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    26 Emo Kids Who Have Seriously Glowed-Up

    Though, to be honest, once an emo, always an emo.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to send us their 10-year former-emo kid transformations. All the submissions were iconic, but these ones are legendary.

    1. 16-year-old me would be so proud that I kept the hair, added way more piercings and tattoos, and transitioned. —espiov

    2. I went from my emo "I have pink hair because I'm misunderstood" phase to having more tattoos than I can count and actually knowing how to do my makeup properly. —courtneyscissorhands

    3. Back then, I let people know I was edgy with my PicNik filters and emo song lyrics. I'm celebrating my 25th birthday on the right and Panic at the Disco is still my favorite band! —Libby

    4. As you may have gathered from my Stickam username, I loved making cupcakes when I was an emo in high school. I always made tie dye/rainbow cupcakes to be ~different~ and ~crazy~. 10 years later, I never thought I’d be the head of the cupcake department of a popular bakery in Chicago! —Ashbuenaflower

    5. From drawing a teardrop on my face to working on finishing up my MSW. Oh, and I learned that smiling wasn’t going to kill me. —Bryann

    6. Just one year difference. I went through my goth phase a little late in life! —Colleen

    7. From an emo teen to an aesthetically gothic inclined adult. From a depressed kid so desperate to fit in to an adult that doesn't care as much. Not much has changed just the attitude towards what I believe I need to be ❤ —M


    9. 2010 to 2019. Thank God I learned to put away the box dye and figured out a better way to do bangs. —Quinn

    10. Me from 2007 vs. 2018. The hair and makeup has gotten better, but I still listen to the exact same music as I did back then. In my mind I’m still a 22-year-old street skid. —Sarah

    11. Emo scene kid to refined goth adult. —Stephanie

    12. I wasn’t allowed to have the makeup or eyeliner in 7th grade but I had the black clothes and bangs down! I got those tattoos I always wanted too. —Palomas

    13. Still have the piercings but updated the hair and glasses. I have way too many of these mirror selfies from high school. —Kiras

    14. Sadly I wasn’t allowed to have “cool hair” like I wanted when I was younger, but I tried my best with straightening the hell out of my hair and my fake lip ring from Claire’s. I’d like to think 14-year-old me would at least think my hair now is cool. —Chloe

    15. Do you ever really grow out of it? —Gabi

    16. From being the “weird” kid to being a first-year teacher. —chyriesek


    18. Nevertheless, she persisted. —Kacid3

    19. From worrying about Myspace flyer parties and my top eight to living a completely sober life for the last four years and working on a degree! Time flies when you’re gettin’ your shit together! —kaaaylad

    20. Genetics decided I didn't need a mohawk anymore hahah. —Adam

    21. 2008 vs. 2018 —Timothy

    22. To be honest, I'd still dress this way if it was acceptable for a 37-year-old single dad. —Michael

    23. My husband in his scene days to our wedding day! 2006 vs. 2016 ♥️ —Ally


    25. Never met a hair straightener I didn't like. —Marcus

    26. Red teased hair, above camera angle, and duck lips. I never thought I would get rid of that hair color. —Crystal

    Want to submit your own emo glow-up? Use the DropBox below for your chance to be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!