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    26 Pictures People Who Went To Private School Can Never Begin To Understand

    Public school is a way of life.

    Only people who went to public school have experienced...

    1. Teacher's going to extreme measures:

    2. Things just breaking off for no reason:

    3. Kids falling asleep in various locations:

    4. The sawdust... so much sawdust:

    5. That one kid that was SURE this was the truth:

    6. The sheer intensity of Jeopardy review games:

    7. Conversations of a lifetime happening at a table that looked exactly like this:

    8. While eating something like this:

    9. Going to bathroom and finding something like this:

    10. Or this:

    11. Having a STRONG opinion about a water fountain:

    12. That one guy:

    13. And that one girl:

    14. And that one kid who always had a pencil like this:

    15. Everything coming to a HALT when there's a bee in the classroom:

    16. Dress codes like this:

    17. And the HORROR of seeing a shoulder:

    18. Teachers making due with whatever supplies the classroom had:

    19. Just, like, random things being on fire:

    20. Student elections like this:

    21. This rumor just appearing in everyone's heads out of nowhere:

    22. Seeing works of art like this all over the place:

    23. Or opening up a book and seeing this:

    24. Hoping and praying you'd show up on this list:

    25. The power of the bell:

    26. And all the very valuable things we learned there:

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