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January 24, 2019

People Are Sharing The Nicknames They Call Their Pets And It's Relatable AF

If you call your pet everything BUT their name, this is for you.

A “Red Sonja” Executive Producer Is Standing By Bryan Singer As Director, And Called The Latest Sex Abuse Allegations “Fake News”

“I know the difference between agenda driven fake news and reality, and I am very comfortable with this decision,” said Red Sonja producer Avi Lerner, one day after new sexual misconduct allegations against Singer were detailed in the Atlantic.

17 Cosas que necesitas en tu vida si te quieres convertir en Marie Kondo

Estos objetos te ayudarán a finalmente ponerle orden a tu vida.

The US Commerce Secretary Who Is Worth $700 Million Said He Doesn't Understand Why Furloughed Workers Are Going To Food Banks

"There's no real reason why they shouldn't be able to get a loan," Wilbur Ross said.

31 Things That'll Become Your "I'm Going Out" Uniform

Digs through closet —> finds nothing to wear —> cancels plans —> reads this post —> plans saved.

Choose Seven Fruits And We'll Give You An Artist To Listen To

Who doesn't like pretending to be healthy?

Four 12-Year-Old Black Girls Were Allegedly Strip Searched At A Middle School In New York

Advocates allege the girls “felt shamed, humiliated, and traumatized by [the] experience.”

“Insecure” Star Amanda Seales Slammed R. Kelly And Erykah Badu

“His art is literally interconnected to the actual heinous acts that he is performing.”

There Is A Twitter Thread About Bad Dates And, OMG, They're Both Awful And Hilarious AF

"He was 20 minutes late when he arrived and IT WAS MY GD COUSIN."

Donald Trump And Senate Leaders Are “Talking” About How To End The Government Shutdown After Two More Plans Failed

Trump’s plan and a Democratic bill both stalled in the Senate Thursday, in a move that could put pressure on the president to compromise.

Florida’s Secretary Of State Resigned After Blackface Photos Of Him Dressed As A “Katrina Victim” Surfaced

The photos were taken at a Halloween party in 2005, just two months after Hurricane Katrina.

A Man Was Arrested After Allegedly Terrorizing His Iraqi Neighbors And Saying “Trump Will Handle It”

Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco described David Allen Boileau as clearly being “anti–Middle Eastern.”

Which Disney Character Is Your Dad?

🎵 A whole new daaaaad 🎵

Some Fun Drama To Follow Today Is This Feud Between Two Instagram "Dick Runners"

“I think we should have a dick run-off — a dickathlon.”

California Fire Officials Say PG&E Is Not Responsible For One Of The Worst Wildfires In State History

The Tubbs fire killed 22 people in 2017, setting a new precedent for California’s increasingly unpredictable, deadly, and all-consuming wildfires.

Literally Just 17 Tweets About "Riverdale" This Week That Are So Damn Accurate

"Archie getting a 600 on his SAT is the most sense this show has made."

23 Cosas que entenderás si tienes una confetiadicción a jugar Confetti

Como ese horrible momento en que le copias la respuesta a alguien y te hace perder.

This Quiz Will Reveal How Well You Really Know Mexican Cuisine

Do you know your pozole from your pambazo??

24 French Pharmacy Products That People Actually Swear By

Your skin and hair are going to look, how you say, très magnifique.

George Soros Said The Biggest Threat To The World Is China’s Development Of AI

“It will subordinate the fate of the individual to the interests of the one-party state in ways unprecedented in history.”

These Random Questions Will Determine If Ariana Grande Would Date You

Will Ari tell you "Thank U, Next" or "Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored?"

Are These Real Menu Items At Guy Fieri's Restaurant?

Dessert Burritos: the official food of Flavortown?

We Followed YouTube’s Recommendation Algorithm Down The Rabbit Hole

Despite year-old promises to fix its “Up Next” content recommendation system, YouTube is still suggesting conspiracy videos, hyperpartisan and misogynist videos, pirated videos, and content from hate groups following common news-related searches.

You're Jack — Can You Draw Rose Like One Of Your French Girls?

Mess this up and you won't be getting any car action, if you know what I mean!



