40 Pregnancy Tweets That Have No Right To Be This Funny

    Grocery store cashier: "Having a party tonight?" Me: "Nope, just pregnant."


    4-yr-old saw picture of me pregnant. I explain that she was inside me. She thought for a bit then said: "I never want to do that again."

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    *pregnant wife wakes up* I think my water broke *I hide the Kool-Aid packet and water jug I spilled in bed* Let’s go to the hospital

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    3-year-old: Can the baby come out to play? Pregnant wife: No, honey. She's not ready yet. 3-year-old: Wife: 3-year-old: Babies are lazy.

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    Screaming out "BOOM PREGNANT!" during sex is never as funny as you think it will be.

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    I just feel like there are steps you can probably take before this one https://t.co/mpntLoPcG1

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    Grocery store cashier: "Having a party tonight?" Me: "Nope, just pregnant."

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    5 Stages of Pregnancy: 1: Crying 2: Peeing 3: Crying because you peed 4: Peeing because you're crying 5: The toilet is your home now

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    *whispers to first-time pregnant lady* "Six years from now you'll be hiding in a closet, scrolling Twitter with dead eyes."

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    Yelp review for pregnancy: 1/5 stars Took way too long Overpriced Super uncomfortable & crowded Aesthetically just very bad No alcohol

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    Some days I want to time travel back to pregnant me and whisper, "Go take a nap. This is your last chance!"

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    If you eat a pregnant girls food, you're required to have the baby for her

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    Pregnancy test commercials would be a lot more relatable if the women in them cursed and cried.

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    So, if you get pregnant in Vegas, does the baby have to stay there?

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    Ask your doctor if you qualify for an extension. A 4th, possibly even 5th trimester can be very peaceful for the father. Congrats. https://t.co/CTdyI66in3

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    Pregnant Wife: Can you go ahead and strip the sheets off the guest bed and put them in the washer? Me: Is 9 at night really a good time to start a load of laundry? PW: I dunno. Is 9 at night really a good time to start a fight with your pregnant wife? Me: *does laundry*

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    girls just overthink to bits like when u get a pregnancy scare then get ur period, u start thinking of the fact that some people still get their periods while their pregnant 🤣 the panic jus never stops

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    Some girls tell me they wanted to party their asses off last night but one of them thought she might be pregnant. So, they had their cabbie stop at a CVS so she could buy a pregnancy test. Everything came back negative so they went ahead and got hammered. #Vegas

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    Of all the things that will make you puke repeatedly, pregnancy is the most magical.

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    By my third, I was showing before the pregnancy test dried.

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    Other pregnant woman: I like to do yoga and an hour of cardio each day. It helps me appreciate the wonders of what my body is capable of right now Me: I almost suffocated while trying to put my shoes on this morning

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    Pregnancy is fun. Sometimes we watch him kick and sometimes we argue about the diff. between white and yellow cheddar #pregnantwifeproblems

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    My husband told me he kind of wants another baby so, you guys, I’m going to go for it, I mean, really, how hard can it be to do a vasectomy?

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    Slightly more accurate baby shower card: "Sry you can't drink or fit in pants and your back hurts, but here's a present that's not for you!"

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    Don't ask a pregnant lady "do you know the sex?" obviously she knows about sex she's pregnant you stupid idiot

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    This is the quote I woke up to... "Can you turn over and face the other way? Your breath is making me nauseous." #PregnantWifeLife

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    Post that you're pregnant on facebook: 88 likes and 31 comments. Tweet that you're pregnant on twitter: 2 stars and 491 unfollows

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    My Obgyn suggested I cut carbs to maintain a healthier pregnancy weight. Frankly, I'd rather cut the Obgyn.

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    Nobody on this train is decent enough to give up their seat for a pregnant woman & now I gotta stand here w/my sweater balled up in my coat.

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    I just left a voicemail and said " please call me back at your convenience. Amen." Instead of "goodbye". #pregnancybrain is real y'all

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    You can't get pregnant from sex with a condom, only from sex with a person

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    Dollar Tree pregnancy tests. For when you only want to be 35% sure.

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    This pregnancy has taught me: one jar of pickles is not enough. #pregnancyproblems @chrissyteigen

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    "You're prettier than I remember, you were SO FAT the last time I saw you!" TY Uncle Bob, I was 8months pregnant. *spits in his pumpkin pie

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    Why the plus or minus on the pregnancy test, ept? How about a simple yes or no and we'll decide if that's positive or negative.

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    That terrifying moment when your in the bath and can't see your vagina anymore ...😭 🔫#pregnancyproblems #knewthisdaywouldcome

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    Don't ask a pregnant lady "do you know the sex?" obviously she knows about sex she's pregnant you stupid idiot

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    Hey guys. Stop touching your wife's pregnant belly in pictures. We get it, you came in her.

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    My home pregnancy test came back negative. I guess my house is just getting fat.

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    Pregnancy test commercials would be a lot more relatable if the women in them cursed and cried.

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