revealed “would be personally embarrassing and professionally damaging."

“It’s hard enough for our citizens to see these images when they are used normally and respectfully on the news,” said the mayor of a Québec town where dozens died in 2013. “Just imagine, to have them used as fiction, as if they were invented.”

You can never have too much cake, dear.

I say a lot of things are the best thing you'll see today but this time I *truly* mean it.

John Engler submitted an 11-page letter to MSU board members Wednesday saying he would resign while also defending his tumultuous tenure.

Julian Moore, 10, was upset and insulted by the nonapology, his mother told BuzzFeed News.



Sorry egg, but the carrot is coming for you.

Eu estou falando muito sério.

This hurts.

The tennis court is her runway.

Ummm Robb Stark plays a British bodyguard? Do you really need more reasons?

For when you don't want to give them chocolate.

*Knocks Infinity Stones off the table onto the floor*

Etiquette to brush up on before your next trip.

"If I tweet something and it doesn’t sound like me AT ALL, y’all better start dialing 9-1-1 'cause it’s Joe and I’m in the basement of his library. "


So you can totally win the gift-giving game this time around ;)

Some of Clarkson’s LGBT fans have been sharing outlandish, made-up quotes from the Sharp Objects star, but her PR team isn’t pleased.

"Crazy that every person in front of you at an ATM has never used an ATM before."

No word yet on when the comedy series will premiere, but fans are excited to see The Office team back together.

Freckles are perfection PERIOD!

Family: can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.

Más sobre minimalismo, orden, diseño y felicidad interior.


The New York senator kicked off her presidential campaign in a place she thinks is emblematic of the kind of values and optimism that can beat Trump.

"Thank u Sasuke, next." 💁

Tory rebels who sank the Brexit deal on Tuesday rallied to prop up their weakened leader just 24 hours later.

Nos Estados Unidos, a revelação da onda de assédios sacudiu Hollywood e a indústria do entretenimento. No Brasil, são religiosos que estão sendo acusados por seguidoras.

O youtuber baniu a cantora de apenas de 11 anos do próprio canal e pediu uma mudança de postura do pai da menina.

Aposto que você vai querer fazer hoje mesmo!

You blew it in 2018 but we're giving you another chance.

Cambio diez años de mi vida, por un día siendo Salmita.


¿Eres más "In My Blood" o "Stitches"?

Usando pra tudo.

¿Será en una galaxia muy lejana, en la Tierra Media o en un mundo mágico?

A quick refresher before it comes back!

Sometimes exercise — whether it's walking, running, dance, hiking, or any other type of activity — can save your life.

"You don't iron?! Not even the pillowcases?!" and other funny things that'll make you shake your head.

Bark! Meow! Rawr?

Você é o sommelier de cerveja ou o que fica pedindo música para o DJ?

But how did he get it out?

However, Tulip Siddiq, who is due to give birth just hours after Wednesday's confidence vote, has agreed to be "nodded through" by the whips.

Hello, 911? My home is engulfed in a joyfire.

“Some of the images in this article are GRUESOME!”

"Yeah, it looks great thanks." *dies a little inside*

No es lo mismo "chongo" en México que "chongo" en Ecuador...

It's time for a road trip.


I wish someone loved me as much as Lin-Manuel loves The Little Mermaid.

Salir de casa y no poder llevártelo contigo es LO PEOR. :(

"It's absurd that her decision to teach art to children at a Christian school, and the school's religious beliefs, are under attack."

Aquí no vas a encontrar un antes y después que te inspire a mejorar tu vida, #sori.

Are you sensing a pattern here?

"Uma das etapas da 'cura gay' precisei listar o nome de todos os homens com que fiz sexo e pedir perdão a deus por cada um deles".

The American dead included two soldiers, a US security contractor, and a civilian Defense Department employee, according to US Central Command.

You got this.

The two most magical places on Earth.

“It’s not your father’s drug market,” said one expert. “We have a synthetic drug crisis caused by stronger and more potent drugs.”

Os conselhos mais inspiradores e práticos que tirei do livro KonMari há quase quatro anos – e que ainda uso.

Sick of bulky knits? These tops won't ~sweat~ it.

Cinco de los 10 episodios de la primera temporada fueron dirigidos por mujeres.

A diplomatic note seen by BuzzFeed News also warns that extending Article 50 to delay Brexit would not be as simple as some people assume.

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade's two-month-old baby, Kaavia James, goes by #ShadyBaby on Instagram and we agree with everything she says.

“Eu falei rapidamente com alguém no trem na semana passada, nós não trocamos nossas contas nas redes sociais nem nada, e hoje ele me manda essas mensagens. Será que estou exagerando ao ficar assustada?"

Mayhew, a charity that re-homes cats and dogs as well as providing therapy dogs to people in need, is one of several patronages the duchess announced last week.

Comprueba que pasaste tu infancia pegado a los Nicktoons.

Ao que parece a Paula ESQUECEU TOTALMENTE que estava no BBB, é isso???

"Young people must be afforded the basic human right to decide autonomously on how they would like their body to feel and function."

1994 fue un GRAN año para las películas.

