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    23 "High School Musical" Memes That'll Make You Say "Damn I Miss This Movie"

    Zac Efron: *tries to get away from HSM by doing other roles*. Me: Look at Troy Bolton go.

    1. On parallels:

    2. On Troy's lies:

    3. On cockblocking:

    4. On the status quo:

    5. On lingering questions:

    6. On realism:

    7. On desire:

    8. On Troy's lies, AGAIN:

    9. On Troy being a relatable king:

    10. On Kelsey's concern:

    11. On Troy's struggle:

    12. On life:

    13. And success:

    14. On the truth about Ryan and Kelsey:

    15. On Zac Efron's career:

    16. On Chad's attachment to his ball:

    17. On growth:

    18. On being a true fan:

    19. On dancing:

    20. On burns:

    21. On the cold hard facts:

    22. On Ryan and Chad:

    23. And on iconic performances: