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    17 Times People Got Kinda Wrecked By The Internet

    Bad takes get clapbacks, that's just how the internet works.

    1. The person who shut down a hot take on libraries:

    2. The person who wasn't about to let an American off the hook:

    3. The National Wildlife Federation blogger who anticipated a certain question:

    4. The people who shut down a Tumblr user who ~may~ have been the Sheriff of Nottingham:

    5. The guy who knew a scoop when he saw one:

    6. The biology-literate defender of hair color freedom:

    7. The person who recognized a bad argument:

    8. The person who shut down a humblebragger:

    HoneyBadger4d5a / Via

    9. The person who did the math:

    10. The person who wasn't here for sexual pick-up lines:

    VikSak / Via

    11. The Canadian who was ready with an "apology":

    12. The veteran who earned his anti-war stance:

    13. The woman who responded to an unwanted dick pic:

    404funnotfound / Via

    14. The physicist who ~also~ had a dick joke ready to go:

    15. The person who gave a warning:

    AngryPrincessWarrior / Via

    16. The person who gave a shout-out to immigrant kids:

    17. And finally, basically everyone in this thread:

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