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January 7, 2019

“Congrats. It’s the first interview I’ve ever cried in.”

Mike Spohr • 41 minutes ago

There is a positive correlation between controlling and violent relationships and the likelihood of an unwanted pregnancy, the study’s coauthor told BuzzFeed News.

Gina Rushton • 37 minutes ago

¡Ay! La Galis, Dios me la bendiga.

Luis Del Valle • 1 hour ago

Has it really been that long?

Morgan Murrell • 1 hour ago

Eat well at home without spending a fortune.

Hannah Loewentheil • 2 hours ago

Getting political.

Joshua Moradel • 2 hours ago


Sam Stryker • 15 minutes ago

The growing number of renters in Australia’s marginal seats and the increasing awareness that renting is a political issue mean they could become a powerful voting bloc.

Hannah Ryan • 50 minutes ago

We love a little BTS drama.

Matt Stopera • 15 minutes ago

I researched so you don't have to.

Whitney Jefferson • 2 hours ago

A Qualcomm representative was talking about Alexa's capabilities in vehicles when it cut in.

Blake Montgomery • 2 hours ago

You are what you eat.

Sarah Aspler • 2 hours ago

Yalitza, Diego, Luis Gerardo, Manolo, Marina... el único que faltó fui yo, y por "yo" me refiero a todos nosotros, mortales.

Luis Del Valle • 3 hours ago

Dr. Leana Wen, the first woman physician to head Planned Parenthood, is putting an emphasis on health care over the political activism of her predecessor.

Ema O'Connor • 1 hour ago

This is not a drill.

Ryan Schocket • 15 minutes ago

Deja volar tu imaginación y lleva los estilos más hot de este año.

Lourdes Rios • 3 hours ago

As Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun fights to claim asylum, her friend Nourah and two other women "are working shifts. Every two hours one of us go to sleep and two stay [awake] together and handle the account.”

Talal Ansari • 1 hour ago

Nós te contamos!

Matthew Perpetua • 2 hours ago

If you didn't 'gram it, did it really happen?

Sarah Han • 15 minutes ago

¿Sabes cuál es el ingrediente principal de la nogada de los chiles?

Mireya González • 3 hours ago

“The only emergency on the border is a humanitarian one caused by this administration’s war on children,” said House Judiciary Committee chair Jerry Nadler.

John Stanton • 2 hours ago

Game of Thrones, a Pretty Little Liars spin-off, and so much more!

Nora Dominick • 2 hours ago

Marissa Tietsort, a babysitter in Wisconsin who is pregnant, is accused of killing a 2-month-old boy and then pretending that he was alive while returning his body to his mother.

Tasneem Nashrulla • 2 hours ago

The patient is only the 24th rabies-related death in the US in the past decade.

Theresa Tamkins • 9 minutes ago

Spark joy!

Sarah Aspler • 1 hour ago

Shut. It. Down.

Alicia Barrón • 1 hour ago

E pendurou a conta.

Tatiana Farah • 4 hours ago

Jason Dalton faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole for the 2016 shooting spree. The government said a plea agreement wasn’t on the table.

Think you know your onigiri from your omakase? Prove it!

Juliana Kataoka • 1 hour ago

Is this my high school bedroom?

Jen Abidor • 4 hours ago

Rather than fearing the law, these fraudsters tried to use it to go after a legitimate company.

Craig Silverman • 6 minutes ago


Shyla Watson • 15 minutes ago

To say I'm disappointed in myself for not being aware of any of these celeb couples is the understatement of the century.

Ehis Osifo • 4 hours ago

One symptom of millennial burnout: distracting yourself from the never-ending grind with BuzzFeed quizzes.

Tanner Greenring • 2 hours ago

The thirst is real.

Joshua Moradel • 4 hours ago


Matt Stopera • 2 hours ago

Bless them.

Cee Chandra • 4 hours ago

Foram tempos loucos.

Clarissa Passos • 3 hours ago

I'm inspired.

Dave Stopera • 56 minutes ago

The 43-year-old man is accused of terrorizing Malibu residents for the past two years by shooting unsuspecting campers and motorists.

Claudia Rosenbaum • 16 minutes ago

O poder da fada japonesa da organização já está se manifestando nas casas do nosso Brasil varonil.

Juliana Kataoka • 5 hours ago

I need a reason to go to a red carpet event so I can recreate these looks myself.

Augusta Falletta • 4 hours ago

“We all in the civil service took an oath to protect our mission and the Constitution, and while [lawmakers] still are being paid for their services, they are absolutely violating that.”

Nidhi Prakash • 5 hours ago

La actriz demostró cómo bailan los latinos en una de las fiestas de los Golden Globes.

