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    Here Are 33 Behind-The-Scenes "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Pictures That'll Make You Love The Cast Even More

    "I'm every kind of friend. I'm Phoebe, I'm Chandler, I'm Rachel." —Jake Peralta

    1. First, Andy Samberg, Terry Crews, and Joe Lo Truglio show the difference between being a serious cop and a goofy member of the Nine-Nine:

    2. Terry, Melissa Fumero, and Andy celebrate their first day back on set after escaping cancellation:

    3. Stephanie Beatriz and Joe celebrate the first table read of Season 6:

    4. Here's Andy's behind-the-scenes view while filming Jake and Amy's wedding:

    5. Stephanie shared this emotional behind-the-scenes picture the day the show got cancelled by Fox:

    6. Stephanie and Melissa hang out in their bomb suits while filming "The Jimmy Jab Games" episode:

    7. Terry, Stephanie, Melissa, and Andy are all smiles during a break from filming:

    8. Melissa and Andy have some fun in-between takes — the picture actually sits on Amy's desk in the show:

    9. Ever wonder what it looks like to be an actor on set? Here's Melissa's view while filming an episode:

    10. Stephanie couldn't help but photobomb Andy and Melissa while filming Jake and Amy's wedding:

    11. Andy, Chelsea Peretti, and Jason Mantzoukas have some fun behind the scenes:

    12. Andy and Joe have some fun while filming in a squad car:

    13. Joe and Chelsea try to stay warm in-between takes:

    14. Stephanie and Terry are all smiles while filming with Gina Rodriguez:

    15. Here's a look at Stephanie in the makeup chair with her adorable dog:

    16. Here's what a standard driving scene looks like on Brooklyn Nine-Nine:

    17. And here's a glimpse of Jake's outfits:

    18. Here's the cast hanging out during a table read:

    19. And here's a little note that was on Rosa's desk during Season 1:

    20. A behind-the-scenes look at this iconic Charles Boyle costume:

    21. Here's what Dirk Blocker's view looks like on a typical day:

    22. Here's a look at Jake and Amy's original wedding venue:

    23. Here's some of the stuff you can find on Boyle's desk at the Nine-Nine:

    24. So, technically this is a video, but everyone needs to see Andre Braugher rapping:

    25. Joe puts on Boyle's tie during the show's first day back on set for Season 6:

    26. Joel McKinnon Miller looks ~thrilled~ to be holding some stuff for Dirk:

    27. Stephanie and Melissa pose for this adorable pic behind the scenes:

    28. Stephanie caught the crew setting up in-between scenes:

    29. Here's a look inside Rosa's locker during Season 1:

    30. This is another video, but you have to see Andre and Sterling K. Brown rehearse their lines:

    31. Terry and Joe give us their best smolder while filming a scene:

    32. Honestly, I just want to know what's up with these photos in the Brooklyn Nine-Nine hair and makeup trailer:

    33. And finally, here's Andy capturing Andre hard at work during filming: