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January 5, 2019

18 Scenes That Made SNL Actors Break Character

There's nothing funnier than watching someone trying not to laugh.

27 Reasons You Should Try And Be Optimistic For 2019

It's never too late to turn things around.

飢えた赤ちゃん 銃を突きつける子ども 日本人が見たイエメン危機


25 "Some Of Y'all _____ And It Shows" Tweets That Are Hilarious And Scarily Accurate

"Some of you had a furnished basement growing up and it shows."

Take This Quiz To Tell You How Long You'd Survive In "Bird Box"

Grab your blindfolds and get ready to take this quiz!

Everything You Need To Know About Healing Your New Tattoo

The hardest part may be over, but here's how to make sure your new ink heals to perfection.

Would You Date This Scorpio Man? A Poll

They certainly have "big dick energy," despite their bad reputation.

24 Times The Other "Friends" Were Savage As Hell To Ross

"You love divorce so much you’re probably gonna marry it."

21 Things That Happen In Movies That Will Never Happen In The Real World

How much money does Hollywood owe to all of the unpaid restaurant tabs?

Don Lemon Called Out Kevin Hart And Ellen DeGeneres In A Powerful Segment

“Walking away right now, that is your choice,” Lemon told viewers. “But many of us really need to keep the conversation going — it’s life or death.”

Are You More Squidward Or Squilliam?

"[referring to his unibrow] It's big and valuable." - Squilliam Fancyson

Demi Lovato Called Out Instagram For Featuring Fat-Shaming Ads

"Why is this fat shaming bullshit on my feed?"

Ellen DeGeneres Has No Clue About Black Queer Pain

We don’t expect Ellen to have range on topics like this anymore. But we expect her to know when it’s not her place to protect and support someone who hurt black queer people.

34 Nice Pieces Of Clothing You Deserve To Own

Your bank account just called me and told me it's okay for you to treat yourself.

Only A Diehard Fan Of "Brooklyn Nine Nine" Can Complete This Super Hard "FMK" Quiz

Try to stay "cool, cool, cool, cool, cool" when choosing who to kill.

17 Tweets From This Week That Will Have You Crying Laughing

"Actually, I think I'm gonna sit this one out. i’ll see y’all in 2020."

Here Are 25 Hilarious Tweets All Written By Women From This Week

"I moved to Los Angeles so that I could pay money to feel ugly."

Elizabeth Warren Was Asked In Iowa About *That* DNA Test

“My question to you: Why did you undergo the DNA testing and give Donald Trump more fodder to be a bully?”

37 Ron Swanson Moments That Will Never Not Be Funny

"Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing."

25 Wonderful Push-Up Bras You'll Actually Want To Wear

From strapless to plunge to wireless bras. All sexy, stylish, and comfortable — you'll love wearing them every day!

17 Tweets That Prove That Maybe 2019 Won't Be So Bad After All

We're less than a week in but we're already reaping the goodness.

11 Things You Need To Know About Tattooing, According To A Celebrity Tattoo Artist

"You have to put your heart into your work or else it's just a tattoo."

No, The EDL Are Not Protesting Vegan Sausages At Greggs

“Comedy misinformation is my favourite kind.”

I Tried Synthetic Eyelash Extensions Versus Mink Extensions For A Month

What IS the biggest difference between mink and synthetic eyelash extensions, and should people actually choose one over the other?

This Is How The Rules On Home Use Of The Abortion Pill Discriminate Against Women In Northern Ireland

“Northern Irish women, yet again, are being treated as second class UK citizens when it comes to reproductive rights.”

How Millennials Became The Burnout Generation

I couldn’t figure out why small, straightforward tasks on my to-do list felt so impossible. The answer is both more complex and far simpler than I expected.

3 Little Tips For Anyone Who Loves Eating Spaghetti Squash But Hates Cutting It

If you're terrified of cutting off your finger when making spaghetti squash, try these tips.

21 Products For Your New Kitchen That You Need ASAP

"Honey, I'm home!" — you, to all of your new kitchen accessories.

20 casais famosos que talvez você não soubesse que já namoraram

Spoiler: tem mais de um com o John Mayer.

10 Things Every Serious Gamer Needs In Their Home Office

Funky decor and some seriously cool gaming gear totally transformed this small space.