Brazilian Generals Rule Out Military Intervention In Venezuela

Venezuela’s President Maduro retains his military’s backing for now, despite international support for opposition leader Juan Guaidó.

It's Not Fake Video We Should Be Worried About — It's Real Video

From the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to the Syrian civil war, we've learned that a real video can be just as misleading as a fake one.

Which Character From The Movie "Glass" Are You?

Are you more of a Mr. Glass or the mighty Beast?

Insatisfações com Dodge antecipam debate sobre lista tríplice para a PGR

Fim do auxílio-moradia e brigas da PGR com aliados alimentam a competição num dos órgãos mais poderosos da República.

Shoot Someone In A Major US City, And Odds Are You’ll Get Away With It

A shocking number of shootings go unsolved. In some police departments, hundreds of cases aren't investigated at all. A joint investigation by The Trace and BuzzFeed News.

5 Things To Know About Cities’ Failure To Arrest Shooters

The likelihood that police will solve homicides and assaults has plummeted — particularly when the culprit uses a gun, and particularly when the victims are black or Hispanic.

21 Ten-Minute Cleaning Products You'll Wish You'd Known About Sooner

Quick solutions to your cleaning conundrums.

O Diego do "BBB19" está ilustrando perfeitamente o termo "masculinidade frágil"

Depois de ser chamado de "DIEGA" o criador de cavalos praticamente declarou guerra à Hana.

Você lembra o nome de quantos participantes do "BBB" em 5 minutos?

Como disse o poeta, "Tem que ir até o final se quiser vencer".

A Florida Gunman Killed Five Women Inside A Bank In A "Random Attack," Police Say

Authorities believe that the 21-year-old shooter did not "intentionally target" any of the five women he killed inside SunTrust bank in Sebring.

15 histórias terríveis de sogras que vão te deixar aliviada por estar solteira

"Minha sogra disse que se eu morresse, ia adorar o filho dela de novo em casa e que ela iria cuidar muito bem do meu marido viúvo".

OK — Let's See Which Starbucks Drink You're Most Similar To

Ever wondered about this? Think no more.

22 Questions That I, A British Person, Have About American Food

Why do you always leave your breakfast uneaten?

There’s A Civil War Brewing Within The Yellow Vests

An argument over whether Yellow Vests should stand for election threatens to tear the protest movement apart.

Você se lembra dos anos 90?

O nome Filomena Ferreto te lembra alguma coisa?

13 comprinhas de até R$ 30 com a cara do verão

Ou "13 formas de se agradar um pouquinho nesse calor dos infernos".

Frozen Alcohol-Optional Drinks

Frozen Alcohol-Optional Drinks

Este quiz de tacos te dirá tu característica más atractiva para los demás

Nada habla mejor de alguien que sus decisiones a la hora de comer carnitas.

A Man Who Stabbed A Woman 23 Times Has Been Arrested After His Acquittal Was Overturned

“Today is a victory for all women,” Khadija Siddiqi said after her attacker was jailed.

Estas fotos de Yalitza Aparicio de niña te van a trasladar directito a tu infancia

Netflix compartió fotografías de la actriz cuando era niña y son igualitas a las que tu mamá tiene en su casa.

32 Dinge, die dir passieren, wenn du vielleicht etwas ZU empathisch bist

Schon seit du denken kannst, suchst du den Weihnachtsbaum aus, der am traurigsten aussieht.

24 Sweaters That Are Basically Like Blankets You Can Wear

If I have to leave my home when it's 3 degrees, you better believe I want to feel like I'm still in bed.

A Network Of Women Of Color Is Planning A 2020 Presidential Forum This Spring

“I want it to be clear: No one will be the Democratic Party nominee without the support of women of color — that’s the clear message. We are the new American majority.”

"Friends" tem mais de 100 personagens, desafio você a digitar o nome de 20

Contando os principais, os casais, as famílias, o macaco do Ross e as participações especiais.

Angola Has Decriminalized Gay Sex

It is also now illegal to discriminate against people based on their sexual orientation.

¿Qué mezcla de personajes de Pixar eres?

