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    These 17 "Overheard" Convos From Twitter Will Actually Make Your Work Week Fly By Faster

    "Can vegans get pregnant" and other funny things said this week.


    Overheard at a preschool: Boy (to girl): I like you. Girl: I like you, too. Boy: We can be friends! Girl: OK. Boy: OK. What's your number? Girl: I don't know what that is. Boy: Mine's four.


    Overheard on 30 Seconds: “how do you say hello in French?” The answer was “Bon Jovi”


    Overheard at a Columbia restaurant... Kid: “Daddy, who do we play tonight?” Dad: “Tennessee.” Kid: “Are we gonna win?” Dad: “Probably not.”


    Overheard: 11yo: Can you imagine if you grew out of your underwear each week? 7yo: You could get new designs all the time. 11yo: We’d spend so much money at Target. 7yo: We *already* spend so much money at Target.


    Overheard conversation at the gym: Woman: Aren’t you a little old to get instant boners? Man: I don’t get instant boners. I get “eventual boners”


    Overheard on the train: Two women talking about Idris Elba Woman 1: There’s just something about him Woman 2: I love the way he walks with his hands in his pockets Woman 1: Yeah, love a man who walks with his hands in his pockets Me: puts hands in pockets and walks off.


    Overheard at traffic court today: Entitled Driver “I want a deal!” Prosecutor “Here’s the deal, you don’t drive like an idiot and we will never see each other again” She is my hero.


    overheard “that girls gonna take your blood and your blue jeans” in my you in the law class today and it has MAJOR lup energy


    *overheard today from a student “It’s a whole new year, but your hairline still bogus.” WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL 😂


    Overheard: “Like, I’m not a big DC fan, I’m more of a Marvel girl, but I just saw Aquaman...” “How was it?” “I can’t remember it, but I’m pretty sure it was good.”


    Overheard at UNA: “It’s getting pretty serious. I have a toothbrush there now, so...”


    Overheard in the newsroom: Reporter: "Pain and suffering" Editor: "It builds character."


    Overheard in the WIRED office: - "I've totally switched to audiobooks now" - "But then what do you do with your eyes when you're sitting?" 👀


    Overheard someone asking "Can Vegans get pregnant??" 🤔


    I was in Walmart earlier and overheard some guy saying “screw tide pods, we’re eating bath bombs in 2019.” It’s a no for me dawg.


    Overheard in a nyc cafe: “how about instead of calling him ‘fuckboi,’ you called him ‘FUNboy’?”


    Overheard at the coffee shop: "Give me chlamydia once, shame on you. Give me chlamydia twice, shame on me"

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