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    23 Products To Make Dealing With Snow Less Of A Nightmare

    Unfortunately, snow is a (horrible) part of winter. These things can make it less of a nuisance.

    1. A smooth snow broom that won't scratch the paint on your car. It expands to 49 inches, which is perfect for you and your short arms. Snow be gone!

    2. A snow shovel with an extra spring handle so you don't have to hurt your back from the constant strain of clearing your driveway, sidewalk, and whatever else is in your way of a clear path.

    3. A pair of heat-locking long Johns, because layers are super important when you have to shovel your body weight in solidified water.

    4. A couple of investment-worthy tire traction mats that'll help you get your car out of your icy driveway, or even in the springtime with excess mud or sand!

    5. A pair of wool gloves with touchscreen technology so you can text your bestie about how much you can't stand snow storms.

    6. A pair of insulated, sturdy blaster gloves for anyone who spends all freaking day outdoors and would prefer if their hands didn't get frostbite — without sacrificing precious flexibility.

    7. A pair of ice cleats that'll stretch to fit your boots (and can fold up and pack in your bag), so you won't have to slip and slide over black ice while you're walking the dog.

    8. A set of doggie boots for your bougie pup who can't stand to get her paws wet because she's a queen, dammit!

    9. And a container of paw protection wax to keep your pup's feet from the burning of ice melt. Poor babies.

    10. A windshield cover with magnetic edges, because wiping snow off your car with a broom is so 2018.

    11. A lightweight down coat to cover your thighs and butt, because even your lower extremities deserve protection when you're making snow angels.

    12. Or a micro puff hoodie featuring a waterproof and windproof synthetic insulated shell that'll give you so much warmth without feeling weighed down or extra bulky.

    13. A North Face chunky tube scarf and cable scarf with heat-trapping and quick-drying technology. You can layer them to use as an actual barrier between you and the snow blowing in your face.

    14. A fuzzy pair of insulated Smartwool socks so your whole calf will be able to have another layer of warm and toasty instead of damp and dreary.

    15. A pair of L.L. Bean duck boots with felt and fleece lining, as well as slip traction, because the days of cold feet and tripping over mounds of snow are over. We're leaving that negativity in 2018.

    16. A couple packs of hand warmers and foot warmers that'll provide up to nine hours of much-needed heat to the soles of your feet and the palms of your hands.

    17. A pair of toasty sheepskin Ugg headphone earmuffs to keep the cute tips of your ears warm while blasting Kodak Black.

    18. Or a wireless headphone beanie that'll keep your head warm AF when you're on your morning run.

    19. A pair of fleece-lined leggings and Patagonia water-repellant alpine pants so your legs can be warm and protected from the elements for long periods of time.

    20. A heated ice scraper that'll heat up to 392 degrees and break all the frozen water off your car with sharp teeth without you having to use that good ol' elbow grease.

    21. An electric snowblower with two LED lights and dual blades because you really don't want to have any sore muscles from shoveling six feet of snow just to get to your car.

    22. An emergency car shovel to fit in your trunk just in case your car gets buried in tons of plow snow while you were at work and you've gotta dig it out.

    23. A set of cable tire chains that'll keep you and your car safe from slipping and sliding on super snowy and icy roads.

    Stay warm out there, winter babes!

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