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Matt Berman 2 days ago

Is Anyone Going To Push Elizabeth Warren? And Other Big Questions For Tonight's Debate.

Twelve Democrats will be on stage tonight on CNN for the fourth presidential primary debate. Here's what to look out for.

Matt Berman 2 days ago

Bernie Sanders Has Been Released From The Hospital After Having A Heart Attack

Bernie Sanders was admitted to the hospital earlier this week after feeling chest pains.

Matt Berman 13 days ago

Rudy Giuliani Is Finally America’s Mayor

Who represents the country this fall, and who owns its attention, better than Rudy Giuliani?

Matt Berman 14 days ago

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio Ended His Presidential Campaign

"It's been an extraordinary experience," he said on MSNBC Friday morning.

Matt Berman 27 days ago

A New Poll Shows Elizabeth Warren And Joe Biden Leading After The Last Debate. And Warren Has More Support From Other Candidates’ Voters.

Last week’s debate barely changed a thing, according to a new Civiqs and Data For Progress poll.

Matt Berman 29 days ago

Tonight’s Democratic Primary Debate Actually Matters

Thursday’s Democratic primary debate will make it really clear who the top presidential candidates are.

Matt Berman One month ago

CNN Is Not Renewing A Political Reporter’s TV Deal After She Got A New Job Running A Conservative News Site

Eliana Johnson’s CNN contract will not be renewed, as she leaves Politico to lead the Free Beacon.

Matt Berman One month ago

Jay Inslee Is Ending His Climate Change–Driven Campaign For President

Inslee leaves the race after elevating climate change issues in the primary, despite not cutting through in polling himself.

Matt Berman One month ago

John Hickenlooper Has Dropped Out Of The Presidential Race

The former Colorado governor could still run for Senate.

Henry J. Gomez 2 months ago

Here’s What To Watch For In Tonight’s Debate, Starring Elizabeth Warren And Bernie Sanders

These are some of the big questions in the first of two nights of Democratic primary debates this week on CNN.

Matt Berman 2 months ago

The Best Day Of Joe Biden's Presidential Campaign Was The First One

And other things you can learn from new data on how many donors contributed to Democratic presidential campaigns each day this year.

Matt Berman 3 months ago

What To Know Before Watching Thursday's Very Big Democratic Debate, Including: WAIT, THERE’S ANOTHER ONE?

Here’s what to watch for as 10 more Democratic candidates get ready for part two of the first 2020 presidential debates in Miami.

Matt Berman 3 months ago

What To Know Before Watching The First Democratic Debate, Including: WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?

Here’s what to watch for as 10 Democratic candidates get ready for the first 2020 presidential debate in Miami on Wednesday night.

Matt Berman 3 months ago

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio Will Run For President And Try One More Time To Be A National Progressive Icon

Bill de Blasio is (depending on how you want to count) the 23rd person seriously trying to win the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020.

Matt Berman 5 months ago

Terry McAuliffe Will Not Run For President In 2020

“Where can you help people the most and change people’s lives," McAuliffe said Wednesday night. "As you know, it happens at the state level."

Ruby Cramer 6 months ago

Beto O'Rourke's Young Hacker Days Are A Preview Of Millennial Politicians' Teen Internet Days

We have officially reached the age of politicians with LiveJournals from their youth.

Matt Berman 7 months ago

California's Governor Thinks Democratic Presidential Candidates Should Commit To Taking Federal Prisoners Off Death Row

"That should be part of the conversation of a presidential damn campaign," Gavin Newsom told BuzzFeed News' Profile.

Matt Berman 7 months ago

Pete Buttigieg, Asked About Joe Biden Calling Mike Pence A “Decent Guy,” Says Pence Has “Absolutely Fanatical” Views

The Democratic presidential candidate told BuzzFeed News' Profile that Pence's rise "chills a lot of us, especially in the LGBTQ community, to see that somebody like that can be in that kind of position of power.”

Matt Berman 7 months ago

Michael Bloomberg Won't Run For President In 2020

After considering a run, the former New York City mayor said he has decided he can do more outside a campaign. "I’ve come to realize that I’m less interested in talking than doing."

Matt Berman 7 months ago