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January 26, 2019

Which Oscar-Nominated Actor Is Your Soulmate?

We all know you're secretly hoping for Timothée.

A Man Is On The Run After Allegedly Killing His Parents And Three Members Of Another Family

Dakota Theriot, 21, is being sought after a shooting spree in Louisiana left five dead in two neighboring parishes.

What's The Worst Thing Your Father-In-Law Ever Did?

You don't just marry your partner, you marry their family, too.

16 Hilarious Things Actually Found In Moms' Purses

"I have some in my purse." — Moms about everything, ever.

25 Products That'll Make Grooming Your Pet So Much Easier

These products are paws-itively essential when it comes to keeping your pets looking and feeling their best.

Brooke And Lucas From "One Tree Hill" Should've Ended Up Together, And Here's The Proof

"The difference is I love you, Brooke. I want to be with you, not Peyton."

16 Dark Movie Scenes That Ended Up Being Deleted

Hmmm yeah, maybe eating a baby is a step too far.

Naomi Osaka Is The First Asian Tennis Player To Be World No. 1 After Her Australian Open Win

Osaka won the Australian Open in Melbourne on Saturday and received her trophy from Li Na, the first Asian Grand Slam champion.

Misture estas comidas que não combinam e descubra seu emprego nos anos 50

Nos anos 50 todo mundo era obcecado por gelatina.

36 Innovative Products That Are Next-Level Genius

"It's brilliant, brilliant, BRILLIANT I TELL YOU! GENIUS I SAY!" — Yzma, you, and me

13 Of The Most Hilarious Messages From January

"Can we fire Laurel?" — sent to Laurel, by accident.

I Used A Device To See If Gluten Was In "Gluten-Free" Foods And Was Very Surprised By The Results

The Nima is a food sensor that determines if foods contain gluten.

30 Stores That Are Having Great Sales This Weekend

Deals at Nordstrom, Free People, Pier 1, and more!

A Cop Has Been Charged With Killing His Colleague In A Game Of Russian Roulette

The police officer who allegedly shot the victim could face 3 to 10 years in prison.

73 Things That Are Undeniable Staples Of The Liberal Arts College Experience

Falling in love with the one boy in your poetry class.

18 Tweets From This Week That Are Motherfreakin' Hilarious

"When I go to a website and my computer fan turns on, that’s how I know it’s a good website."

Just 34 Stunning Prom Gowns You Can Buy Online

Alexa, play "A Night To Remember," from High School Musical 3.

Nancy Pelosi Asked On Twitter What Putin Might Have On Trump

Pelosi’s strongest comments yet about the Russia investigation came just hours after she helped secure the government reopening without funding for the wall.

Sarah Aspler • 8 hours ago

These Random AF Questions Will Reveal Which Popular Song You Need To Listen To Right Now

Do you need a new song for your playlist? Well, you're in luck!

26 Things For People Who Never Take Time For Themselves

We all know that selfless angel. It's time to treat them!

21 Splurge-Worthy Beauty Products You Can Get At Jet

Including some of your favorite beauty brands' masks, serums, and creams.

Pick 9 Bands And We'll Give You A 2019 Fashion Trend To Try

What song will you walk the runway to?

Meet Faithe Herman, The "This Is Us" And "Shazam" Star Proving Age Is Just A Number

The 11-year-old star is coming to a silver screen near you this spring!

A Hawaiian Airlines Plane Was Diverted After A Flight Attendant Died

Emile Griffith had worked for the airline for more than 30 years.

Todo mundo é uma música de "Greys Anatomy" — esta é a sua

♫ If I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world? ♫

More Than 50 People Are Dead And 300 Others Missing After A Dam Burst In Brazil

Rescue teams are desperately searching for survivors of the incident, which took place in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais.



31 Cute Valentine's Day Gifts That'll Make Them Say "Aww!" For At Least 2 Full Minutes

If they don't lose their voice from squealing, did you even get them a real gift?



Here’s One Reason Some Vegan Meals Could Still Be Harmful To The Environment

The sustainability of palm oil in meals including items in Tesco and M&S’s vegan ranges cannot be “100% guaranteed”, according to environmental campaigners.













If You’ve Done At Least 42/52 Things On This Quiz Then You’re A True Disney Fan

Three sad facts: I'm not at Disney today, I won't be at Disney tomorrow, and I won't be at Disney the next day.










インスタで大人気! イケアの「ドリュック・フレーデル」と「ドリュック・リンゴン」レビューです。

地下アイドルのTwitter使用率は100% そこに潜む危険性とは


Are You Interested In Wasting Some Time?

Forget about your problems with this quiz. And in case you were wondering, the result will reveal your personality.

31 Things You Should Probably Already Own, But Don't

Including retainer cleaning tablets, wash bags for your ~delicates~, organic wool dryer balls, and a bunch of other basic products you should probably already own.

ゲイとトランスジェンダーと母と子 新しいファミリーが生まれた


These 18 Actors Were In Our Fave Teen TV Shows, And I Am SHOOK

Started from the bottom, now they're here.

Build A Trendy Meal And We'll Tell You Your Coffee Order

Rainbow and matcha and acai, oh my.

国民皆保険の維持は日本社会の一体感を守る最後の砦 貧富の差で医療に差をつけるべきではない

二木立先生のインタビュー第二弾では、財政維持のために社会保障費をカットすることは妥当なのか、高額薬剤は医療費を破綻させるのか、 医療にまつわる様々な不安や疑問をぶつけます。





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