Luis Del Valle • 4 hours ago

First we talked about the movie, then the dress, and now, these expensive a** jewels.

Jame Jackson • 4 hours ago

Because getting dressed in the morning shouldn't feel like a chore.

Maitland Quitmeyer • 5 hours ago

En este país nada tiene sentido, pero todo tiene sentido. ¿Me explico?

Bibiñe Barud • 5 hours ago

El actor llegó a la abarrotada corte la mañana del lunes para su proceso después de ser acusado de tocar de forma indebida a un joven en 2016.

Tasneem Nashrulla • 5 hours ago

Chegou a hora da verdade.

Raphael Evangelista • 5 hours ago

Lo peor es que muy probablemente te recuerda a alguno de tus exnovios.

Lourdes Rios • 15 minutes ago

The judge said the defense’s court filings — which accused Mueller’s office of acting outside the law and included colorful language and pop culture references — were “unprofessional, inappropriate, and ineffective.”

Zoe Tillman • 14 minutes ago

Command + T

Alicia Barrón • 3 hours ago

A recap.

Whitney Jefferson • 1 hour ago

Guys, my mind is blown.

Kevin Smith • 1 hour ago

There's def room for these gems next to your tiny bottle of Sriracha and the copy of The Corrections that you still haven't finished!

Rachel Dunkel • 6 hours ago

I just can't quit you, 90 Day.

Dave Stopera • 6 hours ago

Jim Yong Kim, named head of the World Bank Group in 2012, still had three years left in his second term when he stepped down.

J. Lester Feder • 6 hours ago

Descubre qué héroe arácnido es tu alma gemela.

Luis Del Valle • 15 minutes ago

30-Minute Pizza Party Boats

tastyeditor • 6 hours ago

I wanted a bit of drama, a bit of sparkle, a bit of thigh, and a whole lot of attitude. The celebrities didn't disappoint me this year.

Jame Jackson • 5 hours ago

Todavía no termina enero y este meme ya se ganó el premio a lo más lindo y puro del 2019.

Kassy Cho • 6 hours ago

"[The] one way we as Asian women have been able to have agency and control of the narrative [is] that we have to assume these tropes like Dragon Lady, like the Lotus Blossom, like the Delicate Flower," Cho said.

Michael Blackmon • 6 hours ago

Apple Pie Muffins

tastyeditor • 6 hours ago

She will be released to parole supervision on Aug. 7 after serving 15 years in prison.

Mary Ann Georgantopoulos • 14 minutes ago

My new nightmare!

Stephen LaConte • 5 hours ago

Baked Ratatouille

tastyeditor • 7 hours ago

Aquela coisinha que te torna inebriante!

Sarah Aspler • 1 hour ago

Como esa extraña pelea entre Alison Brie y Chrissy Metz.

Ryan Schocket • 15 minutes ago

Korean-style BBQ Beef (Bulgogi)

tastyeditor • 7 hours ago

The disgraced actor appeared at a Nantucket court after being charged with indecent assault and battery last month for allegedly groping an 18-year-old busser in 2016.

Tasneem Nashrulla • 5 hours ago

Homemade Falafel

tastyeditor • 7 hours ago

Single-use plastics were brought to their knees in 2018.

Terri Pous • 7 hours ago

Según informes, el personal masculino de la clínica, localizada en Phoenix, Arizona, ya no tiene permitido entrar a las habitaciones de las pacientes.

Ellie Hall • 7 hours ago

Cheddar-Crusted & Bacon Broccoli Quiche

tastyeditor • 7 hours ago

Vegetarian Breakfast Apple Sausages

tastyeditor • 7 hours ago

A mix of useful, well-reviewed, and downright sexy products to give your home a new sparkle.

Colin Gorenstein • 7 hours ago

Necesitamos un voluntario que se atreva a probar esto.

Pablo Valdivia • 15 minutes ago

¿Te pareces a la Ciudad de México, que siempre quiere estar en el centro de todo?

Mireya González • 3 hours ago

This is the latest incident to involve abuse hurled at Brexit-sceptic politicians and journalists outside the houses of parliament in the last few weeks.

Patrick Smith • 7 hours ago

Auch wenn sich der Verzicht lohnt, ist es manchmal tierisch schwer.

Juliane Reuther • 7 hours ago

O estado continuou sofrendo ataques no final de semana e nesta segunda (7), mesmo com a intervenção da Força Nacional.

Victor Nascimento • 7 hours ago

Kris Jenner used the hashtag #bethechange to tease the announcement.

Ryan Schocket • 15 minutes ago

It's time to have your say.

Ben Henry • 7 hours ago

“He’s bitching about me spending $25 on a pedicure, and then I come to find out that it was my $25.”

