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January 22, 2019

Can You Remember The Best Picture Oscar Winners Since 2009?

I literally forgot half these movies even existed.

23 "High School Musical" Memes That'll Make You Say "Damn I Miss This Movie"

Zac Efron: *tries to get away from HSM by doing other roles*. Me: Look at Troy Bolton go.

Take This Quiz And We'll Give You A Catch Phrase

Every cool dude needs a signature catch phrase!

Get Your Credit Card Ready Because Macy's Is Having A Huge Sale

Get up to 70% off on small kitchen appliances, winter coats, diamond stud earrings, and more! But hurry — the sale only lasts for three days!

¿Cuál de las nominadas a Mejor Actriz en los Óscar 2019 eres?

¿Serás Yalitza Aparicio o chance Lady Gaga?

"Grown-ish" Cast Members Took This Quiz And None Of Them Got Their Own Character

"If you don't watch Grown-ish, I'm coming to your house and kicking your ass." - Luka Sabbat

Bebe Rexha Calls Out Designers Who Said She Was Too Big To Dress For The Grammys

Grammy nominated singer Bebe Rexha claims that high-end designers won't dress her for the award show because she's "too big."

These 16 Classic YouTube Videos Are Turning 10, Try Not To Feel Old

Take me back to the days of OK Go's treadmill video and the Duck Song.

16 Behind-The-Scenes Pictures From The Set Of The Original "Star Wars"

"Star Wars opened my mind to future possibilities, and started me on a direct path to the here and now of my life."

Trump’s Lawyer Said There Were “No Plans” For Trump Tower Moscow. Here They Are.

Rudy Giuliani claims the Moscow tower was barely more than a notion. “There were no drafts. Nothing in the file.” Documents obtained by BuzzFeed News tell a different story.

Which "Zoey 101" Character Are You?

Let's all drive our Vespas around PCA.

What Is The Weirdest — But Most Useful — Product You've Bought?

Weird + Useful = Everything in my entire apartment and me as a human.

The Entire World Is Obsessed That Americans Drink Out Of These

No joke, this is the American dream for some people.

Todo mundo é uma personagem de Sandra Bullock - Qual é você?

Eu preferiria ser Sandra Bullock em qualquer dia da minha vida!

Influencers Aren't The Problem — They're Just Trying To Make It In A Broken System

Our culture demands young people show hustle. But if we mess up, our failures are broadcast to the world like a modern-day Enron scandal.

19 Geniuses Who Found A Truth Loophole

Key word: "technically."

People Are Shutting Down Misconceptions About Their Jobs In The Most Hilarious Way

"Hi, I'm a mom. You might know me from some of my Greatest Hits like, 'I thought your game was cancelled.'"

Bodega Beans Are The Best Thing To Eat When You’re Broke

During the years I spent paying off my credit card debt, I came back to one special, budget-friendly recipe over and over: bodega beans.

How Stereotypically 29 Are You?

Oh, you're 29? PROVE IT!

17 Times People Got Kinda Wrecked By The Internet

Bad takes get clapbacks, that's just how the internet works.

22 Things About Women In Movies That Are Seriously Unrealistic

If the world was ending we probably wouldn't still have perfect eyeliner.

Así era la vida de Yalitza Aparicio en redes sociales antes de Roma

Cuando estudiaba en la Normal, se iba de viaje con sus amigas, paseaba por Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca, subía sus dibujos, hasta que llevó a sus papás a la premier de la película que le dio una nominación al Óscar.

Die Polizei Berlin sucht per Instagram nach einer Frau, in die sich ein Beamter verknallt hat - für viele ist das Stalking

Ist es Stalking oder romantisch, wenn die Polizei Berlin nach einem Schwarm "fahndet"?

FBI Agents Are Saying They Can't Do Their Jobs Because Of The Shutdown. Here Are Their Stories.

FBI agents across the country shared their personal accounts of how the partial government shutdown is posing a threat to national security.

19 Pregnancy Tweets That Have No Right To Be This Funny

Grocery store cashier: "Having a party tonight?" Me: "Nope, just pregnant."

The 2019 Oscars Nominations Are Here And Very Queer

But is having a queer role enough to make a film "LGBT-inclusive"?

The Big Design Change For 2020: An Explosion Of Colors Beyond Red And Blue!

Branding in general seems like something that doesn’t matter 90% of the time, except for the 10% of the time when it really does.

