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22 Things About Women In Movies That Are Seriously Unrealistic

If the world was ending we probably wouldn't still have perfect eyeliner.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what unrealistic things about women in movies annoy them. Here are some of their responses!

1. Waking up with perfectly blowdried hair.

2. Wearing heels no matter what.

3. Teenage girls looking like adult women because they're played by – you guessed it – adult women.

4. And women in their mid-thirties supposedly being old enough to be the parents of women only a decade or so younger than them.

5. Engaging in fights with their long hair flowing down.

6. And exercising or doing sport that way too.

7. Women having super-fast labours all the time.

8. Pretty much always having sex with a bra on.

9. Orgasming straight away and never needing foreplay or to discuss contraception.

10. Wearing matching lingerie constantly.

11. Periods not really being a thing that happens or is discussed.

12. Putting on hand lotion right before bed.

13. Men being the only topic of conversation amongst women and their friends.

14. Everyone being under the belief that women who would conventionally be considered slim actually aren't.

15. And all women fitting with a narrow remit of "acceptable" dress sizes.

16. Being cool and "one of the guys" while still being super glamorous but not too glamorous:

17. Shopping being every woman's way of dealing with stress.

18. Have full faces of makeup on in even the most apocalyptic and unlikely of scenarios.

19. Working mums having a terrible work-to-personal-life balance.

20. All women wanting babies, and those who say they don't end up changing their minds and having them anyway.

21. Showering ~sexily~ when alone.

22. Women who are very young having jobs that take years upon years to qualify for.

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