Porque afortunadamente no todo tiene que ver con princesas.

Puppies From Radioactive Chernobyl Are Starting New Lives In North America

These Chernobyl puppies have spent their lives in a region still grappling with the fallout of Europe’s worst-ever nuclear disaster. But they’re about to start new lives with families in the US and Canada.

15 Practical Things To Buy Your Friend Who Just Had A Baby

Here's how to go rogue from the registry.

Are You A Fake Fan Or A True Stan Of Shawn Mendes?

Are You A Fake Fan Or A True Stan Of Shawn Mendes?

11 Tips de cocina que no nos funcionaron para na-da

No pierdas tu tiempo con esto, nosotros ya lo hicimos por ti.

Para generais do entorno de Bolsonaro, queda de Maduro é questão de tempo

Desde ontem a Venezuela é um país com dois presidentes. Militares brasileiros descartam intervenção no país.

The Cast Of "Rent: Live" Took Our "Which Famous Musical Are You?" Quiz, And Now You Can Too

Only five hundred twenty-five thousand, six hundred possible results.

11 Cosas que no te has dado cuenta podrían ser señales de ansiedad

Muchas personas que padecen ansiedad no reciben tratamiento, a veces porque ni siquiera saben que algo está mal.

7 unangenehme Dinge, die frischgebackene Mütter heldenhaft erledigen

Medaillen für alle, die das auf sich nehmen.

12 Consejos de una modelo de Instagram para posar como una profesional

"Toma tu foto desde abajo para que tus piernas se vean más largas..."

Você tem coragem de responder este teste?

Aviso: perguntas difíceis pela frente.

Potato Cake

Potato Cake

Rainbow Sheet-Pan Pizza

Rainbow Sheet-Pan Pizza

Monte um combo de fast-food e adivinharemos sua idade

Talvez este teste te dê um pouquinho de fome.

This Guy Had The Best Response After Someone Said His Tinder Profile Was "Lame"

"I know I'm not in the upper echelons of attractiveness but I try to make the best of what I've got..."

4 Delicious Cheese Chips

4 Delicious Cheese Chips

16 Wild Behind-The-Scenes Facts About Teen Comedies That Must Be Read To Be Believed

From Ron Weasley to M. Night Shyamalan, this post has everything.

I Built My Masculinity From Pieces Of The Boys I’ve Loved

Before I came out as trans, I felt equal parts desire to be with boys and to become them. Turns out, the boys I tried to be weren’t actually boys after all.

28 Of The Best Shower Products You Can Get On Amazon

If you don't already take an hour long shower, now you will.

Giant Zebra Cake

Giant Zebra Cake

Crispy Chipotle Rice Balls

Crispy Chipotle Rice Balls

Mix-And-Match Swirl Cookies

Mix-and-Match Swirl Cookies

26 Books That People Say Spark Joy For Them

No, Marie Kondo, we're not getting rid of these books!

Amanda Knox Has Been Awarded $20,000 In Damages By A European Court

Knox was convicted of making false statements during the investigation into the murder of her British roommate. A court ruled these had been made in an atmosphere of “intense psychological pressure.”

The Sandwich You Make Will Reveal If You'll Find Your Soulmate This Year

Let's see what this year has in store for you.

Carrie Underwood Just Shared The First Photos Of Her New Baby And Oh My, He's Adorable

"Our hearts are full, our eyes are tired and our lives are forever changed. Life is good."

Morning Update: Trump Blinks First

The US recognizes a new Venezuela leader, fuel thefts in Mexico, Cohen postpones testimony. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, Jan. 24.

18 historische Fotos, die dir zeigen, wie Berlin in den 30ern aussah

Es war eine faszinierende, aber auch gruselige Zeit.



China Has Blocked Microsoft Bing, The Only Major Foreign Search Engine Its Citizens Could Access

Bing is the latest foreign internet service to be blocked by the “Great Firewall,” a system of censorship controls employed by China’s authoritarian government.





El embarazo es eso que pasa mientras estás encerrada en el baño

Si en capítulos anteriores aseguré que menstruar es político, ahora diré que el embarazo (con su parto y su posparto) también lo es.



