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What Is The Weirdest — But Most Useful — Product You've Bought?

Weird + Useful = Everything in my entire apartment and me as a human.

We've all seen something that made us ask ourselves, "what the actual heck is this?" Then you learn about how useful that thing is, and it's now one of your proudest purchases!

So, we want to know — what is something that's weird and useful you've bought and you're darn proud of it.

Perhaps it's a palm reader jewelry stand for all of your dainty pieces of accessories... and can also predict your fortune?

Or, an overnight facemask that's cleverly ~masked~ as a cup of bubble tea.

Maybe there's something weird, I mean, *unique* in your kitchen like this knife block.

Tell us about a weirdly useful product you own in the Dropbox below and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!