29 Useful Kitchen Gadgets That People Actually Swear By

"How did I cook without these?!" —You, after reading this post.

Você daria conta de namorar alguém de aquário?

Eles são difíceis de conquistar, mas não impossíveis!

Perguntamos às pessoas como é dar ou tomar um chá de sumiço

"Termine com as pessoas do jeito que gostaria que terminassem com você."

The Trump Administration’s Point Man On Europe Resigned Two Weeks Ago, But No One Told The Europeans

Wess Mitchell was considered responsible for outreach to Hungary and for a tough line on Russia.

A 12-Year-Old Girl Was Killed When Her Snow Fort Collapsed

Another girl was treated for hypothermia.

37 Confessions About Sex That Will Make You Feel Less Alone

BuzzFeed asked people to anonymously share what gets in the way of positive sexual experiences. Here are their open and honest answers.

Flávio Bolsonaro culpou o Queiroz pela nomeação de mãe e mulher de miliciano

Jornal O Globo revelou que parentes de chefe de milícia suspeita de envolvimento no assassinato de Marielle Franco trabalhavam no gabinete de Flávio na Alerj. Filho do presidente diz que é alvo de "campanha difamatória."

33 Stores That Are Having Great Sales This Week

Deals at J. Crew, Ulta, Wayfair, and more!

28 Beautiful And Affordable Pieces Of Furniture And Decor That’ll Up Your Decorating Game

Small-ish price tags, big difference in the overall appearance of your home!

26 Emo Kids Who Have Seriously Glowed-Up

Though, to be honest, once an emo, always an emo.

75 Gedanken, die du bei der Wohnungssuche in der Großstadt hast

"...die Badewanne befindet sich in der Küche unter der Spüle." Bitte was??

21 Short Recipes For Tired And Hungry Weeknight People

Put on your comfy house clothes and whip up one of these recipes.

15 Times Meeting A Celeb Lived Up To Our Expectations

"Donatella Versace asked me about my creative pursuits, then looked me dead in the eye and told me she believed in me."

Die Geschichte dieses Retters zeigt, wie aufgeschmissen wir alle wären, wenn es keine Ersthelfer gäbe

„Der wichtigste Punkt in dieser Rettungskette waren nicht die tollen Maschinen und Ärzte. Sondern die Ersthelfer, die alles richtig gemacht haben.“

Netflix Just Got More Oscar Nominations Than Ever Before

Roma also just became Netflix’s first Best Picture nominee.

Kirsten Gillibrand Is Planning Her First Trip As A Candidate To South Carolina

Gillibrand will visit the Palmetto State for several days during Black History Month.

26 Laundry Products You Can Get On Amazon That People Actually Swear By

Between collapsible hampers and organic wool dryer balls, here's a list of products that will make laundry day just a *smidge* less torturous.

A Viral Video Of A Venezuelan Stabbing His Girlfriend Led To Attacks On Refugees

When a Venezuelan immigrant stabbed his young girlfriend to death on the streets of Ecuador, the police stood by watching. Hours later, mobs attacked other Venezuelan refugees.

La reacción de Yalitza a su nominación al Óscar es lo más increíble que verás hoy

La actriz subió un video del momento exacto en el que se enteró de la noticia.

31 Gorgeous Winter Dresses You'll Never Want To Take Off

For anyone who refuses to give up their cutest minis, midis, and maxis just because it's chilly outside.

The Biggest Surprises From This Year's Oscar Nominations

No Best Director nomination for A Star Is Born's Bradley Cooper? Boo! Acting nominations for Roma's Yalitza Aparicio and Marina de Tavira? Yay!

The Campaign For A People's Vote On Brexit Has Descended Into Infighting And Splits

The Labour party is increasingly being turned off a second referendum because of the internal rows between leading Remainers, MPs have told BuzzFeed News.

17 Students Who Just Couldn't Catch A Break, Bless Their Hearts

Cars and GPAs were damaged in the making of this post.

Have You Seen At Least 17/37 Of This Year's Oscar-Nominated Movies?

You have until February 24th to watch 'em all!

Leia a íntegra do (curto) discurso de Bolsonaro no Fórum Econômico Mundial

Foi um discurso curto: o presidente levou apenas 6 minutos dos 45 previstos. Ele defendeu a abertura da economia, redução de impostos e prometeu uma política externa "sem ideologia".

