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    14 Kids Who Will Make You Go, "Damn, You're A Little Genius, Aren't Cha?"

    These kids are definitely going places.

    1. This kid, who was told she could only have one cookie, so she made this:

    im_that_bully / Via

    2. This kid, who's not wrong, really:

    Mikayli / Via Twitter: @mikmarmar

    3. This kid, who may have even out-dad joked his dad:

    ealter78 / Via

    4. This kid, who devised a snack cooling system in their parent's car:

    rebekahruth17 / Via

    5. This kid, who is not here for your print mistakes:

    kelly_gig / Via

    6. And this kid, who knows how to encourage his mom while she runs a marathon:

    sasherrill / Via

    7. This kid, who made their own iPhone speakers:

    asacredpearl_1 / Via

    8. This kid, whose mom asked them to bring her a cup of water and a straw, so they brought her this:

    jomillergpc / Via

    9. This kid, who protects what's hers:

    Stephanie Ortiz / Via Twitter: @Six_Pack_Mom

    10. And this kid, who doesn't want to share:

    Mike / Via Twitter: @sdmike

    11. This kid, who knows you're a procrastinator:

    trishadawn22 / Via

    12. This kid, who tried to pull one over on their parents to get some soda:

    itlanitripmom / Via

    13. This kid, who will call you on your shit every single time:

    Terry L. Brown, Sr. / Via Twitter: @tlbrown63

    14. And this kid, who is basically the businessperson of the century:

    livingwithkimberly / Via

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