“I actually don’t know how it’s gonna go. What I do know is we’re gonna have a debate.”

Nothing is new under the sun...

Let's get moving!

It was time when DVDs were a technological marvel.

These clothes are great for literally anyone, but if you're 30, flirty, and thriving, this one's for you!

As the youngest of three queer siblings, I'm my parents' last chance for grandkids. But I worry that by not having children, I'm robbing them of potential happiness.

Preventions AND solutions for some of those issues that go drip in the night.

House Speaker Pelosi cited security concerns due to the government shutdown.

Short version: No one knows. Longer version: No, really, no one knows.

"Biggie was the first guest star that we had on the show who literally had everyone in awe. Like all of us were there with our mouths open, total fans."

Teenager Rahaf al-Qunun saved herself from being deported back to Saudi Arabia by tweeting, but there are worries her case could inspire more girls and women to take this incredibly risky step.

O #10YearsChallenge está virando uma mania por toda a parte. Será que celebridades mudaram tanto assim de lá pra cá?

Apesar de um clipe protagonizado por uma mulher gorda, o hit reforça certos estereótipos.

Delicioso e picante!

Una investigación determinó que Consultoría Riobóo violó la Ley de Adquisiciones y Obras Públicas.

Epic Games, the company behind the popular video game Fortnite, acknowledged the vulnerability and said it had been “addressed.”

"Ele cantarolava. O. Tempo. Todo."

"As pessoas foram embora e de repente eu percebi que estava sozinho na casa do BBB. COMPLETAMENTE. SOZINHO".

Moisturizing beauts that are worth your coin rn.

Among the victims are two best friends who were aid workers in Somalia, and the American managing director of a global consulting company.

É tudo uma questão de educação e de orientação.


"Aí vem a Vila Militar do Chaves / Todos atentos no tocante ao 'tá OK'."

Number 10's plan was to bring her deal back for a second vote, but that was based on a much smaller defeat than the crushing 230-vote margin on Tuesday night.

Todas as curiosidades deste post foram pesquisadas por alguém.

A historic defeat on the Brexit deal, Trump's attorney general pick testifies, and a hot goth duck. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, Jan. 16.

"I just wanna remind you that I'm an ordained minister."


"ASÍ es como debes usar tu marca".

Button extenders that will add an extra 1" to my waistline? Where were you when I was suffering at Thanksgiving dinner?

Lo sentimos por adelantado si no te toca "Muérdeme".

Paren las rotativas.

Von Klassikern bis Newcomern ist alles dabei.


¿Por qué es histérica, niñata o exagerada una chica que permite que fluyan sus emociones en la pista de baile y no un chico que grita a la pantalla de televisión de un bar cuando hay fútbol?

“We know we’re not going to be perfect, but our goal is continuing, ongoing improvement,” said a Facebook official.


„Durch seine Anzeigenerstattungen und Interviews hat der Antragsteller den politischen Meinungsaustausch mitgestaltet“, heißt es in der Begründung des Landgerichts Düsseldorf.


Fourteen civilians died in the attack, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta said.



Trust in the cheese.


The Environment Department claims other private partner options were considered, but an audit report found no documented evidence of that.

"You know you're Australian when you say 'it's only 29 degrees'."


Police arrested eight people linked to the alleged operation over the last two weeks.

This year might just turn out OK.

She had a lifetime of movie credits long before Stranger Things.


Say it with me now: it's MY vagina. Contains spoilers!

"I'll be there for you..."

This quiz is for Gryffindors only. Every other house, keep scrolling.


The result you get can depends on how you ask the question and what other questions are asked in the survey.

Am I doing this right?

"Em menos de 24 horas já tem gente falando que está apaixonado... Depois reclama que está fazendo papel de trouxa."


The Ohio senator will embark on a “Dignity of Work Tour” starting at the end of the month.

I'm sure this is all totally normal.

Maybe you know the words for this stuff.

The bribe was allegedly paid shortly after Enrique Peña Nieto was elected president so that "El Chapo" could come out of hiding, a witness testified in court.

Wrap up like it’s winter.

The truth is in the toaster.

“It was terrible. There was a court order saying don’t deport him and they deported him,” said an attorney representing Iraqi immigrants in a lawsuit against ICE.

New year, new wardrobe — obviously.

Allow these culinary creations to haunt you in your sleep.

The singer alleges in a lawsuit that her father attempted to secure multimillion-dollar deals in her name without her knowledge.

ᵖᵉᵗᵉʳ ᵖᵃʳᵏᵉʳ ʰᵉʳᵉ ᵗᵒ ᵖᶦᶜᵏ ᵘᵖ ᵃ ᵖᵃˢˢᵖᵒʳᵗ ᵖˡᵉᵃˢᵉ.

It's the trip of your dreams!

This is LITERALLY your life.

Step into the beat.

PG&E’s bankruptcy could have major spillover effects on the solar, wind, and electric car industries.

Tea and Netflix and chill.

"When I'm in the car, I talk to myself as if I'm being interviewed."

“Had this been banned when it should have been banned, my son would still be here,” Lauren Atkins told BuzzFeed News.

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