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January 26, 2019

"As we go on, we remember..."

Warning: Shoe porn ahead.

These handsome men could still get it.

Dakota Theriot, 21, is being sought after a shooting spree in Louisiana left five dead in two neighboring parishes.

"I have some in my purse." — Moms about everything, ever.

These products are paws-itively essential when it comes to keeping your pets looking and feeling their best.

"The difference is I love you, Brooke. I want to be with you, not Peyton."

Hmmm yeah, maybe eating a baby is a step too far.

Osaka won the Australian Open in Melbourne on Saturday and received her trophy from Li Na, the first Asian Grand Slam champion.

Not okay!

Nos anos 50 todo mundo era obcecado por gelatina.

"It's brilliant, brilliant, BRILLIANT I TELL YOU! GENIUS I SAY!" — Yzma, you, and me

"Can we fire Laurel?" — sent to Laurel, by accident.

The Nima is a food sensor that determines if foods contain gluten.

Deals at Nordstrom, Free People, Pier 1, and more!

Don't fight me on this.

Sweet AND sexy.


How you doin'?

The police officer who allegedly shot the victim could face 3 to 10 years in prison.

Falling in love with the one boy in your poetry class.

"When I go to a website and my computer fan turns on, that’s how I know it’s a good website."

Alexa, play "A Night To Remember," from High School Musical 3.

Pelosi’s strongest comments yet about the Russia investigation came just hours after she helped secure the government reopening without funding for the wall.

God, you're such a middle child.

Do you need a new song for your playlist? Well, you're in luck!

We all know that selfless angel. It's time to treat them!

Including some of your favorite beauty brands' masks, serums, and creams.

What song will you walk the runway to?

The 11-year-old star is coming to a silver screen near you this spring!

No trabalho ou na escola!

Emile Griffith had worked for the airline for more than 30 years.

♫ If I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world? ♫

Rescue teams are desperately searching for survivors of the incident, which took place in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais.

They're not kitten around.


Will you accept this quiz?

If they don't lose their voice from squealing, did you even get them a real gift?


The sustainability of palm oil in meals including items in Tesco and M&S’s vegan ranges cannot be “100% guaranteed”, according to environmental campaigners.


Who wants some breakfast in Paris?






Three sad facts: I'm not at Disney today, I won't be at Disney tomorrow, and I won't be at Disney the next day.

You won't see this coming!

Find out which member of the cul-de-sac you are!



And the winner is...


Gotta love a good meme.



インスタで大人気! イケアの「ドリュック・フレーデル」と「ドリュック・リンゴン」レビューです。

"A dream is a wish your heart makes."



Your cheese choices say a lot.

Forget about your problems with this quiz. And in case you were wondering, the result will reveal your personality.

Including retainer cleaning tablets, wash bags for your ~delicates~, organic wool dryer balls, and a bunch of other basic products you should probably already own.

A gift guide for the bewildered.


Started from the bottom, now they're here.

Rainbow and matcha and acai, oh my.

Do you have expensive taste?

二木立先生のインタビュー第二弾では、財政維持のために社会保障費をカットすることは妥当なのか、高額薬剤は医療費を破綻させるのか、 医療にまつわる様々な不安や疑問をぶつけます。



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