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22 "Fyre" Documentary Tweets That Reflect How Ridiculous It Was

"Fyre Festival is really just entertainment 720 IRL."


Me watching the Netflix Fyre Festival documentary


me @ the duped fyre festival guests vs me @ the overworked employees


the two fyre docs are actually great companion pieces; in the Hulu one you get a smart overview of millennial scam culture, in the Netflix one you hear about how Billy asked one of his investors to suck a customs officer’s dick for Evian water


“It’s so stressful to decide which Fyre doc to watch. I won’t watch more than one.” *30 mins later* “I could watch infinite Fyre docs until the day I die.”


I think I can now safely say that the Netflix Fyre Festival documentary is “Armageddon” and the Hulu Fyre Festival documentary is “Deep Impact”


amazon prime video’s silence on fyre festival is deafening


the most shocking part of the #FyreFestival documentary was when they got into a plane with man who taught himself to fly on MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR




fyre festival really just entertainment 720 irl


saw the fyre documentary. feel like i would've had a good time at fyre fest. sometimes when you go on a trip you have to make your own fun


I watched the Netflix Fyre Festival documentary and was really struck by the fact that one series of decisions in the Choose Your Own Adventure of life lands you on a conference call with Ja Rule while he screams “IT’S NOT LIKE ANYBODY DIED” at you


These Fyre docs just keep reminding me how segregated the internet is. I never heard of the festival until it all went wrong. I don't follow Bella Hadid or Kendal Jenner on IG. I have no clue what that part of the internet is even like.


Fyre Festival documentary conclusion: Some of you never camped on Sunday night at Reading Festival and it shows.


editor: how's that story looking? me:


when I go to the book store to buy a dictionary but they sell me a thesaurus


Approach today with the optimism and confidence of Ja Rule & Billy McFarland


watched the fyre festival documentary and wasn't disappointed


after nearly 2 years of silence, the designer behind Fyre Festival has reactivated the official Twitter account... for the sole purpose of sending tweets to Chrissy Teigen


In charge of the catering for our fyre festival viewing party...


The Netflix #FyreFestival documentary neglected to address whether the cheese sandwich served was any good.


Instagram created Fyre Festival and Twitter exposed it. We STAN the superior social media.