Ariane Lange • 7 hours ago

Y'all thought the fashion looked good on the red carpet? The post-party had some killer knockouts.

Jame Jackson • 6 hours ago

It was the year that gave us some of the most iconic TV shows of the '90s.

Brian Galindo • 7 hours ago

Tocas madera para evitar la mala suerte, ¿verdad?

Mireya González • 5 hours ago

A local party official in Bangladesh’s Awami League has been arrested and expelled from the party for his alleged role in the rape.

Nishita Jha • 6 hours ago

"I guess I make these videos because I just like making people feel good."

Ade Onibada • 6 hours ago

"And by morning, gone was any trace of you, I think I am finally clean." —Taylor Swift, and also your house after you get these items.

Heather Braga • 1 hour ago

When my dog was diagnosed with life-threatening cancer, I went into five-figure debt to pay for treatment. And I don’t regret it.

Elizabeth Ann Entenman • 4 hours ago

Patrícia Lelis, ex-namorada do deputado, não poupou detalhes que a gente nunca quis saber e o nível da discussão baixou legal.

Juliana Kataoka • 5 hours ago

"Peixes são amigos, não..."

Samantha Siu • 5 hours ago


Matt Kiebus • 14 minutes ago


Rebecca O'Connell • 7 hours ago

Tschüss Teebeutel!

Gyan Yankovich • 10 hours ago

Ainda bem que nada é real.

Anna Kopsky • 1 hour ago

Your 2019 wardrobe will be even better with these dreamy boho-inspired pieces!

Yi Yang • 10 hours ago

The 85-year-old justice had never previously missed a day of arguments.

Chris Geidner • 7 hours ago

"John Krasinski is the Meryl Streep of 2019."

Ben Henry • 2 hours ago

"Em quase 30 anos de carreira nunca passei por uma situação tão desagradável", diz Alexandre, enquanto Gusttavo disse que "não adianta ter trinta anos de carreira e agir como se tivesse três meses".

Raphael Evangelista • 8 hours ago

People on Twitter have been sticking up for the teen actor after her tweet provoked a backlash.

Rachael Krishna • 5 hours ago

„Was für eine (traurig)-trolle Idee!“

Karsten Schmehl • 2 hours ago

Foram vocês que escolheram!

Rafael Capanema • 10 hours ago

Kimchi Queso

tastyeditor • 10 hours ago

Erste Investition für Kaffeetrinker*innen: eine Thermosflasche.

Terri Pous • 10 hours ago

Garantiert 100 % akkurat.

Juliane Reuther • 10 hours ago

As reações mostram como o questionamento dos padrões de beleza ainda mexe profundamente com a mulher brasileira.

Susana Cristalli • 5 hours ago

Who will it be?

NewKat • 15 minutes ago

Essa versão é bem simples e muito fresca!

Merle O'Neal • 10 hours ago

Yes Christian Bale is British, but what about these other actors?

Jamie Jones • 9 hours ago

Ela nos lembrou da importância da hidratação!

Matt Stopera • 8 hours ago

Kendall has been teasing a "big announcement" involving a "raw story" about her life for days, but it turns out the big reveal was a sponsorship deal with Proactiv.

Ellie Woodward • 9 hours ago

O lugar de fala não se trata de calar ninguém, mas de abrir espaço para que diversas vozes sejam ouvidas e levadas a sério.

Luísa Pessoa • 10 hours ago

What went down when the show was over...

Ben Henry • 4 hours ago

Sometimes prayers are answered. This is one of those times.

Matt Stopera • 10 hours ago

Trump refuses to budge on the shutdown, a new plan in Syria, a very wholesome meme. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, Jan. 7.

Elamin Abdelmahmoud • 10 hours ago

The British government is approaching potentially the biggest crisis in living memory in the most British way possible: by practising queuing.

Patrick Smith • 10 hours ago

All true power couples look alike.

Ellie Bate • 10 hours ago


Ade Onibada • 10 hours ago

Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun had barricaded herself inside an airport hotel room in Bangkok, saying she fears for her life after fleeing her abusive family in Kuwait.

Rose Troup Buchanan • 3 hours ago

Você é a pessoa que dança até o chão ou a que prefere interagir com o dog da casa?

Jasmin Nahar • 3 hours ago

"The episode further proves that cricket is not a gentlemen's game. It's dominated by UC, nationalist, sexist men who're smug about their privilege and the crazy fan following they have."

Sahil Rizwan • 15 minutes ago

"Olivia Colman calling Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone her bitches is the energy I'm carrying into 2019."


Let's be honest, you probably already know the answer.

Cee Chandra • 2 hours ago


This quiz is gospel.