Podemos adivinar qué tipo de relación tienes con tu suegra con solo 7 preguntas

¿Se quieren tanto que, aunque cortes con tu pareja, la seguirías viendo?

Fábio Assunção transformou uma música que zoava seu vício em ajuda para pessoas que passam pelo mesmo

O ator entrou em contato com os compositores da música e transformou o "Modo Fábio Assunção" numa corrente do bem.

22 Autokorrektur-Fails, die dich zum Lachen bringen, auch wenn du nicht willst

"Ich liege gerade in deiner Kacke und es riecht so schön nach dir"

Qual laranja você é?

Como diria a canção de Maria Gadú, "o teu laranja é que me faz ficar bem mais".

15 Celebrity Couples Who Met On A Blind Date And Are Still Together Now

Forget the dating apps, just listen to your friends.

Una nueva serie te enseña las casas de los famosos para que te sientas más pobre que nunca

Salas gigantes, albercas, básicamente todo lo que no tienes...

Elige 5 cartas de tarot y te diremos exactamente qué te depara el destino

Aquí está la lectura de cartas que tanto estabas esperando.

How Many Of These Weird Things Did You Do As A Kid?

Did we **all** go through a slime phase or was that just us??

La procuraduría capitalina dio carpetazo a la investigación de la fábrica de Chimalpopoca

PGJ determinó no ejercer acción penal contra los Directores Responsables de Obra por los delitos de homicidio y lesiones.

22 "Fyre" Documentary Tweets That Reflect How Ridiculous It Was

"Fyre Festival is really just entertainment 720 IRL."

Eat At Pop's And We'll Tell You Which "Riverdale" Character Is Your New Bestie

♪ People let me tell you 'bout my best friend ♪

The Oscar Nominations Were Just Announced And Twitter Isn't Very Happy At All

"I'm going back to bed" appears to be a shared mood between some.

"Black Panther" Is The First Superhero Film Nominated For Best Picture

The film racked up a total of seven Oscar nominations on Tuesday morning.

Estos son todos los nominados al Óscar 2019

Roma y La Favorita lideran las nominaciones de la Academia.

O pessoal não tá engolindo muito bem a história da "volta" do Charlie Brown Jr

Primeiro foi anunciada uma volta, os fãs ficaram meio pistolas por tentarem vender uma banda sem o Chorão e agora parece que é apenas uma homenagem.

29 absurdos que homens já disseram sobre o corpo feminino

"Meu namorado achava que o exame anual de papanicolau era para 'limpar' a vagina, como quando você vai ao dentista para fazer uma limpeza."

19 histórias de bastidores que revelam como é ser mulher no jornalismo esportivo

A jornalista Mayra Siqueira contou numa thread no Twitter sobre o machismo que enfrenta na profissão.

'Roma' obtuvo 10 nominaciones al Óscar y ya es algo histórico, ¡YAAAAS!

La cinta de Alfonso Cuarón no sólo es la favorita, también logró algo que nunca antes se había visto en los premios de la Academia.

4 Ideias de rolinhos de pão recheados.

Super fáceis de deliciosos!

Elizabeth Warren Is Asking The Trump Administration For Answers About Puerto Rico's Disaster Relief Funding

The White House called disaster relief food stamp funds for Puerto Rico "excessive and unnecessary" last week.

MPs Will Finally Vote Next Week On Introducing Proxy Voting For New Parents

Parliament agreed to introduce proxy voting a year ago, and it could become a reality if MPs vote to allow it on Monday.

Quantos indicados ao Oscar 2019 você já viu?

São 30 filmes indicados nas 24 categorias. Sempre dá tempo de ver todos.

Yalitza Aparicio es oficialmente una nominada al Óscar y no podemos más de la emoción

Su papel en Roma la colocó en la categoría de Mejor Actriz al lado de Lady Gaga y Glenn Close.

¡Marina de Tavira acaba de ser nominada al Óscar por su actuación en 'Roma'!

La mexicana podría llevarse el premio a Mejor Actriz de Reparto.

The Drug GHB Is Killing Gay Men. This Survey Will Help Uncover The Scale Of The Problem.

For a new documentary about GHB, BuzzFeed News and Channel 4 are asking gay and bisexual men to take this short survey, in confidence.

Decreto que permite a PM ligar para empregador de manifestante é abusivo, dizem ex-presidentes do STF

Decreto de Doria, que endurece contra manifestações, tem pontos que podem ser considerados inconstitucionais, dizem juristas.