Alex Salmond Has Been Charged With Attempted Rape And Sexual Assault

Salmond said he was "innocent of any criminality" outside court.

Oye, ¿cuál es la canción que toda la vida habéis entendido mal?

¿'Felices los cuatro' no va de un matrimonio y sus dos hijos?

"Cosas que hace mi pene": fotos de penes que sí querrás ver

Es increíble lo que puede hacer una cara sonriente. (Repetimos, NSFW).







17 Haarschnitte, die wirklich grauenhaft, aber gut gemacht sind

Äh ... brauche ich einen Kim K.-Undercut?!



Please Enjoy Anna Wintour Dragging The Australian Prime Minister Over LGBT Rights

Slamming Margaret Court? For her terrible views on same sex marriage? Groundbreaking.

"Political Posting Mumma" Has Issued A Rare Apology Over Comments On One Of Her Facebook Posts

"Those comments were wrong and I unreservedly apologise for them."

We Know Which Golden Girl You Are Based On Your Answers To This Trivia

Will you come out on top, or be sent back to Shady Pines?

Donald Trump Says He Will Postpone The State Of The Union Until After The Government Shutdown

Trump has agreed to postpone his speech, after a back-and-forth with Pelosi, in which she cited security concerns as a reason it could not be done in the House chamber.

These Researchers Have Proved There Is A Link Between War And Climate Change

This is the first research to definitively show this link.

Jayme Closs Is Getting Her Own Reward Money After She Saved Herself From Her Kidnapper

Hormel Foods had promised $25,000 for any information leading to Closs' recovery after the 13-year-old was abducted by a man who killed her parents.

In South Carolina, Elizabeth Warren Says She’s Spent Her Life Figuring Out Why Things Are Harder For Black Americans

In her first trip to the state during the 2020 race, Warren talked about redlining and home ownership for black families.

How Well Do You Know Girl Scout Cookies?

Do-Si-Do or Peanut Butter Sandwich?

Why Bryan Singer’s Latest Scandal May Not Affect Rami Malek's "Bohemian Rhapsody" Oscar Campaign

The Atlantic has published an explosive investigation about the Bohemian Rhapsody director — but it may not damage the movie's Academy Awards prospects.

ワクチンは人が本来持っている自然な力を活用するもの 津市の麻疹(はしか)集団感染から学ぶ教訓

三重県津市で発生した麻疹の集団感染は、「自然尊重・自然順応の教え」から「医薬に依存しない」ことをうたう宗教団体の研修会が舞台となりました。しかし、ワクチンは本当に自然に反するものなのでしょうか?  感染症専門医の今村顕史さんに解説していただきます。

Tell Us What You Like To Read, And We'll Recommend A Classic Book

Answer a few questions to get a classic literature recommendation!

31 Ways To Make Traveling So Much Less Stressful

Trains, planes, and automobiles — however you're getting there, these will make your travels easier.

The Family Of A Man Charged In A Plot To Attack A Muslim Community Said He Was “Manipulated” By His Far-Right Codefendant

Brian Colaneri’s grandmother told BuzzFeed News that her grandson has Asperger’s syndrome and that he was “manipulated” by Vincent Vetromile.

What's A Horror Movie Moment So Scary, It Scarred You For Life?

How long did you go without a shower after watching Psycho?

Immigration Staffers Were Warned Not To Leak Information To The Public

One USCIS official said the directive was puzzling. “If they want to stop people from talking to the press, they got to stop being so scandalous.”

Experts Found That The Marriage Equality Debate Harmed Gay People And I'm Not Shook At All

If only someone – anyone – could have warned us before it happened.

19 Lies People Between The Ages Of 34 And 42 Told Themselves In The '80s

Fact: No one over 34 has ever seen the "Large Marge" scene in Pee-wee's Big Adventure more than once.

Si no sabes qué es lo que está pasando con Venezuela en estos momentos, este post es para ti

¿Quién es Juan Guaidó? ¿Qué pasó con Nicolás Maduro? ¿Qué dijo Trump? ¿Qué postura tomó México?

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