Justine Rey • 3 hours ago

You'll no longer need to buy an Apple TV to buy, rent, and play back your iTunes movies and TV shows if you have a 2018 or 2019 Samsung smart TV.

Let's see!

Justine Rey • 2 hours ago


Hopefully your love life is as good as this music.

ashleysteps • 15 minutes ago

"Why did you do that, do that, do that, do that, do that to me?" - Lady Gaga to the HFPA, probably

Shyla Watson • 5 hours ago

Tienes que ver a Timothée Chalamet y su mamá. ﹤3

Jen Abidor • 8 hours ago

The film's awards success has people stressed about the Oscars.

Alanna Bennett • 10 hours ago

"I drank in shame."

Morgan Murrell • 8 hours ago

Bohemian Rhapsody, Green Book: Una amistad sin fronteras y Roma se llevaron premios.

Adam B. Vary • 8 hours ago

Dinner with a side of drama.

themonzter • 15 minutes ago

"The Golden Globes are obsessed with giving awards to shows you haven't watched yet so you can't complain they got it wrong."

Jenna Guillaume • 6 hours ago

The Marvel movie was nominated in three categories, including Best Motion Picture — Drama.

He was just representing the people of Queensland, the senator has said.

"I'm sorry!" — Emma Stone after getting called out.

Ryan Schocket • 1 hour ago

"Gaga alert!"

"First Man is also how studios look for directors." — Sandra Oh

Whitney Jefferson • 2 hours ago

Sign no. 1367 we're in the Bad Place.

Ranked by me, a raging homosexual.

Send help!

Roma se ganó el corazón del mundo y, además, se lleva dos premios. Aplausos a México.

Greta Alvarez • 8 hours ago

Su canción "Te he prometido" fue el soundtrack de las dos victorias de Cuarón.

Luis Del Valle • 7 hours ago



Morgan Murrell • 15 minutes ago

Well, who is it?

raechilling • 6 hours ago

Bow down.

"I constantly forget that Christian Bale’s real accent sounds like a cartoon chimney sweep."

Jenna Guillaume • 6 hours ago

Time to channel your inner fashion critic.

Whitney Jefferson • 6 hours ago

People may be avoiding certain foods unnecessarily.

Elfy Scott • 4 hours ago



Oh, the cohost of Sunday's Golden Globes, won for her role in Killing Eve.

Michael Blackmon • 4 hours ago


Hey, you never know!

Rafael Capanema • 10 hours ago

"Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga hugging just saved my 2019."

It's our longest look at the new season to date.

Jenna Guillaume • 15 minutes ago

La alfombra roja de la premiación estuvo repleta de elegancia.

"I said yes to the fear of being on this stage tonight because I wanted to be here to look out into this audience and witness this moment of change."

This is how you serve water.

"[Crazy Rich Asians] is the first studio film with an Asian American lead since Ghost in the Shell and Aloha.”

Krystie Lee Yandoli • 1 hour ago

Relationship AND red carpet goals.

Oye, no porque esté detrás de los famosos tiene que salir mal.

Matt Stopera • 1 hour ago

Triple threat, do it for ya!

You better recognize.


We love two women with taste.


La elegancia, el glamour y el poder femenino tienen cero que ver con edad y tallas.

Greta Alvarez • 15 minutes ago

Este año los famosos llevaron 50 sombras de azul.

Whitney Jefferson • 8 hours ago

"I'm wishing for the one I love..." –Snow White

songillo • 1 hour ago

Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun went viral after pleading for help on Twitter, saying that she is being held against her will after trying to escape her family's "torture."

::confused emoji::

Meet Mr. Snazzy Zaddy.

Mom and dad.

She is serving (quite literally water).

Good taste goes a long way, ya know?

Crystal Ro • 15 minutes ago

Bohemian Rhapsody, Green Book, FX's The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story, and Netflix's The Kominsky Method are the biggest winners.

Adam B. Vary • 6 hours ago

Timothée > your man.

Sheridan Watson • 9 hours ago

But Quinn also said it was “obviously” too soon for Louis C.K. to be attempting a stand-up comeback after his sexual misconduct controversy.

Channel your inner Sharpay: "I want fabulous, that is my simple request."


Ryan Schocket • 10 hours ago

We're all critics today.

The much-talked-about ring also has an interesting backstory as to how it ended up in the film.

Michael Blackmon • 15 minutes ago

Was this a joke or a screw-up?

Jenna Guillaume • 8 hours ago

Here's what all the TV and movie stars wore to Hollywood's most fun awards show of the year.

La alfombra roja brilló con su presencia y la de Marina de Tavira.

Luis Del Valle • 11 hours ago

The 16-year-old's lawyer told Parramatta Children's Court his client did not wish to appear in court via a video link.

We're so screwed.

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