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Tell Us What Are The Wildest Misconceptions About The Female Body A Man Has Ever Told You

Apparently women lay eggs on our period, and I'm logging out for the day.

On Twitter, @Thekayanova started a thread asking women what was the wildest misconception about the female body that a man had ever said to them, and y'all. These submissions are wild.

Maybe a guy has asked you if things like tampons get you "sexually aroused:"

Also: “do you get sexually aroused when you use tampons?”

Or your boyfriend has strange ideas of what you do with vaginal discharge.

Perhaps a man questioned when you had your first sexual awakening...and then kept questioning.

Maybe you've met men who think that periods are absolutely unnatural...

@thekayanova I read a post by a man asserting that periods are unnatural and that they are only a result of the impurities we ingest

...And that while on our periods, women lay eggs. I can't make this stuff up.

@thekayanova Well there was the man who tweeted that women lay eggs when we’re on our period. He even drew an accompanying diagram of a woman standing in a corner and laying a bloody egg.

I want to know all the weird, strange, and downright wild things you've heard men believe about women and our bodies. Tell us what you've heard or been told in the DropBox below — you may just end up in a BuzzFeed As/Is post or video!