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The Entire World Is Disgusted At Americans For How They Heat Water

British people have snapped.

The other week I published a list on this website,, called 25 Things Americans Do In Movies That Make No Sense To Everyone Around The World.

Americans in movies always have a big bowl of mixed lettuce in the middle of the table with their dinner

There was one item on the list in particular that stirred the pot and genuinely surprised people who weren't American.

And I am here to say, yes, it's true. Many Americans do *that thing.*


Warning to people who aren't American, this might set you off. This is that thing:

Donnichols / Getty Images

In case you didn't get that:

Monkeybusinessimages / Getty Images

People around the world are shocked that we use microwaves to heat water.

Donnichols / Getty Images

It's a thing that is genuinely surprising to the general non-American public.

ive only been in london for a few hours and ive already been told twice that americans are dumb because they heard we microwave water to make tea

True disbelief.

Can’t believe Americans actually boil water by putting a cup of it in a microwave.

Somethin else!

i knew americans don’t have kettles but finding out they MICROWAVE water is somethin else

Mind blown.

Apparently, most Americans do not own kettles, but instead microwave their water. This is wrong. Mind. Blown.

But you know what, I'm sick of apologizing for microwaving my water. I've had enough.

Trading Spouses

Yes, sorry, I don't have a kettle. Sue me!


OK, but you guys put beans on toast.


I'm sorry, but I think salad cream is the worst thing I have ever heard of.


I prefer "creature."




Ok rude.


So yes, it's a thing. Americans do microwave water. Not all of them (some use the stove), but I would say most.

Donnichols / Getty Images

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