Frozen isn't here, people.

BilasG • One hour ago

Food so good you'll want to move to the Midwest.

BilasG • 2 days ago


BilasG • 4 days ago

You know you're awkward if you say 'come in' when somebody knocks on the bathroom door.

BilasG • 5 days ago

Sprinkles or nuts?

BilasG • 11 days ago

Brown for brave.

BilasG • 14 days ago

Get spooked.

BilasG • 16 days ago

Who knows?

BilasG • 20 days ago

Everyone should see the midwest at least once, TBH.

BilasG • 21 days ago


BilasG • 24 days ago

The answers in the eggs.

BilasG • 26 days ago

Mixed feelings tbh

BilasG • 27 days ago

Good, bad, or about the same?

BilasG • 28 days ago

Dedicated to @romeronancyr0917, who suggested this to me.

BilasG • 29 days ago

Food and Christmas movies.

BilasG • One month ago

Instagram or Twitter?

BilasG • One month ago

It's actually kind of obvious.

BilasG • One month ago

Bonjour doesn't mean hello.

BilasG • One month ago


BilasG • One month ago

Only a true Midwester dips fries in ranch, am I right?

BilasG • One month ago