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The Entire World Is Obsessed That Americans Drink Out Of These

No joke, this is the American dream for some people.

There are a few things the entire world finds questionable about American culture.

There's the fact that some of us use the microwave to heat water.

The fact that some of us put chips on sandwiches.

And, yes, it's true: Most of us just randomly have a bag of frozen peas in the freezer in case of injury.

But there's one thing about Americans that is truly the envy of the world. A literal dream for people to experience. The most stereotypical, quintiseential American thing.

It's this:

Yes, it's true.

Do American parties actually have those red cups or did the movies just lie to us

We really do use red cups.

Just wondering, do you Americans actually use those red plastic cups like they do in the movies?

And apparently it's one of the biggest American stereotypes.

Went to a stereotypical American house party last night with red cups & beer pong. I have experienced the American dream. ;)

"Like the Americans do":

#IveAlwaysWantedTo party like the Americans do and drink from the cute red cups

From Denmark...

today a danish girl asked me if we (Americans) really have those "red drinking cups" to party with like in the movies

...to Sweden...

Yesterday I met a girl from Sweden and she said back home they have "American" themed parties where they drink from red solo cups😂


In Australia they're throwing an "American" themed party with the description to dress as slutty schoolgirls and drink from red solo cups ..


Yesterday I did a program where you interact with french students. The organizers used red cups and the french were fascinated by the fact that Americans do in fact use red Solo cups in parties like in the movies


My Irish cousin just told me that red solo cups are the most American thing in the world.. I'll take it

...to, just like, all of Europe. it's a thing.

Whenever I would meet Europeans and they found out I’m American I’d get one of five responses -“ooh this trump, he is crazy.” -“Is your house big?” -“but you’re not fat?” -“do you like guns?” Or my personal favorite “so at the parties. The cups. Are they really always red?”

There are literally "Red Cup" parties.

This one is a "Red Cup: Christmas Special":

At this party, they're wearing red cups on their heads.



I'm not joking when I say it's a dream for some people to use a red cup.

Life dream: To attend a party with red cups 😐 (the ones in the american movies) 😍

Literally "The most exciting thing":

The most exciting thing ever has happened. I have found red cups, like Americans have for outdoor parties in films.

In conclusion, this may or may not be true. Someone in the comments please confirm:

In the UK they don’t say “red solo cups” they say “American cups” and I think that’s beautiful


Red cups like Americans cus we cool.