Warum wir nichts über den Hackerangriff berichtet haben und jetzt doch diesen Artikel schreiben

Wenn wir viel mehr Fragen als Antworten haben, schreiben wir eigentlich keine Texte. Diesmal schon.

Ministry Of Justice Staff Called A BuzzFeed Journalist “Crazy” And A “Bitch” After She Published A Leaked Report

A senior lawyer said heavily redacted internal MoJ messages obtained by BuzzFeed News showed staff were “deliberately frustrating legitimate journalistic inquiry”.

37 Products That'll Give You Something To Do When You're Bored

An underwater disco light, ridiculous stress swan thing, miniature laser tag, and 35 other things that'll give you something to do whenever you have nothing to do.



Three People Were Killed And Four Injured In A Shooting At A California Bowling Alley

Police responded to reports of multiple victims of a shooting in Torrance, California, late Friday night.

39 etwas ärgerliche Dinge, die Frauen im Winter passieren

Jeden Morgen 15 zusätzliche Minuten damit verbringen, nach einem deiner Handschuhe zu suchen.

This Teaching Assistant Says She Has To Quit Her Job Because Of Universal Credit

Katrina Lear-Parkes, a single parent to a 3-year-old, says the way payments are delivered and a lack of flexibility in the system means that she cannot afford to stay in work.

18 Leute, die so schlecht eingeparkt haben, dass es schon fast wieder Kunst ist

Wir können Menschen auf den Mond bringen, aber wir können immer noch nicht herausfinden, wie man parkt.

17 Weird Photos That Are Really Not What They Seem

They'll make you do a double take.

TSA Workers Are Calling Out Sick At Airports As They Go Unpaid During The Government Shutdown

One officer at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas told BuzzFeed News that callouts have increased to three times their normal levels.

We Can Guess Your Favorite Color Based On The Drink You Make For Yourself

Your favorite color could be hiding at the bottom of your coffee mug!

22 Of The Best Winter Hats You Can Get On Amazon

Now you'll actually want to put on a hat before you step outside!



Beer And Wine Makers Can’t Introduce New Drinks Because Of The Government Shutdown

The agency that approves new beers, wines, and liquors is — you guessed it — closed because of the government shutdown.

Pick Five Alcoholic Drinks And We'll Reveal Your Sexiest Quality

Find out what makes you so intoxicating!

A Teacher Who Fed A Puppy To A Turtle In Front Of Students Was Found Not Guilty Of Animal Cruelty

“I honestly thought I was doing the right thing by putting it out of its misery,” the teacher reportedly said in an interview with investigators.

19 Weird And Random Tumblr Posts I Saw Between Christmas And New Year's

Thanks to Tumblr I now know which member of the Fellowship of the Ring I should fistfight.

A Woman Defended Herself Against A Dog Attack And Then The Dog’s Owner Bit Her On The Arm

The dog owner was arrested Friday, a day after the attack. She claims she was the victim of an attack by the jogger.

29 Things That'll Make 2019 The Cleanest Year Of Your Life

Remember all those times last year when you had to FaceTime your mom from one specific corner of your apartment so she couldn't see that you live in squalor? Yeah, we're done with that.

アイドルに戻りたいとは1秒も思わない ある女性アナウンサーの決意と覚悟


All Fans Of The Movie "Roma" Need To See These Inspiring Illustrations

Here's how artists from all over the world are paying homage to Cuarón's masterful film.

Black Queer People Are Calling Ellen DeGeneres Out For Not Challenging Kevin Hart's Past Anti-Gay Comments

Some critics believe DeGeneres allowed Hart to speak without "taking ownership and actually demonstrating any substantive reflection or apology" for his harmful comments.

66 Books Coming In 2019 That You'll Want To Keep On Your Radar

We tried to keep it short. (Presented in no particular order.)

El gobierno de EU no quiere hablar de la operación Rápido y Furioso en el juicio del Chapo

Sin notificar a México, EU permitió la venta ilícita de armas mediante esta operación. Una de esas armas fue encontrada en un domicilio de Guzmán Loera en 2016.

19 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of This Week

From New Year’s Eve celebrations to Trump’s Game of Thrones meme, these are the most powerful photos from this past week.

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