Sag Ja zu diesem Ratatouille-Salat mit Quinoa!

[Angebot von BuzzFeed] Das Tasty-Kochbuch gibt es jetzt auch auf Deutsch. Hol es dir hier!

Here Are The Oscar Nominees For 2019

The Academy Award nominations were announced on Tuesday morning. Roma and The Favourite led the way with 10 nominations each.

Morning Update: How The Soros Conspiracy Theories Were Born

Kamala Harris is in, amending Brexit, BTS pranks are the best pranks. Your BuzzFeed News, Jan. 22.

Ariana Grande Has Apologised Following Backlash To Her New Song "7 Rings"

"I'm so sorry if my response was out of pocket or if it came across the wrong way."

Chris Brown Was Arrested In Paris On Suspicion Of Rape

The singer was released Tuesday evening.

A Digger Ploughed Through A British Hotel Lobby And It Was Caught On Camera

Police are appealing for information after the vehicle tore through the entrance of a Travelodge in Liverpool.

Leute berichten von den schlimmsten Restaurant-Erlebnissen und ... OH GOTT steh' mir bei!

Da kam plötzlich ein Mann aus der Toilette – panisch und ganz nass – und sagte: „Das Urinal ist komplett abgefallen und es spritzt ununterbrochen Wasser aus der Wand.“

Police Have Stopped The Search For A Premier League Footballer's Missing Plane

Emiliano Sala, the newly signed Cardiff City striker, had been due to arrive from France at the football club in South Wales on Monday night, when the Nantes to Cardiff flight disappeared.

Elige a cinco famosos y yo adivino tu edad real

Este test tiene poderes de estrella.

「こんまり」観て片付けしたくなった人! IKEAのこれがおすすめです!



イオンPBの新ジャンル「バーリアル」はなんと78円(税別)! ミニストップやまいばすけっとで買えます。

Amazon começa operação de venda direta no Brasil

No mais ousado passo da empresa em 6 anos no país, Amazon abre centro de distribuição próprio em SP e acirra concorrência em compras pela internet.



遺伝子組換えを巡る9つの誤解【後編】 世界の状況と日本の新しい制度は?

海外の作物は遺伝子組換え食品だらけ? 日本の新しい表示制度も含めて、後編では海外や日本ではどのように遺伝子組換えと向き合っているかレポートします。

A Black Teen Says Her Dance Team Told Her She Was “Too Dark” To Perform

She has filed a lawsuit against her former dance coach and school district alleging she was excluded because of her race and retaliated against when she spoke up about the discrimination.

三浦翔平が宣伝するHERO'Sが謝罪 ティラミスヒーロー側は困惑


Which "Sesame Street" Character Are You Actually?

Are you more Oscar the Grouch or Cookie Monster?

The Government Is Spending Nearly $7 Million To Recreate A Voyage Captain Cook Never Made

A replica of HMS Endeavour will spend 14 months circumnavigating Australia to mark the 250th anniversary of Cook's first voyage.

Can You Guess The US City From Its Area Code?

"7-5-7, 4-1-0, my cell phone says overload!"

The College Students Who Posted A Blackface Snapchat Video Are Leaving Their School

"It very clearly is racist," the school's president said. "We should call it what it is."

This Rorschach Test Will Reveal What % Sex-Obsessed You Are

We can see inside that dirty mind of yours.

Boxer Manny Pacquiao's Home Was Burglarized While He Was Away At A Fight

Los Angeles police said suspects ransacked the home and then fled.

People Are Sharing Wild Misconceptions They Had About Sex When They Were Younger And LOL

""I thought wearing lipgloss kept you from getting pregnant...""

23 Products To Make Dealing With Snow Less Of A Nightmare

Unfortunately, snow is a (horrible) part of winter. These things can make it less of a nuisance.

Literally Just 21 Weirdly Relatable Tweets

"Start of cleaning: I am a calm minimalist earth goddess. 10 minutes later: Marie Kondo can suck my left titty."

It's Time To Find Out Which Childhood Movie Matches Your Personality

Millennials and Gen. Z, this quiz is for you.

A Young Festivalgoer Died After Taking Between Six And Nine MDMA Pills, Inquest Hears

One young person appears to have taken between six and nine pills that were 77% pure MDMA, the inquest heard.

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